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    Hi @Ismael

    Wow, that works great! Thank you so much, it’s exactly what I was hoping for :)

    in reply to: Memberpress login prompt formatting vs color section #747434

    Hi @yigit

    I tried the functions code you suggested and it looks much better, thank you!

    There are a couple of small corrections desired, as you will see from the links I have put in the private content block below.

    [Link 1] shows correct formatting from the default /login page.
    [Link 2] shows formatting of login form after trying to access restricted Memberpress content containing an Enfold color section (after your functions.php code fix is applied).

    Desired correction #1: In [Link 2], is there a way with CSS to keep the left margin of the login form left so it aligns with the top logo as in [Link 1]? It is in the same alignment with a small screen width, but as the screen width increases it does not maintain the alignment.

    Desired correction #2: In [Link 2], how to color the white space to the left of the login form the same as the login form background? I tried fixing this myself using Chrome inspect element. I can see the white space to the left is the border of “div.container.content.main_color”, and the background color I want it to have is the same as “div.mp_wrapper” but I don’t have the skills yet to put this into CSS :)

    Many thanks again, I really appreciate your help with this! I’m sure it will also be useful for others using Memberpress with Enfold. May I pass your fix on to the Memberpress team also so they are aware?

    in reply to: Social media icons in mobile menu #747391

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your response. I followed the instructions on that post and it *almost* works:
    – Mobile menu: The social media icons do not appear at the bottom of the main mobile menu. This is where I’d like them to appear.
    – Mobile menu: The social media icons do appear at the bottom after opening the last fold-out menu in the main mobile menu.
    – Desktop menu: The social media icons do appear on the main desktop view at the bottom of all the drop-down menus on the main menu. I do not want them to appear there.

    Please see the link in the private content box below.


    function mobile_menu_social_icons(){
      var htmlString = jQuery('.social_bookmarks').html(),
      mobileMenu = jQuery('.responsive #header').find('.main_menu ul li:last-child');
      mobileMenu.append('<ul class="noLightbox social_bookmarks">' + htmlString + '</ul>');
    add_action('wp_head', 'mobile_menu_social_icons');


    #mobile-advanced .social_bookmarks {
        margin: 30px 0 0 22px!important;
    #mobile-advanced .social_bookmarks a:before {
        top: 2px!important;
        margin-left: -13px!important;
    #mobile-advanced [data-av_iconfont='entypo-fontello']:before {
        font-family: 'entypo-fontello';
    #top .social_bookmarks li a:before, #mobile-advanced .social_bookmarks li a:before {
        -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
        -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
        font-weight: normal;
        content: attr(data-av_icon);
        speak: none;
    #mobile-advanced ul.social_bookmarks li, #mobile-advanced ul.social_bookmarks li a{
    #mobile-advanced .social_bookmarks li a:before {
        color: #666;
        font-size: 30px!important;
    #mobile-advanced .social_bookmarks li > a:before {
       font-size: 20px;

    Thanks for your time!

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by sweet3. Reason: I noticed that the social icons appear on all drop down menus on the desktop view, not just the last one as originally described. Updated the information accordingly
    in reply to: Login/Logout Feature #745443

    Hi algaeexpert,

    I am trying to find a solution for the same functionality. The closest I have found is a plugin called BAW Login Logout Menu. However, it was last updated 2 years ago now, and some comments have reported it doesn’t work with the latest WordPress (although others say it does work).


    in reply to: Memberpress login prompt formatting vs color section #745435

    Hi bkheld, Yigit,

    I never did resolve this problem, although I remember discovering that other advanced editor elements on a protected page also ‘broke’ the formatting of the Memberpress login prompt.

    I notice that the default login page (i.e. retains its nice formatting – it’s just the protected pages that require login where the formatting gets ‘broken’.

    bkheld, did you try the code Yigit provided above – did it solve the issue? I am unable to do too much testing on my live production site. I would appreciate it if you can let me know.


    Hi Elliott,

    Thank you for your reply. Since I last wrote, the problem seems to have resolved itself, so perhaps it was a caching issue. (For the record, I am using Enfold 3.3.2).

    in reply to: Height of footer widget area #521012

    That’s perfect, thank you Yigit!

    in reply to: Navigation menu indicators not showing #519162

    Hi Elliott,

    For the record, the indicators came back eventually on their own, so it must have been a cache issue as you suggested.

    Thank you for your help!

    in reply to: Navigation menu indicators not showing #515974

    Hi Elliott,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Under Header > Header Layout > Header Style, I have it set to “Default (with borders, active menu)”.

    I have tried changing it to “Minimal” and back to “Default” but still the bars are hidden.

    I have also tried clearing my browser cache but still the bars are not showing :(

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