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    Did anyone ever find a resolution to this issue? I am having the same issue.

    Photoviews, sorry but Child Themes should be for everyone. That is not an issue to agree or disagree on, it’s proper site setup and there isn’t a theme developer or site wp developer out there that won’t recommend using a child theme. And, there is a child theme provided so it’s not that big of a deal. Upload it, activate it. Or plugins for creating a child theme can be run. This is not something that is a preference or opinion of mine, it’s wordpress basics, and anyone working with WordPress will tell you the same thing. It’s not a difficult thing to implement, and you are making a big deal out of nothing in that regard. What is being suggested may be implemented by Kreisi in the future. But in the meantime, a simple fix was provided if you really want to use it. And I stress simple. I am only trying to be helpful, and your replies are very harsh.

    freepixeweb, Fusion Builder has come a LONG way in the time I have been using Avada. I would categorize the current version of it as one of the better in theme builders. And their Patch and update manager system prevents these exact issues we are having with LayerSlider. You don’t have to update their whole theme to update a plugin or do a patch. But back to builders, Enfold’s builder is incredibly easy to use for users without much technical knowledge so there is a trade off. I personally have really been enjoying SiteOrigin’s Builder. It’s fully functional free, and the Premium version adds some cool addon for very reasonable license fees. I find it the best of both worlds.

    I do agree this is a bigger issue than support seems to acknowledge. When a client logs into a site and sees these errors, it does not look good. At this point I only have 2 sites using Enfold, and one is my own site. The other is a client that I do updates for and they never access the site. But if I was in your case, with that many licenses and clients, it would be a deal breaker for sure.

    PS and thanks, I will give the options you mention a good look later. At a glance OceanWP plus SiteOrigin Builder seems like a good combo.

    Photoviews have you seen a major Layer Slider security issue that Kreisi hasn’t addressed? I am not disagreeing and I’d like to see updates more frequently, especially when other theme frameworks I use seem to be able to update within a week of a new LayerSlider version. But, in the time I have been using Enfold I haven’t run into an issue with them not addressing a security issue.

    I personally have no problem adding a single function to my Child Theme. Every developer should be using child themes anyway, this is essential. I have to do these kind of modifications on every theme framework/site I work on. I respect your view though. And we can agree that a solution that allows people not to depend on LayerSlider would probably be better.

    Kreisi has offered some of the best support of any theme I’ve used over the years though. This is the first big issue I had, and the first one that I don’t agree with their response or response time on.

    Photoviews7, to be fair when it’s a major security update issue, Kriesi will update. A security plugin just notifies you when any plugin is out of date generally. It doesn’t mean there is a major security issue with the plugin. So I haven’t seen an issue there. But there was clearly an issue with the plugin and theme updates in this case which this thread shows. And that is not good. If this is a bundled plugin, make sure everything is compatible with the theme.

    I am not trying to be overly critical of Kriesi, but I do find them much slower updating bundled plugins than any other premium theme framework I use. And I have never had an issue with a bundled plugin incompatibility that lasted as long. It’s very understandable why people are upset.

    Photoviews7 posts make sense to me. I don’t care when the Layerslider updates come out as long as their is no security risk, and no issues with the theme (other than the annoying update nags). But obviously from all the posts in this thread there was issues with the Layerslider version and the theme. I’d rather just not have it enabled than deal with those issues.

    in reply to: Issues after upgrade to Enfold 4.0.5 #789697

    Rikard, in my case I am reporting the issue because it didn’t occur until after the last Enfold and Woo update. The fonts were all completely fine before that. So it may be something that needs an option in the theme admin if this is something new. I had already figured out the CSS fix, I was just posting that I saw the exact same issue with the huge font sizes on some Woo pages as the OP after the updates. I never needed CSS to try to match up product titles across Woo pages through years of using the theme. Thanks.

    Rikard, I only manually update the theme when I do updates, I never use the auto-updater. And my hosting environment is running PHP 7. I switched away from LayerSlider for the time being. I just don’t feel like messing around with fixes. I will use the code you posted above to disable it though, thanks.

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    Just to reply before I duck out of the conversation, I use a child theme. It was not a case of my CSS being replaced by the update. It was AFTER the update that I had to manually set a bunch of Woo titles with CSS because the font sizes were way way off from Woo page to page. I am using Woo with other themes, and I did not see this issue after recent updates. It’s the exact same issue Annie is talking about, and that I have see mentioned other places in the forum.

    in reply to: Issues after upgrade to Enfold 4.0.5 #785434

    I only ever manually update, so I am not sure if this is a solution to all issues. I did the manual update, then had the font size issue immediately.

    in reply to: Issues after upgrade to Enfold 4.0.5 #785311

    Annie, I had the same issue with the font sizes in Woo. I am not at my main computer so I can’t send it, but I had to manually set them with CSS. I’d check your other shop pages too because I also ran into fonts that were way too small on pages shows lists of products (not categories). The titles were a completely different size after the updates. Huge fonts on category listing pages, small fonts on product listing pages.

