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    @kahil It is simply not the duty of a theme developer to address the laziness of users. You are using an outdated version of PHP that has been retired a long time ago. Just log in to your providers customer control panel and switch to at least PHP 7.0. This will address the issue in this thread.

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    Hast Du kein Backup Deiner Seite? Der Sprung von 3.5.1 auf 4.2.1 ist gewaltig. Warum wurde so lange kein Update gemacht? Welche PHP Version ist im Einsatz?

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    If your PHP Version is smaller than 5.6 update to at least 7.0

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    @jpollackphoto I bet your PHP version is very old and unsupported these days. The error you get is typically pre PHP 5.6. WordPress recommends PHP 7.2. You should at least have 7.0 installed.

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    @guenni007 would you mind to contact me directly? Talking in German might be easier and way faster than posting. We can use skype as well. You will find all my contact information on my homepage. I am happy to help one of the most valuable participants on this forum without cost (x-mas gift :-))

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    With jquery you simply check $( In your case this is the button. Take the button class to be stored in the cookie. Now you can conditionally display A or B.

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    I would probably create a second menu location and append it to the main menu. Either by overloading the helper-main-menu.php or using the ava_after_main_menu action hook. The second menu would represent the B items while the standard menu would show the A items. I would load the second menu hidden (css) and use a jquery script to set a cookie to indicate the currently displayed menu. Using jquery toggle I then would be able to hide the primary menu and unhide the secondary menu while setting the corresponding cookie. On page load i could use the avf_main_menu_nav filter to hide the primary menu in case the secondary menu has to be loaded in case the A/B menu items should be inherited by other pages.

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    jQuery toggle would be one solution.

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    As OKEI said the mediaelement folder is missing from the js folder in Enfold. It is missing in the download files from Themeforest (full package as well as installables). The folder got removed with the 4.2 update but is still referenced in class AviaBuilder.

    The issue clearly stems from the update to Enfold 4.2 and is nothing caused by the user(s). There are two possible reasons for the issue and both must be solved by Kriesi:

    1. Kriesi removed the mediaelement folder and the included files because they are not needed anymore since 4.2. In this case Kriesi has to remove any reference to the files and the folder from the source code as well.

    2. Kriesi missed to include the still necessary mediaelement folder and its files in Enfold 4.2. In that case Kriesi has to add the folder again and prepare an update.

    @jordan_s 404 errors can’t be ignored at all. Even if you know it is a false positive you have to remove the root cause for the issue. Otherwise you may find your self in a situation like me hunting a ghost. I run fail2ban on my servers and block IP addresses that cause ten 404 errors in 300 seconds. While working on a new client site I got banned my self over and over again and it took me 3 hours to realize the missing mediaelement.css file causes the 404 errors while saving and editing content with the layout builder.

    Until we get an update from Kriesi anyone in need to fix the issue can download the mediaelement folder and its content from Enfold 4.1.2 here. Unzip the file and copy the complete folder to /themes/enfold/js/

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    @gisos the source code of your site says wp super cache is broken. Check your wp-config.php, check your plugins. If you don’t use the plugin delete it.

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    @gisos deactivate the WP Super Cache Plugin and test your shop again. As far as one can see your setup of WSC is brocken:

    ‘WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The constant WPCACHEHOME must be set in the file wp-config.php and point at the WP Super Cache plugin directory.’

    Without knowing the content of your childtheme functions.php and/or what you changed in template files it is impossible to say what causes the issue. The problem might stem from incompatible code but may also be caused if you have not enough memory. It is for sure not an Enfold problem.

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    @septura only admins see login details. We as participants don’t see privat messages. Your issue clearly stems from EventON. Therefore you need to contact the EventON support and not the Enfold support.

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    in reply to: Woocommerce Multi Product order not working #876017

    @mschon1 the community can’t help if you do not supply any information about your installation, like plugins used, version numbers of plugins and url to website. I am pretty sure you have plugin conflict. Disable all plugins except woocommerce and test again. If it works enable one plugin after an other and test it again after each plugin activation. As soon as it stops working you know which plugin ist causing the issue.

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    @septura not all your plugins are up to date. At least your EventON plugin is massively outdated. The current versions of Enfold and WooCommerce do not produce the issue you have posted.

