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    Has there been any progress on adding ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) support, without writing php templates? It was mentioned that it was on the list of features to be added back before 4.8.

    I really ned a quick way to display single listings of a custom post type with custom fields.


    I am so incredibly frustrated with trying to get CPT and ACF to work within Enfold.

    All I wanted was simple Colors CPT, with a field group from ACF to display within a normal page as a grid of colors, and one the single cpt post as the detail record.

    I have spent nearly two days trying to figure out how to get anything more than the Colors CPT to show. Looking through the few forums entries referencing CPTUI and ACF has yielded me pulling my hair out.

    Why does it have to be this $%^&*( complicated?
    Displaying Meta content should NOT be this hard.

    I have messed with the child theme (Spark) functions, tried more shortcake combinations than lines of CSS, and rebuilt things more times than I care to admit.

    I try not to bug anyone here until I have exhausted every other option, but really need some help to get this working.



    Sorry for the late reply. I’m no expert on ACF unfortunately, but I’m not sure if there is a way of displaying ACF fields without adding code to the template which is going to display the content of the field? If you know a solution for that, then please post a link to where we can see some documentation on that.

    I see that you are using CPTUI shortcode on one of the pages you linked to, but I’m not really familiar with either unfortunately, could you try to explain the functionality of that a bit further as well? Also, is the shortcode in question working with a default WordPress theme? How exactly did you register your custom post type?

    If I were to do what you are looking to achieve, then I would probably register a new custom post type manually, then use the single-portfolio.php/loop-portfolio-single.php as templates for the new post types. Then add the ACF code in those new templates. Please note that fields won’t output anything if you are using the Layout Builder.

    Best regards,


    Hi, Rikard!

    I think the biggest challenge for us is the inability to easily add custom content without resorting to digging in templates. My hope was that Avia could use the normal post type taxonomy selector, and then it would pull up a list of the fields available under that taxonomy. To me, it feels like Avia is so close to solving this, but the one thing missing is the bridge between taxonomies and ACF data. I am probably way over-simplifying things, but I have found in the past that sometimes the answer is right in front of us.

    That said, with the constant need for custom content and content types, was the intended technique always to hand-code templates for CPTs? There are several good and established options out there (CPTUI, ACF, Pods, etc.), with a ton more coming. I guess what I am asking is instead of waiting for our theme competition to seize on it, can we find a way to lead the charge with a solution that is equally as powerful as Enfold?

    If it is a matter of time or cost, let developers like us find a solution for that. I would have no problem paying more to have a more enhanced feature set, and I have said that many times in the past. We need tools to continue to promote Enfold as the best solution, especially with WordPress trying to eat everyone’s lunch these days. I don’t want to be stuck with only Automattic solutions, and the idea of Elementor and its bloat scares me almost equally.

    If you build a solution for CPTs and Custom Fields, or even a solution that ties in with them, we will have no problem with additional licenses to support those efforts. It would open tons of opportunities to push Enfold way beyond the scope it was designed for.

    Additionally, we would have no problem paying for a Pro version of Enfold. In fact, we would welcome it with open arms, as it would be a way to contribute to building out Enfold with more resources, rather than just the recurring support residuals. Let us know what it would take.



    Hi Jason,

    Sorry for the late reply. We have discussed this internally, and we’ll look at implementing further options for ACF in a future release of the theme.

    Best regards,


    Can we get an update to this? We are at a crossroads where we need to determine whether Enfold still works for us. I love Enfold and promote it every place I can, but websites are not just posts, pages and portfolios anymore. Websites need to be more, and while adding animation is cool and glitzy, it does not account for the need for more solid data-handling capabilities that most other major themes have baked in at this point. Enfold led the way with one of the best implementations for showing taxonomies, but that was over a half decade ago.



    I’ve been tagged on this topic recently. I’ve not been using ACF up to now but I installed the free plugin to get an idea what it does. And I also had a look how Elementor handles it (https://elementor.com/help/elementor-acf/).

    The problem is not to display the custom fields (which is actually only post meta data to read) but the overall integration of custom post types, taxonomies and how to display it.

    It is possible to use our Advanced Layout Builder for custom post type “posts” (as we do already for the portfolio) but this is only for one post and (currently) not reuseable.

    What you are looking for is to design a template (with the ability to show custom meta data) which is reused for other posts. And this for single post and multiple posts (blog).

    This at the moment is only possible by creating or editing the underlying php template files using the default WP routing.

    I will add this as a feature request to our dev repo and will keep an eye on it.

    Best regards,


    Thank you, Günter, for the response and more clarification of the status of this within the Enfold platform.

    My trouble with this, is that it feels like just another message that will allow the can to be kicked down the road for another indeterminate point of time. Many of us have been asking for field support for years, and we continue to be told that it will recommended and for us to be patient. Rikard acknowledged this back in October, as have others over the years.

    Günter, we need this.
    Yes, I am making this statement more than just a request.

    We have been asking, begging, pleading for support, so that we can continue to use a tool that is capable for current needs, when the clientele come to us and ask for functionality they can get in other tools. We have found every possible way to work around it, but are running out of reasons (and at this point, excuses) that the centerpiece of our toolset, Enfold, still does not even have a plan to integrate, despite continuing to tell us it will be a consideration.

    We have worked with, promoted, developed, and championed Enfold since nearly the beginning of it. We do more than just purchase Enfold. We are coming to you now, begging for you to put more than just thought into this. We are asking, so that we may remain using it.

    We don’t want to use Gutenberg. We don’t want to use Elementor. We don’t want to use Avada. We want to see Enfold do what we know it can do, and do it better than the others, just like it used to. Fields integration may not be glamorous like display functionalities, but it will lead to entirely new ways we can do incredible things with Enfold, and that results in new audiences, who also grow the capabilities of the Enfold platform.

    We don’t care if you have to charge more for it. We just can’t keep waiting for someone to finally realize its importance and make it real.


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    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for coming back.

    I agree that this is getting an important feature and I have put this on top of my to do list with a high priority. Though it has heavy impact on the existing code and it will take some time.

    I will try to have a first implementation for 5.7 (starting with standard WP custom fields and then ACF elements step by step).

    I hope this gives you a roadmap for near future and allows you to stay with Enfold.

    Best regards,


    Thank you, Günter!

    This is what we need, and it will benefit a lot of other Enfold proponents, too.

    We eagerly look forward to a whole new chapter unfolding with the new functionality!


    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Best regards,

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    No worries at all. This was the email address I noted.

    Best regards,

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    Hey Jason,

    I’m afraid we don’t have any suggestions for an alternative events plugin.

    And regarding the ACF integration, unfortunately, I cannot tell when it will be available but we are actively working on it.


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    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for using Enfold and for your patience.

    I want to give you a quick overview on what will be coming:

    We are currently working on the integration of custom fields content in ALB elements and to get most out of this feature on “Custom Page Layouts”.

    This means based on ALB you can design editable page layouts and use these to display your pages, posts and custom post type posts.

    But we cannot give a release date yet.

    Best regards,

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