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  • Hi,
    It’s a shame as it prevents custom design, without adjusting templates. In my case not all the categories have the same design.

    I would have thought this is a much requested feature?

    At least my method of pasting the shortcodes for ALB works to attain custom designs for woocommerce categories.
    Do you have any details or further explaination as to why ALB doesn’t work with taxonomies like these? If the short codes work (as in my method), then surely it’s possible to add the ALB editor?


    I enable ALB shortcode debug mode, design the content of the woocommerce product category page in a tempoary draft page, then copy the shortcodes from the draft to the category page and update/publish.

    To turn on theme debug: Goto theme options -> Layout Builder -> Toggle on “Show advanced options” -> Select under Debug Mode (Backend Only) “Enabled for admins only”.

    This is less than ideal, but essentially does the same thing, without relying on other plugins.
    It would be nice if we could enable ALB editing for product cateogries in a similar way to other / custom posts types like so:

    * Allow ALB editor on custom post types if not available by default.
    add_filter(‘avf_alb_supported_post_types’, function (array $supported_post_types) {
    $supported_post_types[] = ‘portfolio’;
    $supported_post_types[] = ‘someother_custompost_type’;
    $supported_post_types[] = ‘product_cat’; /** <– simply adding this line would be great, but IT DOES NOT WORK / enable ALB editor in woocommerce categories (technically it’s a post type of post, but also has taxonomy type of product_cat */
    $supported_post_types[] = ‘product’;
    $supported_post_types[] = ‘enhancedcategory’;

    return $supported_post_types;

    Can a dev help with acheiving a requirement for Woocommerce Category ALB editing pretty please :-D.

    I also have this code to enable shop page editing support for ALB editor:

    * BETA Feature – Allow editing of shop page in Enfold Avia editor


    in reply to: Table of Contents (Widget): Exclude multiple classes #1279426

    Thanks, got it working.

    Steps taken to achieve this were:

    Create this file in child theme child-theme/php/Utils.php

    namespace SHEilds;
    class Utils
         * Counts the number of active widget areas (widget areas that got a widget inside them are considered active)
         * @return int $count
        public static function get_active_widget_count()
    		global $_wp_sidebars_widgets;
    		$count = 0;
    		foreach($_wp_sidebars_widgets as $widget_area => $widgets)
    			if($widget_area == 'wp_inactive_widgets' || $widget_area == 'array_version')
    		return $count;

    Then copied /js/avia-snippet-widget.js to my child them directory and made code changes to allow for multiple classes to exclude. The code changes were not large, but hard to show to code difference here.

    Then Updated child theme functions.php

    use SHEilds\Utils as SHEildsUtils;
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wp_change_aviajs', 100 );
    function wp_change_aviajs()
    	$widget_count = SHEildsUtils::get_active_widget_count();
    	if ($widget_count)
    			get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/avia-snippet-widget.js',


    in reply to: Table of Contents (Widget): Exclude multiple classes #1279067

    So, I could re-right this javascript and place it in my child theme? Then provide some code in the child function.php to load the this specific modified javascript file from the child theme?

    Something like this maybe?

    function wp_change_aviasnippetwidgetjs() {
    	wp_dequeue_script('avia-default', get_template_directory().'/js/avia-snippet-widget.js', array('jquery'));
    	wp_deregister_script('avia-default', get_template_directory().'/js/avia-snippet-widget.js', array('jquery'));
    	wp_enqueue_script('avia-default', get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/js/avia-snippet-widget.js', array('jquery'));
    	add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wp_change_aviajssnippetwidget', 100 );

    Would that work?

    in reply to: Enfold PHP Error Message #761462

    Hi Nikkio,

    Thank you very much, commenting those out did the trick.

    in reply to: Enfold PHP Error Message #761347


    I have the exact same issue – using the same plugins Yoast Premium, WP-Rocket – I also use Woocommerce on a development site at present, but will need this in production soon. So, the same issues apply.

    I have contacted WP-Rocket support and they pointed out the issue is related to the Enfold theme – Here’s the post of the rocket team reporting this to the Kriesi team:

    In the reply it’s mentioned there’s a script which should not be in the Enfold theme – Can you tell me where to find this and I will manually remove it.
    Also if it’s fixed in the next version, when is the ETA?

    Many Thanks

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