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    Dear @guenni007, last question: Do you think it is possible to load the script only for a certain viewport? Let’s say on mobile I would use a normal link (open the entry) and from tablet-size on I would load the script and use the added lightbox. Any ideas?

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    Why? What is your preference?

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    Wow! That is beyond my expectations. Thank you!

    Should be everything I need. Thread may be closed.

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    Perfect! Thanks a lot, Guenni007!

    Any idea on how to hide the head and footer on those posts? In my case it is a custom post type. Should be possible with a modification to the single.php file of the CPT – what do you think?

    Even better would be a script to hide head and footer only if the entry is shown inside an iframe? Do you think that is possible?

    Best regards,

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    This is the way I would like to have it, yes! But with normal posts (not portfolio entries). And for some reason I would like to use the blog post element (not a masonry). Or can’t it be made with the blog post element?

    Thank you for your effort already!

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    Hey Guenni007,

    it is not about the normal blog. I would like to use a ALB blog post element (as in your first link) and display posts of a certain category on a page with the option “blog grid”. If the image or title of the shown entries is clicked the posts should be loaded as iframe in a lightbox, correct. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your interest! And thanks Ismael for pointing out that it can be made somehow.

    All the best,

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    Super fast implementation! I am thrilled. I just installed the new update and deleted my customization before. Runs perfectly as expected. Thanks for the fast support. And an even bigger thank you for the fact that you have already implemented another feature request from me as fast as lightning. You guys are the best.

    In this sense I wish you Merry Christmas and see you soon! Feel free to close this thread.

    Many greetings,

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    Hey Ismael,

    works perfect. Two questions:

    • Why do I have to make the change in the parent theme? If I try to put it in /enfold-child/framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php the changed file is not loaded, the frontend always uses the version of the parent theme? Is there a solution to make the change in child theme? Or can I add the “playsinline” attribute with a script in functions.php?

    • Shouldn’t this be the defalt behaviour if someone is not setting the “Hide video on mobile devices?” to true? If so the user wants the video to play on all devices. Since this is possible it would be nice to have the “playsinline” attribute added in a new update. Or am I wrong?

    All the best,

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    No idea how to solve this? I think the information is in the database and could be loaded somehow.

    If a user could place a shortcode like


    on a page and this would display a list in the frontend like

    Media name (linked to page where it is used): Copyright information
    Media name (linked to page where it is used): Copyright information
    Media name (linked to page where it is used): Copyright information

    and if an image is used multiple times it has multiple entries in the list.

    Something like this would be quite helpful for users in Europe …

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to collect a list of all credits specified in the media library on one page via a shortcode or something similar?

    New theme version solved the problem. You may close this thread. Thanks a lot.

    Nice! That looks good. Thank you for the information. I will deactivate the test installation for now, as everything seems to be solved. Even if I don’t quite understand why the behaviour of creating a new tab is different when CET are activated but that is no real problem.

    All the best,

    Hi Ismael,

    That sounds logical at first. Unfortunately, I can’t find this setting anywhere. In the described place under Enfold > Custom Elements I have only the following options:

    – Custom Elements Management
    – Custom Elements Locked Options

    No settings for “Custom Elements For Subitems” are possible. Or is that to be set elsewhere? I activated the CET options in the theme settings (not with a code in the functions.php)

    And to be honest, this behavior is not that much of a trouble. If necessary, a user could simly delete the content of the tab and write something else. Much more irritating is in my opinion the misbehavior in relation to the ALB shortcodes as described above and seen in the video. Why are they stripped?

    What do the developers say about this?


    Give me a short notice after updating the theme and I will try myself. Thanks!

    Here you go:

    Great. And don’t forget the second part of it (that’s the part that made me realize the problem):

    Or open a tab and use the magic wand to place an icon in it as a shortcode, save the tab element and leave it. When you go back in and click on the tab where the shortcode was, the tab is empty.

    You see the misbehaviour in the video or you can test it on the page. Strangely the error occurs only with ALB-Shortcodes. Other shortcodes don’t get stripped …

    Will you give me feedback here if I can delete the staging version of the homepage?

    Dear Ismael, thank you for your message. As I said, in the live environment the problem is solved. I have completely disabled CET there via the theme settings. Now everything behaves as usual.

    On the test environment, the error persists. Just for you, in case you want to recreate the error and solve it for the future.

    You write that you can’t reproduce the misbehaviour, but I can with your link. In this context, please note the private link in my post from November 30. There is a video that shows the problem (added the link in private field again). It is about duplicating or creating tabs. And about ALB shortcodes within tabs (or other ALB elements). These are removed when you go into edit mode again.

    About your example page: It doesn’t matter if the CET element (the button) is placed on the page or not. If the CET are deactivated in general (via the theme settings), everything is normal, but if they are used -> they are active in the theme, it comes to the misbehavior.

    Specifically, go to the page you sent me and click on “New Tab”. Strangely enough, the first tab is duplicated, instead of a new and empty tab is created. Or open a tab and use the magic wand to place an icon in it as a shortcode, save the tab element and leave it. When you go back in and click on the tab where the shortcode was, the tab is empty.

