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  • in reply to: Product Category page not working #739514

    Errmm , it’s fixed itself !

    Sorry, I must have been looking at a cached page. It was knocked out by auto-update of WP I guess, but now I can see that it is working with the theme updated.
    Please mark this as resolved.

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    in reply to: Gallery with lightbox #625040

    strilla : I see that the plugin Types was recommended. Be aware that although this is in the WordPress site plugin directory, it is actually contravening their terms because it is trial-ware, meaning that you get 30 days free before having to subscribe annually. It doesn’t tell you that in the description.
    The best looking free ones are and

    in reply to: Site width and RGBA colors #463624

    I have v.3.2 but they are still affecting the page width. I’m about to put v.3.2.1
    I don’t see the difference, rgba cannot be selected and when I try to type in an rgba value it reverts to rgb when I type the first comma or space. I have to cut and paste them in as I was doing before.

    in reply to: WordPress Menu not functioning #463594

    You were right, some of the Enfold files are 3.2 and not 3.2.1 so I’ll change those also.
    All fixed !

    in reply to: WordPress Menu not functioning #463586

    Marvelous, thanks Elliott. The theme code was already a fresh copy and your code has fixed the menu problem. I have a back-log of nearly complete articles to post now.

    The divs of the menu and sub-menu have changed so a css line for semi-transparency of my drop-down sub-menu has fixed it all as I like

    #menu-item-1089 ul.sub-menu , #menu-item-1092 ul.sub-menu

    Thanks again Elliott, I wish I’d found you six months ago

    in reply to: Site width and RGBA colors #463499

    Just to remind you, I’m happy with what I have at the moment, I was just passing on my observations. Here is the screenshot
    Front page of PYFC with transparent bands for the header and between sections

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    in reply to: Page width not correct #401050

    I was working on this in December, and have been sidetracked with other things and so have put up with things for a time. I’m now looking at this problem again – or several inter-related problems

    When I first made the site I had it how I wanted but there are now things that I can’t control. The front page and a landing page have color sections that are transparent and so allow the pattern of the background tiles to show.
    If I go to these color sections you can see that they are set to a custom background color rgba(0,0,0,0) but it is not taking the color from there. The transparent color section are taking their color from the setting for Alternate Background color of the Logo area in the general styling tab.
    So, I can get my transparent sections by using the Theme Options setting but something undesirable happens, which I have already written about. When I set an rgba( ) valus for the Alternate Background color the page width changes to a much narrower size. I cannot understand how this happens, but there it is. I do not want a narrow page and it messes up the layered Slider at the top.

    If you know of something that will make the page full width again that would do it, or a way to have the color section accept the rgba value without then taking it’s color from the Alternate Background color of the Logo area (if I change this value the color sections also change color.

    I spent quite a bit of time looking at this in December and have had to focus on other things since then. I’d like to finally get the site looking right.
    For this day I’ve left the site with narrow width and the header banner not working correctly so that the color section transparencies are right.

    Thanks in advance for any help you’re going to give.

    by the way Ismael . I tried deleting the file from the dynamic-avia folder in Uploads but it did not regenerate and I had the page on the screen with all the color information gone. I copied it back onto the server from my PC.

    My other issue also mentioned above is that I can’t edit the menu. I installed a standard theme and it worked, and then didn’t work when I put Enfold back in it’s place. I can’t create a new page without it taking a place i the main menu, and I can’t add other types of posts or links to the menu – I have no editing at all..

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    in reply to: Menu Color and underline of active page #372117

    I have done that and it has remained the same. The menu editing function went some while ago and several theme and WP core updates have been performed since then, and complete replacements, not just the changed files.
    I can see that the WP installation is fine because the menu works with the standard themes.

    I have made a fresh install on a dev. site and all is fine there regarding the menus and the page width and width of layered slider, so I’m copying over the missing details (the color sections aren’t retaining their color information and the portfolio galleries need replacing).
    I see no other option than to continue with the rebuild of the website. The site uses the http:// address as default rather than the http://www. which makes the rewrite of the database from dev. to www. a little harder due to the string length, so I will probably do it manually as there aren’t too many pages yet.