    Not the same issue Heathcliffe. Thanks though. If you browse though posts, you will see there are several different issues people are having. I saw other people with the issues with responsive functions like I had. I have seen posts by people with the error issues listed here. I have seen posts about other issues. Either way, they all seem related to the theme updates, combined with no update available for LayerSlider. Frankly, I don’t want to be doing all kinds of patches, though I have implemented some I have found in threads. I just want things updated and working. I recommend this theme to clients because it’s always been reliable. These issues are a pain. I’m moving away from LayerSlider so that this won’t happen in the future. But I unfortunately have some clients sites that use it, and that I can’s switch on.

    in reply to: Word Press 4.7 #785148

    No problem Sandra, glad it helped. I’d say it’s likely that it may have been specific settings in W3 causing issues, but I sure couldn’t find what they were. Disabling it was a much easier fix hah.

    Healthcliffe, my issues were beyond that as well. Previously working slide shows were not working properly on mobile at all after the last updates. And I was seeing all the Wordfence errors. I switched to a different slider for now.

    in reply to: Word Press 4.7 #781386

    I had both the font size issues, and the slider issues you had on a single site install. I had to set font sizes with CSS in several WooCommerce sections because the product title fonts were huge on my shop page and category pages, and tiny on pages that listed products.

    in reply to: Word Press 4.7 #779471

    I am just adding on to MichaelAlbany’s post, the masonry gallery is working fine on my site and a clients site running the theme. Both running current version of Enfold. In my case I am running PHP 7 on the sites. Just clarifying because “a lot of problems” is mentioned above, but only a single support thread link. Thanks.

    Other theme frameworks I use have had issues with this Woo update. The LayerSlider issue is a bit annoying though because I am guessing it being so out of date in this case might be contributing. I don’t recall a time since I have used the theme where it’s gotten this far behind on the LayerSlider version.

    I am running the current versions of everything. I see these errors in Wordfence:

    Warning: fopen(/home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-layerslider/LayerSlider/layerslider.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4783

    Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4786

    Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home2/mochaber/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4789


    in reply to: Enfold update 4.0.5 errors #777842

    My site is running PHP 7 and I am seeing these same issues.

    Hi, I have filed another ticket RE Layer Slider,. It was a separate issue. I actually found a thread were people were having the same issue wth it in responsive mode after running the last theme update.

    The product slider (builder element) was definitely having issues with W3 though. I tried to enable it again, and had the same issue with it not showing up. So I am just going to switch to another cache plugin.

    Thanks, I am going to have to duplicate that page and send you a link to that because I can’t have it live on the home page, it looks really bad. I will update this thread as soon as I do that.

    Thanks, this was narrowed down to a conflict with W3 Total Cache. With it disabled, all problems were fixed but the font sizes in the store.

    There is currently another thread in the forums where there are other people having the same font size issues on their product pages that I was having.

    in reply to: Font size changed after Update #777422

    I ran into the exact same issue and had fixed it with CSS already. The font size on archive pages was huge, and the font on pages displaying just a product grid was a complete different size, and too small. The issue is fixed, but I just thought I should add a report because clearly other people are seeing the issue as well.

    in reply to: Word Press 4.7 #776849

    Yes, that’s the plan. I just thought I’d maybe post this because I see multiple threads with people having issues after the updates, who also happen to list W3 Total Cache installed on their site. Could be worth trying to see if it has any effects. Thanks!

    in reply to: Word Press 4.7 #776406

    I was running into a lot of odd display errors that were resolved when I disabled W3 Total Cache. I see several posts in various places on the forums where people mention they are running it so I thought I’d contribute. I went through my site enabling and disabling plugins testing, and every time I’d activate W3 I’d have issues. I had no issues until I updated Enfold and Woo to current versions. I have been running PHP 7 on my hosting account for awhile now too. I don’t know if it’s W3, Enfold, Woo, or a combination of multiple issues in my case, but disabling W3 has solved all problems for me.

    I narrowed it down to what seems to be an issue with W3 Total Cache. As soon as I deactivate it, several issues I was seeing disaapear.

    After the update to current Enfold and Woo I was seeing:

    Layer slider not working correctly
    Issues with font sizes
    Product slider not working

    Clearning cached in W3 did not help, deactivating it did.

    I had to remove the widget because I couldn’t leave a broken shortcode sitting on the site.

    Here is a sample page setup with a test widget using the Enfold Newsletter widget though. You can see what happens there:

    Login info added:

    Update: I don’t know what happened, but things just randomly started working on the site.

    in reply to: Portfolio posts and Jetpack Publicize #578942

    Just an update. After logging out and back into my site today, new Portfolio posts will now work with Publicize. So if anyone is looking for the same solution, it was the last filter that Ismael suggested that worked. It was added to the function.php of my child theme.


    in reply to: Portfolio posts and Jetpack Publicize #578121

    Thanks. Jetpack is working fine with general posts. So it’s still specifically Portfolio posts that have the issue.

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