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    The loop function on layer slider was set to 0 which is supposed to be infinite. I changed it to 1000 and magically the sliders started to work on mobile devices. Thanks for replying…

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    One more thing – layer slider works great on my iPhone for my primary website but only the first slide shows up on and it doesn’t go to the next slide. You can’t even use the arrows to scoot to the next slide. What to do?

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    After installing the current version of Enfold everything worked. I had several identical Enfold download folders from Themeforest and had chosen the first folder (which I uploaded a year or so ago) which had the old version of Enfold. So I guess when you purchase a theme twice theme forest doesn’t make the downloads look any different which was where I messed up by choosing the older one… thanks

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    Hi Elliot,

    How weird. I purchased Enfold from Themeforest for my website over a year ago, and then yesterday purchased it again and unzipped the file that downloaded yesterday from Themeforest and installed that via filezilla. I can’t imagine them sending me an outdated version. I just re-downloaded it again and it appears to be the same files but you’re telling me it’s outdated so I’m not sure what do to…



    I have Woo commerce installed and am using that for payment with my shopping cart, plus I’ve purchased LayerSlider. Will updating mess up all of my Woo settings or the Layer Slider? Should I update only the folders and things changed?

    I noticed that the js folder was updated which includes shortcodes.js. Will replacing this folder overwrite the short code I added that allows the mp3 player to display?



    2014 May 28th – Version 2.8
    – style.css – new version number
    – search.php – improved: compatibility with url rewrite rules
    – template-archives.php – fixed: a display bug when no blog posts are available

    – folder config-templatebuilder:
    – added: new Element: Animated Numbers that count from 0 to whatever number you have entered
    – added: Masonry and Masonry Gallery can be used on pages with sidebar now (previously only fullwidth)
    – added: contact form allows comma separated list of receiving emails
    – added: contact forms “email” form fields use the “email” html type on mobile devices, so the keyboard layout shows the @ sign by default
    – added: contact form fields now can have a column width of 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/3 and 3/4
    – added: contact form description fields were added so you can add headings and descriptions between elements
    – added: contact form can now be redirected to a new page after send, so you can display custom messages and track conversion paths
    – added: contact form now has a sending indicator as visual feedback for the user
    – added: table editor now allows to move existing rows and columns when editing the table
    – added: color section option to remove the top border manually for a “flat” look
    – added: image element now got a caption option as well as improved animation
    – fixed: a problem with widget element not displaying the correct value
    – fixed: a problem with shortcode “magic wand” button causing a white text area
    – fixed: a problem with iconfont uploader throwing an error when uploading a font
    – fixed: a problem with the code block element and improper whitespace stripping

    – folder js:
    – fixed: a bug with the ajax search on Windows Chrome
    – fixed: a bug with youtube videos starting when they shouldn’t
    – improved: masonry layout script was updated so there should be less issues with misaligned masonry elements
    – improved: contact form javascript
    – improved: fly out menu for mobile devices

    – folder css:
    – fixed: a small issue with the post slider image overlay
    – fixed: an issue with images not resizing correctly when resized in the wordpress editor
    – fixed: an problem with the cart icon not displaying on boxed layouts
    – fixed: a problem with top padding when using the blank template
    – added: form css classes for various columns
    – added: form css classes for button while sending
    – improved: print.css file

    – folder includes:
    – added: reddit icon for header social media icons

    The audio files are all mp3’s.

    Of course – That’s the main audio page – should have directed you here:

    Tried on an iPhone and the audio bar doesn’t show up.



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    Worked! Thanks so much and glad you like my song!

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    How do I create an administrator account?



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    Worked! Thanks….

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    I saw that area… added text to Footer column1 but it doesn’t show up in the footer on the pages??? Still all of the unwanted text is present. How to delete/edit the footer that came with the basic setup?


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