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    Interesting title. Anyhow I don’t get what it’s about.

    in reply to: Hide woocommerce cart icon on checkout page #869521

    Regardless whether removing the icon from the checkout is a wise decision you can add the following css code to your custom css:

    .woocommerce-checkout ul#menu-item-shop {
        display: none;
    in reply to: Video background broken in Enfold 4.2 #869472

    To fix the Firefox and Brave issue one have to additionally add:

    #top .av-video-slide video {
    	height: auto;
    in reply to: Video background broken in Enfold 4.2 #869464

    I can confirm the background video bug. Applying the CSS fix makes the video work as intended in Chrome and Edge. But Firefox and Brave still do not show the video. I keep on investigating.

    in reply to: Is Enfold 4.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.1 playing well together? #869451

    @jancecile Enfold 4.2 and Woo 3.2.1 might have on small issue. If there is only one image (featured image) for a product and you use the original woocommerce gallery setting clicking on the magnifier glass button on the image will not open the lightbox. I am still investigating so as for now I can’t confirm this to be bug.

    @alamdita you should log into your account and submit a ticket. Your question is not related to Enfold.

    in reply to: WooCommerce Variation Image #831850

    10 weeks have passed since I reported this bug and still the enfold product gallery does not change images if you select a variation. It worked before Enfold 4.0.6 and stopped working at the moment the new WooCommerce product gallery has been introduced. Some customers want or need to stay with the enfold product gallery for layout reasons but also want the images of variations to change. Did you miss this issue or are there no plans to bring this feature back?

    @julusha as of today (19.7.2017) 4.1.1 is the latest version. Enter your themeforest api token into enfold to receive updates.

    in reply to: Produktbild verpixelt #813837

    Enfold ist in der Version 4.0.7 aktuell nicht 4.0.5 und WooCommerce ist in Version 3.0.9 aktuell nicht 1.8.11 (das klingt ehere nach Germanized). Also bitte genau nachsehen.

    in reply to: Produktbild verpixelt #812838

    @sellher bitte auf die aktuellen Version von WooCommerce, Enfold und WordPress aktualisieren. Das angesprochene Problem deutet auf veraltete Versionen hin.

    @photoviews7 To remove layerslider create childtheme and but the add_theme_support('deactivate_layerslider'); in it’s functions.php file.

    in reply to: Advanced layout builder issue #800492

    @rizpar this issue is related to your server setup. As mentioned in many threads more details are needed. Good point to start would be to show the php error log entries as the can tell what the problem is.

    @giorgio_betagrafic I have reported this bug nearly 2 weeks ago and Kriesi has confirmed this to be a bug. And my patch is not needed anymore since Enfold 4.0.6. More important it has to be removed!

    in reply to: Enfold admin-ajax.php 404 #798115

    @ladante I am a user trying to help people either by providing fixes or by opening their minds that they may be wrong and a reported issues is not what they think it is. Enfold is running on thousands of servers without issue. The few people reporting the 404 issues may all have the same problem with their environment as I tried to explain to you.

    You can’t blame the manufacturer of your computer for it not starting up if the main power supply of your city went down. You can’t blame the car manufacturer for your engine not starting if you forget to buy some fuel. You need to understand that the issue you and few others describe is not caused by Enfold. Because if it would it would happen to everyone with a standard server configuration. But it does not. I have provided you with some possible reasons you can check.

    I bet it takes 15 minutes to isolate the root cause by
    1. disabling all plugins
    2. connecting to the server shell using SSH and tailing the php error log
    3. opening a page in wp-admin and launching the layout builder and watching the php error log in this very moment
    4. and if it does not happen with pure enfold repeating step 3 each time a plugin gets activated

    From my experience your issue is related to a secure server setup and one of the security rules gets triggered with a certain payload in an url. In some cases those issues can be “solved” by putting define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false ); into wp-config.php. However this would not prevent the problem to occur again if the payload increases due to an other plugin.

    If you don’t want to take this road because you think it is an Enfold issue that’s fine with me. I have done everything I can to help someone in trouble. Much luck!

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    @ladante if my business would be in danger I would hire an expert rather than hoping the theme developer might be able to localize a non-theme related issue only because he is nice, willing to help and curious to see what is causing that issue.

    A 404 error is either the result of a missing file (not found) or is used to deny access on purpose without telling the reason which is done by firewalls and security software like e.g. suhoshin. Kriesi is responsible for his theme not for 3rd party plugins, server issues or user inexperience. I just read “you don’t think” and “the host don’t think”. How about taking the next step beyond “thinking”? Explore – debug – know. Your host seems to be one of the cheap mass providers not willing to help. If they would be as generous as Kriesi the would dig into it.

    Even you can test things by deactivating all plugins to see if the issue persist with enfold only. And you could post the whole and exact error message shown in the log files. And you can tell the community more about the installation like installed plugins and technical setup. There are some experts out there willing to help. But you have to move. If you don’t you are the one risking his own business.

    PS: Do you by chance use cpanel? Is mod_security active? Than you might already have found the reason and you need to whitelist admin-ajax.php from mod_security.

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