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  • Hi Rikard,

    According to the ISP help-desk, it was the form sending out emails with the email address linked to the form.

    Like I said, we removed the form from the page, checked all settings and plugins, and reset all the passwords on the WP accounts.
    So far it seems to did the trick.
    And yes, I found it a bit odd this would/could happen. Unfortunately the help-desk was a bit vague sometimes, and not entirely clear on what happened exactly.
    I’ll keep an eye on this though.

    cheers for the reply.


    in reply to: Instagram widget not working #995377


    I know I’m a bit late to the party with this, but is there an ETA when the Instagram issue will be fixed?

    I just updated WP and the theme to the latest versions (v.4.9.8 & v.4.4.1), but I get the “No images available at the moment” as well.
    Before that I got the “Instagram has returned invalid data” error in the widget.

    As the website is already plugin heavy, I don’t want to add another one to the mix.
    Unfortunately my client is a heavy Instagram user, so this is kinda important to him..



    edit: Never mind. It seems it doesn’t work locally in the test environment, but it does seem to work fine online. Sorry for the noise ppl ;)

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    in reply to: Enfold 3.7.1 and Themeforest? #673207

    Not sure how to explain, but the – Themeforest – website isn’t showing 3.7.1:


    2016 August 6th – Version 3.7

    This is a “no-thrills” compatibility and bugfix release that ensures that the theme works fine with:
    – the upcoming version of WordPress 4.6
    WooCommerce 2.6
    – The new google Maps API
    – the Instagram API
    – the Facebook SDK version 2.7
    – also adds small Bugfixes

    New demos and features will be added to version 3.8 which will be released soon ;)
    </ quote>

    If I download the zipfile, it – is – v. 3.7.1. That’s the confusion part. This has nothing to do with WP and or the Theme settings inside WP.


    in reply to: Enfold 3.7.1 and Themeforest? #673200

    Hi Vinay,

    If I download the file from Themeforest, it is the latest version 3.7.1, but the Themeforest website still stated 3.7 dated August 6th.
    It’s a bit confusing, when the changelog and date are behind the facts ;-)


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    Hi Yigit,

    Completely missed this one, but thanks again for the answers!
    I will make a request in the link listed.


    in reply to: Google Maps' not Working #670223

    Did you create a new API key for Google Maps?
    If not, log into your Google account and do so.
    After that, fill in the code in the appropriate place in the 3.7 theme.


    in reply to: google maps not working #669892

    You created a new API key in your Google account, and filed in the code in the new Enfold v.3.7?


    in reply to: Enfold 3.7 and Goole Map #668994

    He Mike,

    Just a silly question, but do you know Google recently changed the Google Maps accessibility?
    You have to create a new code for that, to have Google Maps to function.
    Maybe it is that, as it was working here in 3.6.1 and is working in 3.7 as well.


    Hi Rikard,

    After a long chat this morning with the plugin developer, we found the problem inside the plugin’s database connection configuration. There was a small error, so the plugin couldn’t properly connect to the iDEAL payment environment. Thus spitting out a connection error.
    As this is something that is partly set outside the regular Woocommerce environment, it’s a bit harder to bugcheck at first.

    As always, in the end everything makes sense ;-)

    So please see this as solved, and sorry for the noise….. :-\

    p.s. still hoping on a new Enfold release to fix the cart issue soon, as I don’t feel comfortable running the shop on a temporary cart fix ;-)

    in reply to: cart total weight values wrong, but where to fix this? #660383

    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks for the fast reply, but I don’t see what this has to do with the cart total weight calculation.
    That post has to do with the update buttons on the cart page, something that has bitten me as well, and is luckily working with that patched piece of code.

    But I cannot find where Woocommerce, or the theme, sets the total weight. The total amount is correct, but in the wrong values.
    kg should be grams.

    Unless this something that is -also- caused by a botched 3.6 release?


    edit: Never mind, found out the culprit. Booster was overriding this. Sorry for the noise, but still like to see an update on the cart ‘bug’ soon.
    My client is getting annoyed ;-)

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    in reply to: Some problems after Updating #660081

    there’s some issues with 3.61 and the latest woocommerce version.
    It -should- be fixed soon afaik. Hopefully sooner than later, as my client is waiting to introduce web payments on the store.
    I cannot continue now with the rollout.

    hope it helps,


    in reply to: Woocommerce 2.6 problem – urgent!!! #652921


    Ran into this yesterday, and had the luck to find this thread very quickly. Cheers for that solution!
    I hope this is fixed in a official way soon, as I feel hesitant to use this in the website.



    in reply to: "Share this" snipet placement after update to 3.1.1 #422378

    Hi Josue,

    Testing these things locally atm, so no login available for now.
    I did upgrade the website online tot 3.1.3, but turned the buttons off for now, so I can have a better look at what is happening here.

    I’ll report back to you if I find something out.


    in reply to: "Share this" snipet placement after update to 3.1.1 #422351

    Hi Josue,

    I managed to get it working, but there’s another issue now. My sidebar menu’s are moved at the bottom of the page, below the share buttons.
    If I remove the code above, all is restored to normal.

    So I removed the buttons and code all together for now…..


    in reply to: "Share this" snipet placement after update to 3.1.1 #421896


    I ran into the same issue here, and tried the code Josue provided. Theme version 3.1.3.
    I added this to my child theme’s style.css and functions.php, but the buttonbar is still on top of the pages….

    Any help?

