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    I upgraded to Enfold 1.5 this afternoon. After the upgrade, every single post (or page, or custom post type) is showing the default sidebar.

    I made a couple of new widget areas, When I select one of those in the layout options, the page is still showing one of the built-in sidebars. Any ideas?


    Same with our site: After upgrading 1.5, standard sidebar with the collection of all pages is showing on each and every page. Nice feature for me, since i cannot open the pages overview in the backend, but annoying for the visitors. any idea on how to get rid of pages sidebar?

    Thanks & have a nice evening,



    We have the same problem – had to revert to 1.4.


    Hi RSL,

    had the same idea and thouhgt i can solve the issue by uploading sidebar.php of the 1.4 enfold, but now all child items are visible:


    Did you solve this somehow, do i need to upload another file?

    Thanks for any tipp on that,



    Just saw in Devin`s Video ( on how to update enfolg properly that there is a version 1.5.1 around, having a sidebar fix. any idea when it is going to be available? Sorry for being the pest, but we are having a holiday tomorrow and that is the time when we got our most visitors. by this time we want everything to be nice ;-)

    Cheers, Sebastian


    I’m not sure if Kriesi will release the 1.5.1 update or if he wants to wait some time to release a major update. To fix the default sidebar issue open up sidebar.php and replace



    $av_sidebar_menu = avia_sidebar_menu(false);
    echo $av_sidebar_menu;
    $default_sidebar = false;

    $the_id = @get_the_ID();


    Thanks, Dude, that worked perfectly.

    Have a nice evening,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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