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    Awesome! Will Google remove those links once it re-crawls it a few times? I’ve done as you suggested.

    Ok, perhaps I setup Yoast SEO incorrectly at first on this website, I’ll just wait a few weeks and see how things go. If no luck I’ll try a place like or someone, maybe you have one in mind or do you do everything yourself?



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    Yeah I started out by Yoast SEO and it didn’t seem to list the pages, so I thought that was the initial problem so I went back to the SEO plugin I always use that works: All In One SEO Pack I also use the plugin: Google XML Sitemaps. I’ve added both the http:// and the http://www and done the prefer settings to www. and submitted the Sitemap a few times, now it says Submitted 23 pages, but has a – (dash) next to Indexed. Maybe it’ll take awhile? Usually it’s indexed in a few days when the site is new and I don’t even use webmaster tools. I guess I’ll just have to wait 2-4 weeks and hope for the best? lol I just hope I have set it up or I’ll be waiting more time after this time if you get me.

    Just making sure that other sites that use Enfold are indexing their root page (homepage) correctly?

    Thanks again!

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    Hello Dude,

    Thanks for the reply, so you think one instance of http:// and not all being http://www. can cause the frontpage not to rank?

    Cheers for the WP MIGRATE DB plugin suggestion I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    But in theory a homepage with index, follow should index correct? Only reason I’m thinking is maybe duplicate data? Because if you add /feed to a page or even /homepage/feed to the main page it’ll still show the main page or whatever is before feed. Any thoughts on this?


    in reply to: Unlinking the links of the Enfold WooCommerce Dropdown #125846

    Okay, cheers for the update and help. :)



    in reply to: Unlinking the links of the Enfold WooCommerce Dropdown #125844

    Hello Devin,

    Thanks for the reply, though that didn’t seem to work for IE9? Maybe my IE is buggared. On everything else it’s fine.



    in reply to: Unlinking the links of the Enfold WooCommerce Dropdown #125842

    Hello Ismrael,

    Always with the great replies!

    This works great for Firefox and Chrome, though for IE when I hover it doesn’t show but I can still click and be taken through to the item. Is there any way around this for IE or not really?

    Cheers mate,


    in reply to: Portfolio Columns #125538


    Thanks Ismael. :)



    in reply to: Portfolio Item Hover #125411

    Try this one then:

    .image-overlay .image-overlay-inside::before {
    background: none !important;

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    Okay I solved it!

    First potterlawso here is the answer to your question:

    .image-overlay .image-overlay-inside::before {
    background: none;

    Post the above into your custom.css file.

    If you only want it done to a certain page, remember to look at the page’s sourcecode and get the portfolios page-id-<number> e.g page-id-507

    In that case all you would do is add .page-id-507 infront as follows:

    .page-id-507 .image-overlay .image-overlay-inside::before {
    background: none;

    As for my question here is how to replace the circle + icon and add something you want:

    Original code found in layout.css

    .image-overlay .image-overlay-inside::before {
    position: absolute; border-radius: 50px;
    background: #000; height:80px; width:80px;
    line-height:80px; left:50%; top:50%; margin: -40px 0 0 -40px;
    z-index: 500; text-align: center; color:#fff;

    Then added my own in custom.css to a specific page:

    .page-id-756 .image-overlay .image-overlay-inside::before{
    position: absolute; border-radius: 0px !important;
    background: url(../images/portfolio-hover-image.png) no-repeat !important; height:114px !important; width:141px !important;
    line-height:114px; left:35%; top:45%;
    z-index: 500;
    text-align: center; color:#fff;

    Please note I put my image in the image folder. The path is /theme_name/images/ folder. Default /enfold/images/ = ../images/

    Hope that helps,



    in reply to: Portfolio Item Hover #125408

    Hello, considering this falls under the same topic I’ll request it here also. I want the same as potterlawso. But I would also like to know how to change this image to a custom image I’ve created, lets call it: portfolio-image.jpg

    So instead of the Circle with the Icon, how can I make this be replaced by my portfolio-image.jpg?

    Cheers all,


    in reply to: Sidebar question #124013

    Hello Nick,

    Okay thanks for that. I’ll wait until I near finishing the project and upload it to my online testing environment.