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    in reply to: Second Sidebar Pages Question – moving code to child theme #403304

    Looking at the code I cannot see any differences, but for some reason this now works! For both widget additions.
    No idea who/why/what… ;-)

    I did make an official request for at least one additional Sidebar Widget on the forum, I hope it will emerge some day.

    Thanks for all the help, much appreciated!!


    in reply to: Second Sidebar Pages Question – moving code to child theme #403291

    Any thoughts??

    I cannot get it to work for the site. Even with all plugins deactivated and an empty functions.php in the child theme.
    The php doesn’t break and the site works, but I don’t get another widget on the widget page.
    I do when I add the same code in the theme itself as described above.

    So I hereby want to request a second Sidebar Pages for the next update. I cannot be the only one who wants this.
    I feel very uncomfortable changing code in the theme itself, due to future updates and breaking functionality.
    Child themes are perfect for these reasons, and give you a more logical overview of what has been added or changed.


    in reply to: Second Sidebar Pages Question – moving code to child theme #401944

    Hi Ismael,

    I did some testing. For starters, I emptied my child theme’s functions.php file and added just the code above. No second widget in WP.

    Than I turned off all plugins but the basic Woocommerce, and I get the following error on the top of the site:
    ‘Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in V:\xampp\htdocs\cavador\cavabin\wp-content\themes\enfold-child\functions.php on line 10″

    Line 10 here is: foreach ($sidebars_to_show as $sidebar)

    so that first line of code is rejected by the child theme.

    So close… ;-)


    in reply to: Second Sidebar Pages Question – moving code to child theme #401378

    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the reply, but if I move the additional code to my child theme’s functions.php it doesn’t work.
    I’ll loose the second widget in the WordPress Widget section.

    The addition of the code to the functions.php doesn’t break the php, so there’s some small thing not working I guess.


    in reply to: Second Sidebar Pages Question – moving code to child theme #400910

    Hi Elliot,

    What I did is copy the original code back into the php file, but renamed the widget. Very basic, but working. So now I have:

    foreach ($sidebars_to_show as $sidebar)
    ‘name’ => ‘Sidebar Pages’,
    ‘before_widget’ => ‘<section id=”%1$s” class=”widget clearfix %2$s”>’,
    ‘after_widget’ => ‘<span class=”seperator extralight-border”></span></section>’,
    ‘before_title’ => ‘<h3 class=”widgettitle”>’,
    ‘after_title’ => ‘</h3>’,

    foreach ($sidebars_to_show as $sidebar)
    ‘name’ => ‘Sidebar Pages2’,
    ‘before_widget’ => ‘<section id=”%1$s” class=”widget clearfix %2$s”>’,
    ‘after_widget’ => ‘<span class=”seperator extralight-border”></span></section>’,
    ‘before_title’ => ‘<h3 class=”widgettitle”>’,
    ‘after_title’ => ‘</h3>’,

    As I said, I feel better to have the second widget bar into my child theme.


    in reply to: woocommerce major update – enfold not 2.3 compatible? #396616


    I ran into this today as well. It seems some of the Enfold WC pages aren’t up to date yet. There’s possibly going to be an update for Enfold as well soon.

    I can access the admin area just fine, do you have any plugins running that might cause issues?
    If all fails, restore and old version of WC by FTP?


    p.s. I get error messages on:
    enfold-child/woocommerce/cart\cart-shipping.php version 2.1.0. De core version is 2.3.0,
    enfold-child/woocommerce/cart\cart-totals.php version 2.1.0. De core version is 2.3.0,
    enfold-child/woocommerce/cart\cart.php version 2.1.0. De core version is 2.3.0,
    enfold-child/woocommerce/emails\email-header.php version 2.0.0. De core version is 2.3.0,
    enfold-child/woocommerce/emails\plain\customer-reset-password.php version 2.0.0. De core version is 2.3.0,

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    Hi Elliot,

    Sorry for the long delay. This was ‘snowed under’ in all other emails. But again thanks for the responses :-)



    Thanks! Worked like a charm:-)

    Slowly getting very hands on with all this ;-)



    in reply to: Switching buttons in cart, woocommerce or Enfold? #379347

    Great!! :-)

    Thanks guys, your support is top notch!!


    edit: with your code example, I found that it can also be done with:

    #top .actions [name=’update_cart’].button {

    That will move the update cart button to the left, next to the coupon button.

    one learns every day ;-)

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    Hi Elliot,

    Please close this as solved. Maybe in the future we can see some more plugins within Enfold that hook into Woocommerce, like with visual composer. (3rd party btw…)

    Hi Elliot,

    I just wanted to create a page with the shop on top, and a textbox below that. The textbox just contains some notes for the shop etc.
    It’s easiest to go the Enfold Layout route for that.
    So main page: shop grid above + textbox below that
    Shop sidebar: price filter + category filter

    I now fixed it by adding a text widget to the sidebar, and added the text/links in there. Less elegant, but workable.
    So now, shop sidebar: price filter + category filter + text block

    If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears ;-)


    Hi again,

    just realized I’m also missing the dropdown menu’s for price, date etc. and amount of items listed on the page.
    So the grid plugin is doing something very different than the normal shop page I guess…..


    Hi Elliot,

    All the products have prices, and the price slider works in the ‘normal’ shop page with sidebar.
    But in my own created one with the grid plugin, the price slider is just gone in the sidebar. That is what I don’t understand.
    I’ll try to see if I can make a custom sidebar to show up, and see what that does.


    Never mind, find the culprit. Some FTP error I didn’t check while copying files over.
    So all’s fixed!


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