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    Can we get an update, please?

    in reply to: Conditional Ava Elements #1160439

    Hi Ismael,

    I was trying various methods to get it to work. I did try separate widgets and combined widgets. They both try to load the footer formatting and it also closed the element before the code is finished.

    I was very interested in getting some guidance on creating Avia Elements like what was done for Events Calendar Pro, but have not had much luck getting any guidance to that end. I ended up hiring a developer that has experience modifying these elements, but wish there was a better way to create them. There is so much opportunity to grow the capabilities of Enfold, if we had a better developer resource. This is why other platforms have success, because they allow for extensibility. Visual Composer, Gutenberg, Avada, Beaver Builder, etc., all welcome development of new modules. Please, give us the capability to build upon the platform we love, so we don’t have to eventually look elsewhere.

    We have been asking for years to either have a Pro version of Enfold that has more capabilities or the option of creating our own elements, but at this point, we are watching other frameworks grow by leaps and bounds while Enfold is still limited to only what you want to build into it. We love Enfold, and promote it every single chance we can, but the arguments that we used to have that Enfold had so much more and was so much easier are getting less and less compared to other frameworks. We want you back on top. Please.

    I know I am pushing you, but it is only because we want to see Enfold do incredible things again.

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    Thank you for the starting point. Is there an example Avia Element template? Who and how was the Events Calendar Pro element built? Did they build it, or was it built there?

    in reply to: Recommended plugins (Updated: 27.8.2018) #1126026

    I would like to submit the idea of actually having a platform for both plugins/integrations, but also feature requests. To that end, I would suggest UserVoice. The way things are handled is professional, but also personal. I think it would help bring together the management of both features and integrations eventually.

    in reply to: Recommended plugins (Updated: 27.8.2018) #1125203

    And, I will chime in and say that those requesting an updated list are right. There does need to be a better list of good solutions that work well with Enfold. I know that it presents a challenge on keeping up that list and how to organize it, but for those that are new to the platform and Enfold, it would be a great way to show how flexible and scalable it can be as their needs grow. I would argue it is time for Enfold to grow beyond the confines of just one product in the portfolio. It has become the primary product and looking at the forums alone, it makes the others seem like they were lightyears ago. The only other major item missing is a roadmap for larger developers, so that we can figure out areas that we need to develop versus ones you are already working on. It makes for a stronger, tighter ecosystem that is working for the common growth of the platform, rather than just a theme that is just a component of what is used.

    I know these may just be my opinions, but they are from years of working with, promoting, developing solutions for use-with Enfold. Enfold is an incredible framework and I want to see it go further to the level of a platform. That is something would not just expand the footprint, but also create brand new opportunities to push WordPress’s possibilities.

    in reply to: Recommended plugins (Updated: 27.8.2018) #1125198

    Easy, Event Calendar and Event Calendar Pro. Nice integration, though the developers have gotten a bit snooty of late.

    in reply to: Any current issues with GoogleMaps and Enfold? #1122030

    I would much rather you see things are they are before me making changes, so I have included access for you.

    It would be awesome to find a solution, because Enfold, Events Calendar Pro, GeoDirectory and Gravity Forms are the most important tools across any site I build. With all of them, almost anything is possible. Enfold and css have always been the thing that brings everything together.

    Thank you for all of the help and insight,

    in reply to: Any current issues with GoogleMaps and Enfold? #1121946

    Hi Ismael,

    Here is what is odd. I completely disabled all plugins the other night. Every last one except Classic Editor, but that line of code still was in there.

    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’//’></script>

    I am going to continue to search for the cause of this, but I have a bigger question… How are these plugins supposed to work together at this point? They used to without issue, but not now. If someone needs the functionality of these plugins, it seems like a no-win scenario. I have to believe there is a viable solution to this, because there is no way we are the only ones utilizing multiple plugins with Google Maps API calls. I love the Google Maps integration for Enfold, but I also need the integration to show location maps for GeoDirectory and Events Calendar Pro. These are not small-audience plugins, they are widely used ones, like Enfold. The problem is that each developer involved just says to disable the other ones. As usual, Google is absolutely no help.

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    in reply to: Any current issues with GoogleMaps and Enfold? #1119606

    I removed my reply, because my response was with a lot of frustration. It would not allow me to delete the response entirely, or I would have. I should have left a different message, I apologize.

    I posted in my previous responses some of the very answers Vinnay was requesting. I said at the beginning of the thread I am used to doing this and had done the normal troubleshooting. The problem did not occur on older versions of Enfold. I cannot pin down exactly what version it changed, but will try to do some more investigating today to get detailed answers.

    I will work to compose a better response later this morning.

    In the mean time, can you ask if there is a function to remove the GoogleMaps API call from the normal Enfold page load?

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    in reply to: Any current issues with GoogleMaps and Enfold? #1119276

    Yes, billing is all setup, and it works on other sites. This is the first case where Enfold is not passing through the api key variable, as I showed in the screenshot. The plugin is loading it first and then Enfold, which is not putting in the key correctly. Disabling the plugin does not change anything.

    in reply to: Any current issues with GoogleMaps and Enfold? #1119049
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    in reply to: Selector for main nav drop-downs #1112488

    I think I am going to use Uber, but would still like to know what the selector is for getting the whole div of the main navbar dropdown.

    in reply to: Integration with UberMenu #1112085

    I might have figured it out. I will update the ticket as I progress.

    in reply to: Problems with WHMCS Bridge style #1087245

    Hi Basilis,

    Would it make sense to loop in the developers of WHMCS Bridge? They seem to be open to integration and it might yield an easier process if they were a part of the discussion. Would you like me to reach out to them?