    Cheers for the update,


    in reply to: Sidebar question #124011


    I’m also looking for this, for as soon as you add a ‘Color Section – Element’ to a ‘Sidebar Enabled’ page, any sidebar ‘widgets’ in the sidebar are moved under the ‘Color Section – Element’. It doesn’t matter if the Color Section is put at the bottom and there is no elements below it. It still creates space and puts the Sidebar Widgets under the Color Section area, as seen in John’s images.

    I know Nick your suggestion and your images seems to hint to not use the ‘Sidebar’ section from the Layout area. And just use Avia Sidebar Element. Though doing this doesn’t give the same look that the Sidebar (Layout Settings) gives. E.g the line that separates the Sidebar from the content and the CSS of the buttons.

    Cheers for all the active help you give here Nick, you are a gem!


    in reply to: Menu Location Theme #123389

    Solved it!

    If anyone else needs the above you can use it for either ‘primary’ which is your main menu or ‘avia2’ which is your very top menu. :)



    in reply to: Hide Menu Items #123091

    Thanks Peter,

    That’s what I just found myself, that it’s achievable by CSS. I found the following way by inserting it into the header.php

    <?php if (is_user_logged_in()){
    echo "";}
    else {
    echo "<style type='text/css'> {display:none;}
    .social_header .phone-info.with_nav span { border-left-width: 0px; }

    Your’s works for sure and I’ll use yours. I was just hoping to remove it from the Source Code for SEO reasons, but I guess sometimes there is just to much rebuilding involved :) I’m going to learn PHP and MySQL better and hopefully this will aid me to achieve quick fixes and tweaks in my web design future.

    in reply to: Entypo Font in Safari (Win) #123115


    Thanks for that Nick, all I need is a reference like you have given to me to show my clients.




    in reply to: Breadcrumbs Issue #123069


    Great work Mark, cheers!

    coinmaster, yeah I checked that, thanks anyways :)

    I’ve re-installed 1.5 from stock standard so I didn’t have to do the 1.4 to 1.5 upgrade and for me it seems to have fixed the problem :D Thankfully I had just started the project so I didn’t have days and days worth of work to add again. Only 1 days worth, but ay, a breadcrumb is worth it!

    Cheers all!


    in reply to: Hide Menu Items #123088

    Hello Devin, yeah it works on the default WordPress themes. So that’s why I’m assuming mega menus is causing all ‘hide’ menu items from users not logged in to not work.

    Is there ‘any’ way for me to be able to ‘hide’ menu items (from users not logged in – Frontend) while using the Enfold theme? I’ve tried so many plugins and I’m exhausted for ideas as to go about it.

    I notice some of WooCommerce menu items are hidden when I’m not logged in, so some how they have achieved it with the Enfold theme and I assume this is because of some of the coding that Enfold developers have done.. if that makes sense?



    in reply to: Breadcrumbs Issue #123064

    It’s okay, I’m also interested in this :)

    in reply to: Breadcrumbs Issue #123062

    Hello Peter,

    I assume I’ve broken it when I updated from 1.4 (with dummy data) to 1.5. So I’ll try a fresh installation and see if it smiles back at me.

    I’m using localhost currently so I can’t give a website link of current sorry.

    I’ll keep you informed!



    in reply to: Entypo Font in Safari (Win) #123113

    I’ve tried the above workaround Katharina, but it didn’t work for me?

    Though then I go to their official website: in Safari for Windows and half the icons are missing. So in reality I think it is just that Safari Windows shouldn’t exist! Considering it’s for Mac.. though it still doesn’t help those people who unfortunantely have adopted it into their internet experience.

    So are you saying you got all of the images to display on Safari for Windows? Because I’ve checked on Mac Safari and they look fine.



    in reply to: Breadcrumbs Issue #123060

    Okay, Thank you Ismael. I’ve refreshed the page like 1000 times but to no prevail. Hopefully someone in the support team can help further.



    in reply to: Entypo Font in Safari (Win) #123112

    I also noticed this problem today and thought maybe it was just my version of Safari. I’m going to try it out tomorrow, thanks Katharina, hopefully they do add it to the next version.

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