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    Hey Mike,

    I will give it a try – but the menu will be hard coded in the end, or am I wrong? Within the submenu shortcode I can specify a flexible menu based on WordPress settings. That would be a welcomed feature.

    Any idea on why the shortcode isn’t working? Because for me it breaks the layout everywhere, not only on single posts or archives with a sidebar, as you asumed. A page with an added submenu only looks good if the submenu is created with the ALB.

    All the best,

    in reply to: Custom Query for blog or archives #1405788

    Hey Günter,

    thank you for getting back to me and thanks for the code snippet.

    So instead of if( $query->is_search ) I would somehow check if it is a certain post type archive instead of is_search – correct? The rest of the code is the same? Could I write something like if( $query->is_tax('test') and later on define which post type is the only one to query in this archive?

    Best regards,

    in reply to: Custom Query for blog or archives #1405601

    Any advice on how to implement a filter for tag archives (see above)? I have a certain tag archive with posts from different post types and I would like to strip all posts from one of the post types from the archive.

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    Hey Mike,

    I have done some additional testing. The problem has nothing to do with the archive template. Your code brings the submenu on the archive page – my change to the archive.php too, nothing wrong with that.

    If the submenu is generated with a shortcode it comes to styling problems. On archives but on normal pages too. If I place the submenu element from within the ALB onto a page everything works finde. If I place the submenu as shortcode on a page (for example with a codeblock element) the CSS breaks and the HTML structure looks different if you compare both variants.

    Any idea why? How can I use a submenu with a shortcode?

    All the best, Daniel

    in reply to: Sortable Masonry Gallery #1402913

    Hey Mike, the line gallery:{ enabled:true } did the trick. The rest I sorted out with a $('…').remove(); and some styling. Works as intended. Thank you! All the best, Daniel

    in reply to: Sortable Masonry Gallery #1401387

    Hi Ismael, thank you for your answer.

    I was already thinking about building the gallery with the masonry element. Last year I built a masonry element which opens the posts in lightboxes (see here: I had a helping hand from @Guenni007.

    All this solution is missing is the navigation from one in a lightbox opened post to the next with some arrows < > as in a normal lightbox gallery. Any idea on how to achieve that?

    All the best, Daniel

    in reply to: Bug in Masonry Element with Enfold 5.4 ? #1397294

    Hi Yigit, thanks for letting me know and for the quick fix. I will wait with my ongoing updates on further websites until the next version is rolled out. You may close this.

    in reply to: Bug in Masonry Element with Enfold 5.4 ? #1397275

    Hey Ismael,

    I have flexible masonry and large gap enabled but there is no gap. Even if I choose the 1px gap. I found the code you mentioned in line 243:

    .av-large-gap.av-flex-size .av-masonry-entry .av-inner-masonry {

    But the code on line 153 with the #top is stronger and therefore the gap is missing. On line 153 it says:

    #top .av-inner-masonry {

    So shouldn’t the code on line 243 be like:

    #top .av-large-gap.av-flex-size .av-masonry-entry .av-inner-masonry {

    Or the code on line 153 should be without the #top in the beginning.

    Or am I wrong?

    Thanks for your fast response!

    I am using the code Guenni007 provided. Thanks again! You may close this.

    All the best, Daniel

    Nice, that does the trick! Why do you just remove it temporarily?

    Thanks Guenni, that is making it more tidy:

    function remove_title_attr(){
    jQuery(window).on('load', function(){
    	'#wrap_all img.avia_image, #wrap_all .avia-gallery-thumb img, #wrap_all .avia-gallery-thumb a, .av-masonry-image-container').removeAttr('title');
    add_action('wp_footer', 'remove_title_attr');

    But still the image title is displayed on hover. It is all about the original image title that is visible if you hover over an image. No actual titles are hidden. See the linked thread in my first post. Lightbox works as it should.

    Hey Ismael, thanks for letting me know but I tried to add several iterations already:

    .av-masonry-entry a
    .av-masonry-image-container img
    .av-masonry-entry a .av-masonry-image-container img

    And more stuff like that. Nothing worked. Image title is still displayed on hover. Any other idea or solution?

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    in reply to: Problem with WooCommerce Image Sizes #1370125

    Sorry. Can see it on all devices. Added a new link (works for 3 days). Thanks for taking a look!

    in reply to: Problem with WooCommerce Image Sizes #1369948

    Hi Ismael,

    thank you for your code. It does the trick! Everything looks fine in the frontend now. Need to add it to my other shop pages.

