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    Have noticed the colour of the font and the outline of the table isn’t consistent. Can I please have the colour to be white.
    See this page –

    Some have white font and some aren’t and hard to read. Can i please have CSS to make this font all white? Not sure why it is doing this?


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    My sincere apologies, i must not have cleared my cache, this did exactly what I needed.
    I created another thread as the mobile view shows the rows first, however I want to show all content in column 1 first then move on to next column content and so fourth? Does this make sense. This thread below has been open for a while. If you can help this would be great too.

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    Thank you,

    sorry this didn’t do anything. I just went back in and cleared my cache and it is still the same and not wide.

    I see you added the code in and appreciate the time, but it didn’t do anything.


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    Thank you,
    @marco3253 I do need the margins to be wider too, Al the columns squish up the more content you have in them.

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    Oh sorry,

    That is because the site isn’t live yet and has restricted content to members.. Sorry here you go in private content.

    I will add logins too, so you can see. So essentially on mobile devices i need the all data in column 1 to be seen then stacked to column 2 and so fourth. At the moment you can see the table show the rows first.

    I also see that tables need to be widden, I do want the pages so you can see the content or full width. As you can see the table doesn’t completely fit

    See here

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    Hope you are well,
    I need to do the same thing? Is this able to be done now?


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    Thank you.

    I have a multi site. So the products are under the multi site and so are categories.

    I found a way to pull all categories across all sites.

    But I need code to fix how they are viewed and to be responsive. Not sure why it is doing this?

    See how they are not cosmetically appealing To be placed in grid of 5 but the text to align in box and the images to fit the box too. There is space where the image meets the box.
    The permalinks don’t work either when you click to navigate to image.
    It doesn’t take you to product. This is a huge problem.

    Should be like this. So all hyperlinks should not have /shop/ in it.
    When you remove it works? How do I change this for all products?

    The URL for example is this
    Kind regards,

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    Thank you.

    I started building the menu tab in the back end.

    See how you can’t find the products as such.

    I navigate to Shop on home page and then chose jewellery. You can see there is products in them to view. You see necklace (7). But then when you chose the item. It doesn’t work. See links below.

    A customer should of course be able to find the items from all sites. How come it does work?

    You need to be logged in to see. This is all I am awaiting on to go live please.

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    Thank you. I had my developer update this for me. The theme and all up to date but the categories still doesn’t work.

    Can you please help me.

    Not sure if you can login and help. As they should work as enfold is multi site compatible right?


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    Thank you. I go to Enfold and to a theme update but it does say that my theme is up to date. I do manually and still says this,

    So I am unsure how do I update the theme?

    If you go to “theme update” under “enfold” on dashboard. Says it is up to date?

    Please help me here. As I don’t want to pay for enfold again?


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    Thank you.

    I do appreciate this.

    This is the page I created previously with Divi Theme and you can create a separate image overlay.

    So you can have the hyperlink and select a holding image. As for now the youtube link defaults to a horrible grey slide.

    Just want to have the flexibility of changing this if I need.

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