    Let me know and I would be happy to do that legwork.

    in reply to: Problems with WHMCS Bridge style #1083874

    Richard, were you ever able to figure out how to integrate Enfold and WHMCS? I have looked at doing the same, but run into similar issues. It would be very cool if there were some way to get these two systems to work together. Our hosting website is the only site we have developed over the past seven years that is not running on Enfold and we would love to use Enfold for that, too, as the theme is perfect for it.

    Rikard, I know it would require time and resources, but it sure would be nice to see if this were possible. I would not want an external developer working on it, as I want to make sure it maintains compatibility with Enfold down the road, especially as WP goes through its changes. What would it take to show it would be worth the development investment for Christian? For all of those that are developing with Enfold, being able to close the loop and say that hosting websites promoting Enfold are also running on it. Having to compromise and use lesser themes is incredibly frustrating, especially after knowing how Enfold would be perfect for this task.

    I try really hard not to ask a lot (aside from a more expensive Pro version of Enfold), but as you know I have a fair amount of licenses, I am asking you to thoughtfully consider helping us make this work. It would mean a lot to those of us not only using Enfold, but also actively promoting it and developing with it.


    in reply to: Enfold – Magazine (post with link format does not run) #1004200

    Thank you, Ismael.

    My only worry with this type of solution is if it breaks during updates. I have always favored function-level adaptations, but if this is the only way to achieve functionality, I will work to implement it this way.

    I really would like to see this functionality fixed in future versions. It is what keeps us from using the Magazine element on a regular basis.

    in reply to: Enfold – Magazine (post with link format does not run) #1003725

    I could not get this to work, either, using the function provided. Was there are changes made since this post to accomodate the ability to use linked posts in magazine view?

    in reply to: Navbar with subhead text #1001003

    Understood completely. Sorry, probably way more confusing than it needs to be. I was hoping for it to be centered under each primary item, but when I was not able to get that to work with css, I figured I would try to justify it left. At that point, I then realized since every item is a different length, it was not going to line up on the left edges.

    Does that help, or further confuse?! Maybe I will try to mock it up later on today or tonight.

    in reply to: Navbar with subhead text #1000905

    Yes, you can see this at the following url in the private content area.

    I manually positioned the text to try to move it back left under the primary navbar item.

    #avia-menu > li > a:after {
    content: attr(title);
    position: absolute;
    top: 15px;
    left: 12px;
    color: #00add8;
    font-size: .75em

    in reply to: Need a better mousetrap for Team functionality #1000550

    I have been testing various plugins for months and frankly, most of them have so many issues that it makes it hard to put any faith in them. This is why I really wanted a better option for Enfold. I can count on Enfold. It does not fail me. Switching Team over to a CPT would add so much value to the theme, no matter what type of organization using it.

    I still want a Pro-level version of Enfold. I don’t care if it is $300/license. Show us what you can really do when you have a little more budget to work with! If you can make it more extensible with the Avia elements, I might even pay $500/license (and maybe $100/year support). It is worth it to have a solution like Enfold that really pushes the limits.

    You have lots of people like me that are not afraid to spend more for Enfold. What do we have to do to convince you? The money is there, if you create us a Pro-level Enfold. We have been begging you for it for years now. Give us something that is as revolutionary as Enfold was when it came out.

    Please Christian, and team. The need is there. Those willing to pay are there. No one else is doing it. Set the new high bar.

    Tell us what it will take to convince you.

    in reply to: Navbar with subhead text #1000128

    One thing I notice is that the justification being left, makes it hard to backspace the subhead text to the correct position. Have you found any ways to get those edges even, so they are consistent throughout an entire navbar when the items are not all exactly the same length?

    in reply to: Navbar with subhead text #999932

    Thank you, by the way, for the quick response!

    in reply to: Navbar with subhead text #999931

    I am assuming you mean the primary navigation. If so, yes, top. We will utilize side navigation for sub-sections of the site, but that does not need to have the the styles applied.

    in reply to: Issues updating site? #999894

    I ended up just manually upgrading it from the backside. If it happens again, I will let you know. We are also the host, so I can confirm it was not the issue, as we could do Enfold updates from other sites without issue.

    in reply to: Request for official Gutenberg support statement #951973
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    in reply to: Request for official Gutenberg support statement #943291

    Thank you for the quick response.

    This should not be buried in an answer to another question. It should be front and center to everyone, as it has HUGE implications. The 4.2.7 update has more prominence, yet Gutenberg has the potential to Additionally, it is April and Gutenberg is about to be released. An update would be really nice on where Christian sees the development of Gutenberg and how it impacts Avia.

    in reply to: Recommended plugins (Updated: 27.8.2018) #896250

    I am guessing you mean Captcha?

    We use and recommend Gravity Forms, which has an element for adding reCaptcha to forms easily. You will need a GooGle account for it, but there are instructions on the Google Services page of the Enfold Settings.

    in reply to: Best way to grab a class for rollovers #870604
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