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  • in reply to: Real Cookie Banner can´t block ReCaptcha in Enfold Form #1432216

    Falls hier ausser mir noch jemand „drüber stolpert”: In Version 4 des Real Cookie Banner sollte man im Zuge der Erstellung des Content Blockers für Google reCAPTCHA im zugehörigen Formular in einem Dropdown-Menü (eh zwingend nötig) den Google Avia reCAPTCHA Eintrag wählen. Dann ist kein weiterer Code nötig und es klappt mit der Sperrung.

    Liebe Grüße aus Bayern

    in reply to: Webfont installieren #1305392

    Thanks again for the support.
    The problem with the Google Fonts is that I don’t want to load all styles and import them afterwards. But as soon as I make a selection of a downloaded file and zip it again with macos (including the correct naming), Enfold somehow can’t do anything with it and renames the font “MACOSX”.
    Or I or macOS are doing something wrong?

    “There is actually a macos folder containing the font zip file. What happens when you remove that folder?”
    Sorry, I do not understand this question. After zipping, I can’t view the contents.
    So I don’t see a macos folder (an invisible folder is not included), or what do you mean?

    Regarding woff:
    I have since found an alternative on Google:
    the page “google-webfonts-helper –
    A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts by Mario Ranftl”.
    I get web fonts loaded there as a zip file including woff & Co.

    You have probably already noticed that I am not a professional. I have read that woff (woff2)-files would be better due to compression, also in terms of page load time speed – or am i wrong?
    Any objections or concerns?

    Have a nice weekend.

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    in reply to: Webfont installieren #1304342

    the font was loaded directly from google, but macos automatically unzipped the zip file. After that i zipped a selection of the font styles again and uploaded it. included were the styles light, extra-light, regular and semi-bold.
    i think i will have a look into the macos settings tonight and try to stop the automatic zipping and then try again.

    unfortunately google currently only provides the fonts as ttf. but in order to integrate them as woff i have to convert the fonts myself. unfortunately i have no choice but to zip the fonts afterwards via the system. Or am i missing something?

    Regardless, thanks for the great support and the good links. In the meantime, I’m already getting along better with the advanced settings in Enfold Child and there are already a lot of fonts integrated.

    Best regards,

    in reply to: Webfont installieren #1304276

    Hello all,

    a week has passed and I could only now address this issue again: so, whenever I upload a zip file with the desired font via Custom font uploader, in this case the Nunito as, the font is renamed by Enfold to “font: MACOSX ( font-family: macosx )”.
    After that I can also select the font, but without effect. Refreshing the browser-cache does not help.

    Could it be that a custom CSS is preventing this?

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    EDIT: Fonts Format is .ttf
    The uploaded fonts appear in > Enfold > General Styling > Fonts
    The fonts were previously loaded at Google-Fonts

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    in reply to: Webfont installieren #1303001

    Hello Ismael, sorry for my late feedback and many thanks for your tips. I will now work through this and if I still have questions I’ll get back to you.
    Greetings mavofa

    in reply to: Webfont installieren #1301986

    Hello all,

    I have a similar question: how can I upload different styles of Google font Work Sans? I would like to use styles like “light” or “thin” etc., but when I upload a zipped font (WorkSans-Thin.ttf) Enfold renames the font to “MACOSX ( font-family: macosx )” for example and does not integrate. If I add a zip file of the WorkSans-Light.ttf, the system replaces the first one again.

    The names of the fonts are different, aren’t they?
    Is it more advisable to put the fonts directly into the backend?
    If so, should I create a folder in Enfold-Child for this purpose?
    Does the edit function in Enfold-Child > Advanced Styling, then remain.

    Best regards

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    in reply to: Missing sharing icons. #1297777

    Thank you very much. I have been looking for ages.

    in reply to: Can´t import DEMO2017 #754717

    Ich hatte ebenfalls diese Fehlermeldung.
    Ein vollständiger Reset mit dem Plugin “wordpress reset” sowie die Ergänzung in der “wp-config.php änderte zu erst leider auch nichts.
    Nachdem ich feststellte, dass trotz Fehlermeldung Medien des “enfold2017” geladen wurden habe ich den import immer wieder wiederholt.
    Nach ca. fünf Versuchen und regelmäßiger Fehlermeldung kam dann die Erfolgsmeldung “allright sparky…”

    Alles unter Safari 10.0.3 unter OS X 10.11.6 falls das noch wichtig wäre.

    Translation: Sorry for my english – short version
    I also had this error.
    A complete reset with the plugin “wordpress reset” as well as the addition in the “wp-config.php changed to unfortunately nothing.
    After I noticed that despite the error message media of the “enfold2017” were loaded, I repeated the import again and again and again.
    (in beetween i updated the page as suggested). At least it works.

    Greetings from Germany

    in reply to: Updated to WordPress Version 4.3 – Site Messed Up #490321

    Thanks to user877. Same here. Now its working.

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