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    in reply to: Page width not correct #371436

    I tried simplifying the name and then making sure there were no spaces in the folder name. When I applied the theme I saw it at the full width for a moment and then it reverted to the narrower width.
    I then tried the child theme as downloaded, leaving it with the name ”Enfold Child”. It so far gave me the full width slider. Not all of the colors are behaving correctly though. I can see the imported settings in the ‘General Styling’ but they are not being obeyed.

    I have a current issue with the menu (link below) as I’m unable to edit the menus. This issue did not disappear with the replaced child theme either (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -active-page. I mention it here in case it is related.

    I’m currently thinking that I need a .dev site to rebuild the site so that everything works, and that for now I need to reproduce the slider and make it work at 1130px until I’m ready. I hope you can come up with some suggestions, maybe you can make unnecessary.

    in reply to: Menu Color and underline of active page #371428

    I have tried disabling all the plugins, and I still couldn’t edit the menus.
    I tried switching to a default theme and I could edit the menu and drag and drop the items into place.
    Do you have another suggestion?

    in reply to: Page width not correct #370936

    Thanks Josue,
    I didn’t understand what you wrote yet but I’ll look in the morning (-5hrs) and give it time to sink in.
    I think you’re telling me to export the settings, create a new child theme and then import.
    I’ll look for a guide on naming conventions.
    Thanks again

    in reply to: Layered slider dimensions have changed #370583

    Thanks, it’s nice to know you’re not crazy.

    in reply to: Layered slider dimensions have changed #370224

    What I was saying is that the site is already set at 1310 width, but that it was not showing at that width in Chrome.
    I’ve looked today and it is back to normal in Chrome, as in the other browsers.
    It is a complete mystery to me. I run multiple instances of Chrome (different Users) so I don’t think it was due to local caching. The slide show was messed up for 2-3 days although I hadn’t changed anything related, and now it’s fixed itself – I don’t understand it at all but there is no problem at the moment
    Thanks for the tip about percentages rather than pixels, I’ve taken it on-board but will leave it as it is for now as I have other draws on my time.

    in reply to: Enfold #369867
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    in reply to: Layered slider dimensions have changed #369862

    I changed the container back to it’s dimension, that was not the issue.
    I went to look at FireBug in FireFox and the site looks fine in FireFox, so I checked in IE (it’s v.11) and it’s fine there too. So it looks like it’s a Chrome issue that has appeared in the last 2-3 days. I don’t know when Chrome updated on my computer as it’s automatic. i now have Version 39.0.2171.95 m.

    in reply to: Layered slider dimensions have changed #369861

    They worked perfectly until two days ago. The elements set with pixel values were not a problem – although it resized in a series of steps and I needed to leave a certain margin at the edges, all of the elements stayed in their relative place and stayed within the frame. this has had me checking the page width and also the height of the slider because it is appearing at a whole different aspect ratio, but I haven’t changed any of these things, and after checking they are as they should be.
    The background images are not within the frame.

    I checked as i started seeing the proportions had changed and it looks like the problem is that the themes settings under ‘General Layout’ are not being obeyed. It is a boxed layout with maximum container width set at 1,310 px, but when I check the page width it is only 1,100 px. It looks like the slider is still behaving as if it’s in a page of 1,310, as it says in the settings.

    The whole thing looks a mess at the moment.

    in reply to: Layered slider dimensions have changed #369265

    Thank you Elliott. Thats improved although not quite right yet.
    On larger screens everything has shifted to the right, and in factprotrude off to the right at certain screen sizes, and on small screens elements are protruding beyond the left edge.

