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    Hi Yigit!

    Thats great! Thank you so much!!!!!! i will forward it!

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    Vielen Dank! Das ist sehr hilfreich! Wir werden Kontakt aufnehmen!

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    Hello Yigit,

    Thank you for replying to our inquiry. It’s better if we write back to you in English, because you seem to have misunderstood the request. Our issue is no beginner information and no missing tokens, but that a programmer introduced some code to the team without our knowledge to prevent updates. We now need an enfold specialist to log into our website, look at the code and clean it up again.

    In addition, our question was whether we actually have to buy a support ticket in envato market in order to get a specialist? Or can we commission a specialist directly from Krisi? The support ticket in the envato market gives the impression that you are buying a whole new license there for €59. We don’t need them, we already have three of them.

    So who can help us? We look forward to a new answer!

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    Hi Rikard,

    thanks so much! We*ll try to update the token…

    Happy Christmas :-)

    Thanks Günter! Awesome. Never thought that this could be the reason. Even this sounds logic from your side as a software company, we have to agree with the others. Users are totally anoyed of the cookie buttons – and they ignore it. Result. Every eCommerce looooooses business.



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    Dear Krisi Team,

    since the last update we do have problems again with the shopping cart. You can choose a product and after klick the Buy button it says OK. But if you then try do go on in the shopping process the product disapear… (and little chart on the right side is empty at the same time.
    see here..

    If we switch off ENFOLD the shop works…
    Are we the onliest with that problem? No one else?

    Please help urgent!
    Thanx!, torge

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    Hi there! Please! Easy Question for you. Why is the WP Popup -> #spu-open-9787 -> not working when I put this into the link field of a normal picture box (media element) ? Equal what I`m doing, the Pop-up is not opening at a klick on the picture. See this please

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    Hi Mike,
    Here are the conflict data with Paypal for your information. How Envato proceeds here is really not possible.
    Maybe you can pass that on to your management?
    Definitely I will take legal action. Do not let me rip off Envato.
    Thanks for your understanding, Torge

    Withdrawal of the purchase on EVATO MARKET
    Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Regular License 6 months support (expires on 30 May 2020) Purchase code: eebb1a3c-a9df-4368-8acb-724792b08d12

    I hereby make use of my right of withdrawal as a private person in accordance with § 355 BGB.
    I withdraw from my purchase of 29.11.2019 and expect an immediate

    Repayment of $ 72.59 USD

    • After my opposition to Paypal you have simply blocked my account on EVATO MARKET. An insight into old and new purchases is no longer possible.
    • They are not interested in explaining the fake support for Krisi products
    • You do not give any contact possibilities on your website and in the shop

    If I do not receive a response within a week (until 11 December 2019), I will file a criminal complaint.
    The methods of EVATO MARKET are not acceptable.

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    Sorry Mike! One more thing!

    We sended ths to you partner ENVATO Market. Do you know anything about it? Can you ask your business management, if they can support to clarify this situation?

    Thanks for a short answer, Torge


    Envato Market Help < (Email address hidden if logged out) >

    Hallo Mel,

    please excuse the delay. Only now I come to answer your question.

    Can you also share information with your management?

    Because currently our account is blocked with you, because we have instructed Paypal for clarification.

    Let me briefly summarize the situation:

    • We had technical issues with Enfold Krisi / WooCommerce, who had paralyzed our shop

    • At Enfold Krisi we did not get in contact

    • That’s why we sought help from you

    • Because we had no response, we have bought a new Enfold version from you

    • The new version did not solve the problem

    • Out of necessity, we then accessed your support package because our Enfold Support had allegedly expired

    • The support we bought from you had nothing to do with Enfold at all. That was not obvious.

    • So we have now bought 2 x offers that did not work. But they were sold online to you as if they were useful. Of course, we took screenshots of it – and without a doubt, the processes are misleading.

    • That’s why the friendly request to Envato Market and Krisi for a cancellation.

    That would be very accommodating and fair.

    What is the answer from Krisi?

    Here is your e-mail:

    “We have sent your refund request to Kriesi for review. They will be able to approve or deny the request and may get in contact with you if they need to discuss any of the details. Any action taken by Kriesi will be emailed to you.

    You can track this refund request here:

    If you disagree with the author’s decision or don’t get an answer within 5 days, you’ll be able to raise a dispute through the above link so that Envato can review your claim in line with our refund policy. For this reason we recommend keeping all refund related communication onsite.

    The Envato Market Team”

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    Hallo Enfold-Team,

    wir bitten wie bereits gesagt noch einmal für unsere Hartnäckigkeit auf allen Kanälen um Verständnis. Eine Woche ohne Feedback des Supports kurz vor Weinachten treibt einen durchaus zu extremen Gefühlen.

    Nachdem weder Euer Support, noch der Support von WordPress und WooCommerce, auf die Lösung gekommen ist und alle Empfehlungen falscher Weise auf ENFOLD gedeutet wurden, sind wir selbst fündig geworden.

    -> Es lag an WooCommerce German PRO

    Ein beherzter Support von Vendidero hat sich intensiv mit de Problem beschäftigt und folgendes reportet: „ Oh man, das war ein „hartnäckiger“ Bug, den ich jetzt doch beheben konnte. Ich habe dir die funktionierende Version aufgespielt. Da ist etwas mit den „globalen“ Produkten durcheinander gelaufen. Das alles dann noch in Zusammenspiel mit Enfold. Naja, ich habe den Bug jetzt gefunden und werde ihn in der nächsten Version auch beheben, sodass ihr eure Version auch problemlos aktualisieren könnt. Aktuell funktioniert es nun auch bei euch.“

    Frohe Weihnachten :-)

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    Hallo Guenni007
    Sie haben geschrieben: “Also ich kann hier die unterschiedlichen Farben wählen, (selbst hinter einem VPN ;) ) klappt alles wunderbar.”

    -> Wir haben ja auch Germnized PRO abgeschaltet. Wir können ja schließlich nicht warten, bis ein Support das Problem behoben ist.

    Aber wenn wir es anschalten, geht nix mehr.

    Fröhliche Weihnachten ;-)

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