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    One suggestion to Kriesi and all the other premium themes. This information needs to be included in your descriptions for your software. I got hooked by the design capabilities but had no idea that there would be this issue.

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    Dude … Thanks for the advise. I was unaware of the PHP memory limit issue until recently when I started using the premium themes from Themeforest. I’ve definitely started searching for a new hosting provider. Based on my research over the past few days there are a lot of people and businesses in the same situation with hosts restricting PHP memory limit. To top it off none of the hosting services post their PHP memory limit on their website. You have to ask them or find it in hosting reviews.

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    Well I guess I have to find a different hosting service since our current host absolutely will not provide more than 64 MB of PHP memory.

    To be quite honest theme designers like Kriesi keep adding more and more features — in most cases per the desires of theme buyers — but fail to take into consideration a business’ webhosting limitations. Then you have Auttomatic and WordPress adding more to their platforms. So it is becoming more and more problematic to fully utilize premium theme capabilities when you have hosting services limiting PHP to only 64 MB.

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    I’m using Jetpack, WordPress SEO, Gravity Forms and W3 Total Cache among a few others, As soon as Jetpack is activated with W3 Total Cache and WordPress SEO activated I can’t add any other plugins. Unless I delete the entire installation and start from scratch, but then when there is a WP update all hell breaks out. I never had this issue when I used bytesforall’s atahualpa theme.

    I’ve been conducting research on the problem the last few hours since creating this thread. It seems that many of the premium WordPress themes that are using some form of visual composition editor are having huge PHP memory issues. For example, Themeco’s ‘X’ theme’s has 3 applications running more than 128m of memory each and pulling from several connections. Themeco responded to the post stating the Visual Composer is one of the 3 applications within theme that is heavily utilizing PHP resources. All the complaints in the Themeforest show that shared hosting plans from a wide variety of hosting services are having the most problems.

    I really have to wonder if Kriesi’s Avia Framework and visual composition tool/application is one of the reasons we are having so many problems.

    The following is one of the numerous fatal error messages we’ve been getting since upgrading to WP 3.8.2.

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes) in /wp-includes/SimplePie/Item.php on line 2736. Every time I turn off all of the plugins and try to activate them one at a time I get a different error message.

    I rename all of the versions before uploading the new one, but I deleted the 2.4.5 and 2.5 just to make sure there aren’t any problems. Thanks.

    So your recommendation is to delete all the old versions of Enfold and only leave 2.5.2 in place.


    Overnight the child theme disappeared for the installed themes section of the WordPress Admin. The two versions 2.5 and 2.4.5 of Enfold showed up but the child theme magically disappeared. Therefore, WordPress automatically defaulted to Twenty Fourteen.

    I went into the domain through FileZilla to see if the child theme theme had mysteriously disappeared. The enfold-child folder along with style.css and all the other files for the child theme were in place in the folder.

    I downloaded the latest version of Enfold 2.5.2 and installed it.

    After watching your child theme video, I extracted the css file made some modifications to the description and theme name and overwrote the style.css file with the new one. A miracle happened. The child theme showed up again in the installed themes and I activated it.

    The issue now is I have to rebuild all the settings in the child theme, which is a royal pain in the butt.

    in reply to: Author Information #212118

    I figured it out. Need to add an author plugin. Sorry to have wasted your time, but I would highly recommend that you add a more robust author information feature to the theme.

    in reply to: Moving a layout element (Testimonials) #211051

    Thanks Ismael.

    in reply to: Gallery #211001

    It worked for the most part.Two of the images are smaller but that is due to the fact of their original size, So I’ll have to fix those two.

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    Thanks Yigit. The “Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)” is checked.

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    Square images for the thumbnails only or square images for the larger versions? It’s kind of difficult to have a square image when the full size is rectangular (longer height then width).

    in reply to: Gallery #209537

    Dude … Showing the page name that the image is associated with in the light gallery is to me junk information as are the image pixel size and the actual file name. Sure for some the size dimensions might be of benefit. The image title is great, but when WordPress automatically assumes the file name is the title and even though you change the image title the lightbox doesn’t pick up the changes that’s bad. There should be a better way than custom (quick) CSS to be able to eliminate what information if any is shown with the lightbox images.

    in reply to: Gallery #209108

    That sucks. I don’t mind the image title being shown, but all the other nonsense is ridiculous. What’s the purpose of WordPress’ ability to upload multiple files at a time if the only way not to include all the other junk information if a person has to upload each file to WordPress individually?

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    in reply to: Gallery #209066

    Ismael … This link is to a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

    OK guys, which is the appropriate code to put in the Quick CSS; Ismael’s or Dude’s?

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    Here are screen shots of the alt tags on the partner slider.

    The logos have no captions.

    in reply to: Testimonial Slider #208312

    Thanks Ismael. I didn’t see the website link field because I initially didn’t see the scroll.

    in reply to: Quotations #206085

    Yigit … That’s what I was thinking, but after seeing your competitor’s “X” theme and their arrangement for custom post formats in the blog, it got me thinking. You might want to check it out as an improvement in the theme.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #205960

    On December 14th comitzuu requested just using shortcodes, well you might want to check out the relatively new theme on Themeforest called “X” by Themeco. It looks like every element is a shortcode. Also, I’d like to see a feature the Elision theme calls “Infographics” integrated into the theme, if possible. To me their ‘Infographics’ element looks a lot like Google charts.

    Also, the “X” theme has some very intriguing photo handling features.