    In the backend however you can still see the different image sizes the products originally refer to (see image in private) while your filter loads the correct size for the frontend. Nothing to worry about, or am I wrong?

    All the best, Daniel

    in reply to: Link to Masonry Terms? #1361822

    You may close this. Thanks!

    in reply to: Link to Masonry Terms? #1361816

    Exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!
    Best regards, Daniel

    in reply to: Link to Masonry Terms? #1361435

    Hey guys, I am really sorry but I can’t get it to work. I copied the code from Ismael, did not change any part of it, and tried to add the name of an masonry-active-term to the URL, nothing happened. I tried to put a masonry-active-term into the code, nothing happend. I tried a few other things, emtied the cache, reloaded the theme settings, nothing happend.

    So my question is: Do I have to edit the code in any way?

    And: How is the request needed to be written?

    In my code I see a part where it says:
    <a href="#" data-filter="example-term_sort" class="example-term_sort_button avia_show_sort"><span class="inner_sort_button"><span>Feste Gruppen</span><small class="avia-term-count"> 1 </small></span></a>

    I added to the URL like: or

    Everything with no effect. What am I doing wrong?

    in reply to: Link to Masonry Terms? #1361311

    So the $_GET would need to pull the request from the URL – or am I wrong?

    in reply to: Link to Masonry Terms? #1361310

    Thank you, Ismael, that sounds interesting! Can I make the script somehow dependent on the respective page call? From the used link?


    Triggers one of the terms, while:

    Triggers another one?

    in reply to: Enfold's Product Grid filtered by WooCommerce attributes #1360550

    Hey, is there a code to extend the filter option of the product grid? Right now it is only possible to filter products by category/taxonomy not by attribute. Any chance to add this option through functions.php?

    All the best, Daniel

    Hi Rikard, you may close this. Thanks!

    Hey Ismael, I appreciate your help. And the code works like charm – as always. So thanks a lot!

    All the best,

    in reply to: disable fade in for overlay menu #1348998

    You can see this effect on the page mentioned, actually it is already there (file attached). The menu items appear one after another, even if this is “invisible” due to your css.

    If you for example start to position the elements by css this is executed later. Had this problem on other sites, but I don’t have an example because the desired look wasn’t achievable due to the gradual appearance of the menu items. So I always had to find other solutions or use the standard.

    in reply to: disable fade in for overlay menu #1348960

    Thanks for the explanation, then that will be the effect that you can definitely notice in some projects with large menus.

    in reply to: disable fade in for overlay menu #1348951

    But that is what I mean:

    the structure created in the DOM, because the mobile menu structure is only created after the burger menu is clicked

    The structure is created one menu item after another, not all at once.

    If you observe this line while clicking on the menu icon, you will see the items appear one by one:

    <div class="av-burger-overlay" style="display: block; opacity: 1;">

    in reply to: disable fade in for overlay menu #1348944

    True, it “works” on the specific sample page, but not in general. With your code added the menu seems to be showing all its items directly, but if you look into the developer tools you see that they are still loaded one after another, only without a visible animation. If you have more complex menu layouts problems might occur due to positioning the items only after they are proberly rendered (seems to be defined by a time setting). Therefore I still think it is not sufficient to only alter the css to get rid of the partially building of the menu structure.

    in reply to: disable fade in for overlay menu #1348830

    As kalimeromax stated in 2020 (see above): “Your code just disabled the fade effect, but it still loads the list items after each other.”

    Think it would be necessary to alter a menu script anywhere – or am I wrong?

    in reply to: disable fade in for overlay menu #1348355

    Want to chime in, the animation of the full overlay menu is indeed sometimes causing some trouble.

    If the menu is used in full overlay the menu entries:
    <li class="av-active-burger-items"><a>XXX</a></li>
    are loaded one after another in an animation.

    On some pages that is looking quite nice, on others (with larger menus) it would be better to see the full menu at first glance, without the animation.

    The animation comes from the code of the theme (no plugins or odd loading as mentioned above).

    Any ideas on how to disable that? Just adding transition:none is not changing anything …

    in reply to: Standard Setting for Video Element #1347601

    Hey Ismael, my question is answered, you may close this. Cheers, Daniel

    in reply to: How To Make The SubMenu Sticky On Mobile #1347600

    Since latest Enfold update all of Guenni007’s files are working fine. With standard child-theme shortcode loading as described in the documentation.

    : I am testing the files for some weeks, in my opinion everything is working fine without the !important

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