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    Enfold is an awesome theme and I look to use it for ‘alot’ of future projects, obviously buying a new license for each product.

    Anyways, I’m having an issue once I have installed the theme on a fresh installation of WordPress (newest stable one: 3.5.1). I also used the ‘import dummy data’ that came with the theme.

    The Breadcrumbs show up like this:

    You are here: / / / Hello world! Home Blog Uncategorized

    Instead of what it should be:

    You are here: Home / Blog / Uncategorized / Hello world!

    Any ideas of what may cause this?





    Yes, I saw the issue but after I refresh the page a few times, it fixed itself to normal.

    Let me tag the rest of the support team.




    Okay, Thank you Ismael. I’ve refreshed the page like 1000 times but to no prevail. Hopefully someone in the support team can help further.





    Can you post a link to your website please? I can’t reproduce it on my test server or on the demo page.




    Hello Peter,

    I assume I’ve broken it when I updated from 1.4 (with dummy data) to 1.5. So I’ll try a fresh installation and see if it smiles back at me.

    I’m using localhost currently so I can’t give a website link of current sorry.

    I’ll keep you informed!




    On the topic of breadcrumbs and not trying to hijack your thread Daniel. Is there a way to shorten the breadcrumbs? As you can see here it gets very long (this is a shorter one):

    When you start to resize the browser the breadcrumbs overlap the title of the page until you get to a width where the breadcrumbs fall under the title.

    Maybe a way to have it go like this:

    Home / … / … / General Purpose / Single Axis / Model: 352A60 – ….

    Instead of:

    Home / Products / Accelerometers / General Purpose / Single Axis / Model: 352A60 – High frequency, ceramic sheer ICP accelerometer


    It’s okay, I’m also interested in this :)


    On the topic of shortening the breadcrumbs, no not at the moment. It would need to be done as a rewrite of the breadcrumb function since I’ve never seen any kind of implementation like that before.




    Devin, you (hands down) will be the man if some how you worked your mystical powers on someone (or yourself) to implement this in the next update. =)



    If you want only 1 taxonomy to show up instead of every single category, it can be done so you would have breadcrumbs like:

    Home / Products / Single Axis / Model: 352A60 – High frequency, ceramic sheer ICP accelerometer

    In /framework/php/class-breadcrumb.php find lines 629-630 that look like (the line numbers may be off by a couple, just make sure the comment looks identical to the one below)

    /* While there is a parent ID, add the parent term link to the $parents array. */
    while ( $parent_id ) {

    and change them to look like

    /* While there is a parent ID, add the parent term link to the $parents array. */
    while ( $parent_id ) {
    break ;

    This will keep the number of taxonomies to one.




    Hi Daniel, I had a similar problem with the breadcrumb separators, but it seemed to resolve itself after I ensured I had the LATEST version of Enfold installed. I’d recommend you check that :)



    Great work Mark, cheers!

    coinmaster, yeah I checked that, thanks anyways :)

    I’ve re-installed 1.5 from stock standard so I didn’t have to do the 1.4 to 1.5 upgrade and for me it seems to have fixed the problem :D Thankfully I had just started the project so I didn’t have days and days worth of work to add again. Only 1 days worth, but ay, a breadcrumb is worth it!

    Cheers all!


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