    Does that make the problem clearer for you?

    As I said, I’ve left the development environment online for now just for you guys to maybe recreate the problem there and fix it in a future update. If you don’t need it (or don’t need it anymore), feel free to let me know and I’ll take it offline. In my live site I don’t use the CET anymore for the time being.

    Best regards,

    I have traced down the problem! It’s because of the Custom Element Templates (CET). When they are enabled in the theme settings, the described misbehavior with the shortcodes occurs. If I deactivate the Custom Element Templates everything works as usual and behaves normally.

    On the live version of the homepage I will deactivate the CET for now, because I only use it for one element anyway but I will leave the development environment online for now, so maybe you can recreate the problem there and solve it in a future update. The CET is still active in the staging site.

    Will you give me feedback here if I can delete the access?

    Hey Ismael, is there any forecast until when you can take a look at it? Since the editors of the page are curious when they can edit the ALB-Elements again. Right now they can’t because already included ALB-Shortcodes get stripped while working on the elements – if they are opened and closed. Only if the ALB-Elements are not touched the content stays the same …

    I appreciate your support!
    Cheers, Daniel

    The problem occurs everytime an ALB Shortcode is used inside an ALB Element (for example on pages). And the behaviour of generating new tabs is strange (as mentioned earlier).

    Thank you a lot for taking a look!

    Here we go. Since it is only for development purposes I didn’t copy the > 6 GB of media data from the uploads folder. But you can recreate the problem and see all the settings in the backend.

    I will set up a development version and give you the login credentials when I am ready. Thanks for your help!

    Oh, with “other pages” I meant homepages. I have 40+ homepages/websites with your theme. The problem only occurs on one of them. And I even have a nearly identical homepage to the one with the problem, and this one works fine as well. Attached you find links.

    You think a downgrade makes no sense? So I would have to clone the project …

    It occurs on every page. Not only on one of the pages. Everytime ALB is used and it is a shortcode inside an editable text field inside an ALB Element (not in the ALB Text-Element). For example in a Tab- or Accordeon-Element.

    Since it is a shop that is live I don’t know how we could manage it that it is save for you to deactivate plugins? I actually did it twice without success …

    But I think I can give you access to the website und you can create a page and see the behaviour for yourself.

    Would that be of any help?

    Hi Ismael,

    I do have some modifications going on but even if I delete them and flush the cache the problem remains. And as I said I do have a nearly identical website on the same server package and it works without any problems.

    What do you mean by re-create? The whole website? It is a large project. Gave you the link in the first post.

    Do you see any chance that it could be a soloution to downgrade the theme? I simply don’t know where the error could come from as it remains even if I deactivate everything and am left with only WP and the theme. Can’t recall if it worked in the last version of the theme. It was working some months ago for sure. And in the other installation on the server ist is working with the same settings, plugins and so on. Really strange.

    Could that be of any reward?

    Best regards,

    Hey Ismael, thanks for this idea. Sadly it did not work.

    The problem is, that I can’t reproduce it either. It occurs only on one of my other pages (and I have quite a lot). Even on another page (same server, same directory, same version of WP and Enfold) everything works as expected.

    As I said I have already checked it in several browsers. Chaches emptied. Reinstalled the theme. Plugins all deactivated. Deleted all codes from functions.php. Removed customizations from the .htacces. However, the problem always remains. I have the latest versions of all plugins and WP and theme installed and I really don’t know what to do. There is no combination of settings that brings back the normal behaviour …

    What can I do next?

    Hopeful greetings,

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    Works like charm. Thanks a lot!

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    How is the filter “avf_no_inline_svg” supposed to work? Looked in the repository and did not find an example. What are we supposed to write in the functions.php to supress the inline svg of the logo?

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    Pefect, I just added the size and everything works like charm:

    $config["content"][$counter]['attr']['overlay_custom_pattern'] = wp_get_attachment_image_url($slider['attr']["id"], $size = 'full');

    You may close this. Thanks for your help!

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    Ismael, you are the man! Thanks a lot. That is exactly what I was searching for. I changed the opacity to 1, thanks for the line in the code. How could I set the size of the linked overlay picture to original or ‘large’? Right now only the thumbnail (80×80) is loaded. Can I add a line for the size like that:

    $config["content"][$counter]['attr']['overlay_size'] = 'large';

    Or do I have to add something to the last line where the attachment is loaded?
    All the best, Daniel

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    Hi Ismael,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. I don’t mean the color, that would certainly be far too complex and, on the other hand, it wouldn’t be the effect I would want to achieve.

    It’s indeed about the overlay, you can define a color, as you said, but it is also possible to select a pattern or upload an image that will be used as an overlay. And that’s exactly what I would like to do, just automatically. In HTML an element is added to the slide with the picture as overlay and I would then adapt this later with CSS.

    I have already tested the CSS adaptation (see link), it works wonderfully. I selected the image as an overlay by hand. But having to select that all the time all over the page would of course be a bit annoying. Do you have any idea?

    All the best, Daniel

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