    Do you have any idea how it happened ? that might be useful to know.
    I’ll have a look and try and understand how you fixed it also, that is also useful knowledge – tomorrow morning now, I have to go out.

    in reply to: Layered slider dimensions have changed #368722
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    in reply to: Layered slider dimensions have changed #368721

    No, it 100% with a height fixed at 477 px, and responsive when under 1200 px wide. It was behaving fine until today.
    I’ll send the logon

    in reply to: Menu Color and underline of active page #368683

    Thanks Yigit
    that does indeed produce the results wanted, even on the page with an invisible header and it brings back the underline of the active page. Now I remember, an issue came up but I was too busy to do anything at the time and then I forgot.
    I can’t edit the menus, which is why I’d switched to the automatic I was using the automatic one. When I have a menu selected I get a page from the hosting company that says ” The page you requested is NOT AVAILABLE. A general error has occurred ” whenever I try to add a new menu item from the list on the left. Also, the items on the existing menus, which are incomplete and from early on in the site building process, cannot be dragged and dropped to sort the order and hierarchy.
    The theme has been updated several times since then, so it must be a configuration in the database.

    in reply to: Menu Color and underline of active page #368364

    The last reply was not showing in the main support stream for the Enfold theme. I am writing this note in case my reply is not in the queue for attention
    regards to the team

    in reply to: Menu Color and underline of active page #368348

    I now have the menu colors. Something has happened to quick css and I am now just using custom.css.

    The following issues remain
    1. the sub-menu text is a different color (a green that is not selected anywhere in the theme configuration)
    2. The green color is now appearing in the excerpt text of the portfolio item ‘Boats’ on the front page . This was grey until this weekend.
    3. The menu colors on the page with a transparent header are not following the same style rules (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /
    4. How do I control the header text size?
    5. Can I get back the underlining of the Active Page? – it’s gone.

    in reply to: Team Member links #362557

    After looking in firebug and seeing no href link for the e-mail, I altered it. After removing the tags <a href= and the quotation marks around the url, I now can see the mailto…. in firebug and I now have two plain white circles show on hover.
    The link icons are still missing and the links don’t work – they just open up the 404 page with the mailto:… or the skype:… appended to the url

    I can see in firebug data-av_icon=”” , whereas the Enfold demo page has data-av_icon=”” . it seems that my icon selection has not registered in the Team Member admin.

    in reply to: Layerslider resposive resizing issue #328362

    I have tried experimenting with putting a margin-left: or a margin-right: on those text elements. i have also entered the attributes boxes as ID’s, trying with and without the #, and as CLASSES with and without the point.
    I haven’t tried media query css for specific sizes, I just applied the margin via quick css so it should be working for all screen sizes, but I’m gaining no control over it.
    For now I’ve had to make sure that all text is 105 px clear of the edges on every slide or some text will disappear. Similarly I have a graphic element on the opening slide that I’ve moved in from the left as far as I can, but it is truncated on it’s left side at certain screen sizes. I’m not sure what to do about that one.

    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #327601

    I love Enfold WordPress Theme by Kriesi.
    Here is my new website

    in reply to: Move Color section below page content #314795

    Thanks Ismael, I suspected as much. I was hoping to get the WordPress ‘sibling page links’ in the sidebar, they,re styled really well by the theme as well.

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    in reply to: style rule has changed #289312

    I’ve found a fix by applying { font-weight:500; }

    Something very odd happened to the page though. Both sites were identical as far as I could see, yet they were behaving differently and those two divs were inheriting bold text somehow

    Just before I had placed a ‘full width’ layout element inside the colour section and placed it above my 1/3 and 2/3 elements. When I viewed the page the footer came all the way up to full width element and my 1/3 and 2/3 elements could not be seen.
    I then tried just a text block instead of the full width element and the same happened with the footer coming up to the text block.
    It wasn’t until I used the ‘post-snippets’ plugin and put just a shortcode in the text block that the elements below became visible again. The html is a long in-line list of text links and no graphics.

    in reply to: Transparency Menu #287025

    That’s brilliant.
    Is the idea to put the whole of the contents of avia.js into the child theme or just the snippet?
    I was wondering if it could be put into the child theme so it was ‘upgrade proof’.

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