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    thanks, My problem is on ipad it is sort of OK but landscape the grid sections don’t respond to screen so well. the images on 3 of the grid sections on the landing page hide except the 4 grid section shows it but is merged with the image in the previous grid section which is supposed to be hidden. Also the text in the grid cells on the right appear but are indented to the right of the screen. Is it possible to respond to the ipad screen with the text adjusting to the middle. If I cange the breakpoint to tablet then it messes up the responsiveness on mobile. So how can I achieve responsiveness on both tablet and mobile in portrait and landscape? Perhaps don’t use grids? or what?
    cheers. Hope the screenshots links work?
    Screenshot on ipad landscape
    Screenshot on ipad landscape images should be hidden but not

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    OK Nikko, I did actually change to twenty sixteen. sorry I was a bit confused…. It worked! no problem will uploading images at all when using twenty sixteen. so it seems its an issue with Enfold. Any solution. ??

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    Hi Nikko, No I can’t go back to default theme. I need to stay with current. Also my site went weird . Actually the weirdness and the HTTP error only started happening after I updated to 3.8 version. I think there is some conflict happening with your latest update. My other site that Im using Enfold the HTTP error happened also. None of my other sites using other themes have any problems with uploading images. It seems its a problem with Enfold…. I had to restore the site with a backup from 1 week ago because all the images etc disappeared and the text on the site went weird ….. Now I restored back 1 week but still having HTTP problems. Can you fix urgently otherwise I have to use a different theme. thanks

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    this is the error message I get
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home3/romar/public_html/ on line 352

    how do I overcome this?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)