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    We have the same problem – had to revert to 1.4.

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    Any updates?

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    WP & FTP credentials sent.


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    The demo site is up. Please email me @ rasheed_dot_laskar_at_gmail_dot_com & I’ll send you the address & WP credentials.


    in reply to: RTL and Hebrew text on Sentence theme #87596


    First of all, you have to use a multilanguage plugin to have the frontend in Hebrew & the backend in English. There’s a free plugin called polylang that’ll do it: but the paid plugin @ is much more comprehensive. It’ll also help you to easily translate text strings in the template & plugins easily. The primary function of both is to have multiple languages in the frontend though.

    I’ve managed to convert many templates’ CSS to RTL successfully using the following plugin:

    That plugin saves you hours as it mirrors everything for you. Just make sure that you apply it to all the css files used for your template. On Kriesi’s Eunoia template – I had to apply it to base.css & layout.css and then combine the results in a new rtl.css that is placed in the template root.

    You’ll still have to fine-tune some stuff – but not too much – it literally saves you hours.

    The only problem that you’ll have is with framework specific stuff (with Kriesi’s templates that’s the avia framework stuff). Nick is very kindly helping me out (thanks a lot) with a specific issue regarding the portfolio framework.

    I suggest you checkout the above-mentioned plugins. I’m not an expert developer by a long-shot – but I’ve managed to setup numerous Arabic & English sites using non-RTL enabled templates by using the above plugins & some help from template developers for their framework specific stuff.

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    Thanks for wanting to give it a go. I’ll put up a demo site within an hour (it’s local at present) – can you let me know how to send you the address & login details privately.

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    Hi Nick,

    I’ve managed to RTL everything else required in the theme so far. I think the only thing remaining is to start the Portfolio Items from the Right.

    I’ll try & have a look – I presume it’s the avia.js that contains the Isotype javascript that needs to be changed as per the help link you sent me. The only thing is I haven’t got a clue how I can change it only for RTL & keep it the same for LTR.


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    Hi Nick,

    I actually had just worked out a simple CSS solution for reversing the Portfolio Sort Menu order:

    #js_sort_items {
    float: right;
    padding-right: 0;

    #js_sort_items a {
    margin-right: auto;

    But unfortunately the more important solution for actually starting the PORTFOLIO ITEMS from the right for RTL still hasn’t been resolved – any ideas??


    in reply to: RTL Portfolio items & RTL Menu #87831


    Thanks for your reply. That has made the sort menu right-aligned but the sort menu items are still LTR so ALL is on the left.

    But the actual portfolio items start from the left & so if we have less items than the available width e.g. 1 or 2 items – they are left aligned so this looks wrong with an RTL language. Any idea how to resolve that?

    Regarding the WPML problems that you need access to – I’m actually on local dev install but I’ll upload it tonight so that you can have a look.

    in reply to: Logo & Main Menu Position #87733


    Thanks for the reply, it helped but I had to change the ‘px’ values to ‘%’ values otherwise in a resized browser the responsiveness would mess everything up.

    This is what worked for me:

    For the logo:

    h1.logo {

    left: 50%;

    margin-left: -82px !important;


    & the menu:

    .main_menu {



    top: 0;


    It’s resolved now. Thanks

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)