    Mod Edit: Shortcodes can be viewed in full by turning on debug mode: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

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    in reply to: XML-RPC file #202182

    I’ve done more digging into the issue.

    1.) I tried running a plugin called XML-RPC De-whitespacer then tried to connect to First I got a no load gray screen. When I reloaded the page, I got the following error.

    site_inaccessible Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [IXR -32300: transport error: http_request_failed transfer closed with 1 bytes remaining to read]

    I deactivated this plugin and the error message returned to xml_rpc-32700.

    2.) I deactivated all of the plugins.

    3.) I checked our XMLRPC.php and got this screenshot. This screenshot shows at least 4 lines of whitespace.

    4.) You mentioned a possible WordPress install issue. I followed the WordPress instructions on manually installing WP3.8, including having all plugins deactivated during installation.

    5.) After the clean install of WordPress 3.8, I checked the XMLRPC.php again. The same screenshot as in item 3 above.

    I thought there was a issue with the Enfold Child theme which points Enfold 2.5, but I changed to Twenty Twelve, and other themes and go the same issue.

    When I changed to the Nimble theme and I checked the XMLRPC.php again. When I did that I got this screenshot More whitespace.

    Then I went through all of the same process for Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen then back to Enfold Child. All of them had the same whitespace.

    Then I activated XML-RPC De-whitespacer plugin with the Enfold Child theme activated and all other plugins including Jetpack deactivated. I got this screenshot.

    With XML-RPC De-whitespacer plugin activated, I activated jetpack and no other plugins. Then I tried to connect to I got the following error message.

    site_inaccessible Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [IXR -32300: transport error: http_request_failed transfer closed with 1 bytes remaining to read]

    Based on my testing that seems to be a WordPress 3,8 issue.

    in reply to: XML-RPC file #201393

    Thanks, but that didn’t solve the problem. I’ve just searched for the “‘XML‑RPC server accepts POST requests only.” in the xmlrpc for WP 3.8 and can’t find it.

    in reply to: Text Block not working #200494

    Look at the image that was in the link. In the admin panel, for the page the images are left-align even though they show up on the site as center-align.

    Step 1: Click all pages.

    Step 2: Go to the page to edit.

    Step 3: Created the 1/3 column layout

    Step 4: Put text block inside column

    Step 5: Placed text and image in text block
    Note: Initially when placed the original content that was assigned center-align Enfold made it left-align.

    Step 6: Click on image and assigned center-align.
    Note:Initially on Thursday evening with WP 3.8 and Enfold 2.1 the image on the site was left-align even though it was coded center-align. After I installed V2.4.2, increased the memory_limit to 64MB and disabled all plugins then and only then did the Avia Framework begin to work properly.

    Step 7: Clicked ‘Save’ on Text Block edit screen.
    Note: Even though when the Text Block edit screen showed the image center-align ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .jpg) when the text block edit screen is closed the image is left-aligned (

    If the Enfold Avia Framework is supposed to be WYSIWYG then I believe the image in the 1/3 column block in the admin panel should be in the center of the column not left align.

    in reply to: Text Block not working #200375

    The issues that I mentioned above were in Enfold 2.1. But I upgrade to Enfold 2.4.2 today.

    Did what you suggested but there is still a major problem in Chrome.

    I forgot a problem yesterday. Can’t center images in a text block — this doesn’t happen all the time. When in the text block edit screen, it will center the image but when saving it sends the images back to left align. This issue occurs both in Chrome and IE. However,, when viewing the site it is centered.

    I found a conflict between Enfold and Leaflet Maps Maker plugin. When I re-activated this plugin the Avia framework wouldn’t load in a page. All I got was the spinning icon like the framework was trying to load. As soon as I deactivated the plugin the framework would load.

    The conflict that occurred previously with Shortcodes Ultimate has been corrected.

    in reply to: WordPress 3.8 Problem — Update #200177

    I just found the problem. On the Enfold page, the Themeforest “You have already purchased this file. You can download it here. If you wish, you can purchase it again.” download link is for 2.1.

    I just went to my account’s download page and downloaded all the files and documentation and only the WordPress files. The version file in the “All files and documentation” folder says 2.4.2. The style.css file in the WP only file says 2.4.2.

    Now I understand why WP was saying there was an update, but then why did it say that it was up to date when I went to click on the update theme button.

    in reply to: WordPress 3.8 Problem — Update #200173

    As my comment above states. I have downloaded all of the themes files twice over two days. These were clean installs. I had not ever had Enfold installed on our site before Thursday. I just unzipped the Enfold folder from the Friday download from Themeforest. The version file says 2.1. The style.css says 2.1.

    So there seems to be a problem with the download files on Themeforest. The modified date on the version file says 9/13/2013.

    in reply to: WordPress 3.8 Problem — Update #200166

    I downloaded the theme on Thursday from Themeforest, and the Enfold page says that the file is from November 14th. So then there is an issue with the Themeforest download file. I originally uploaded the zipped Enfold folder through WP3.8 Add new theme. I also downloaded the theme today and did a manual install via FTP. Both methods say the same thing in WP3.8 that the Enfold version is 2.1.

    in reply to: WordPress 3.8 Problem — Update #200160

    It’s a problem because I have the latest version of the theme installed and I shouldn’t be getting notices that there is an update available. Maybe it is due to the fact that even though I have 2.4.2 install when you click on the theme details under ‘Appearance > Themes’ WordPress says the theme is 2.1.

    I also posted the problem because in the comment section for Enfold on Themeforest it says t. hat Kriesi is collecting all the issues between the theme and WP 3.8

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