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    We are building it at

    The page where we are seeing the zoom is everywhere we do a blog, so on page:

    It will replace, also using Enfold, and we were able to remove the zoom action there, but haven’t been able to do so on the new build quite yet. I think it’s probably obvious that Ansel Adams’ images cannot ever been zoomed or cropped.
    If you need further access let me know.

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    in reply to: Odd Blue Glow around Selected Tab #1138423

    What finally worked was:

    :focus {
    outline: none !important;

    Thanks for pointing the way.

    in reply to: Disable Image Hover Zoom throughout site #1138422

    Hi Rikard, I’m sorry if I was unclear but it is the image zoom I am trying to disable, not the overlay. The answer I found for this and have used in the past, was posted back in 2011 (#45962) and said to do the following:

    in avia.js (located in the folder “js”) delete following code:

    //activates the hover effect for image links

    Can I get the 2019 version of that answer? Because the avia.js no longer has those lines in it; it’s gotten a lot more complex with recent update.

    Or if I am missing something more obvious, that would stick without a redo with each update…let me know. Thanks again.

    in reply to: Odd Blue Glow around Selected Tab #1138251

    Nope, didn’t work. It is apparently a focus-ring for accessibility, but when your tab background changes on click, it feels really unnecessary and ugly. Have not yet figured out a way to turn it off here, though.

    in reply to: Copyright Socket doesn't move out of way on Mobile #668110

    Thank you SO much! I set one up for max-width 768 as well but you gave me exactly what I needed.

    I am having the same issue and wondering how this was resolved, if it has been. You can see the “blog / blog” here in a post within a video category:
    (Best1902 to see it)

    in reply to: table row add to top #628615

    Actually from the look of things, it’s listed as “sortable table rows” in the “accepted” list on the support page for Enfold, so my sense is that it’s been worked on.

    in reply to: table row add to top #628614

    I’d considered that but TablePress is not responsive. They have a responsive extension for a price, but the way it works isn’t very good UX, you have to click on a little green plus sign that appears on the opposite side from where you’re looking for the content.

    I’m going to hope all the people who’ve asked that the table component of Enfold be drag and drop like the accordions, the content sliders, the icon lists, and other components of the theme get their way! I’ll add my voice to that one as well over on “feature requests.” Thanks.

    in reply to: How to show author in blogs #623475

    Could you please give us how to do this in the child theme’s custom functions file?

    in reply to: Remove radius on all images #618594

    I tried:

    .avia-content-slider .slide-image, .avia-content-slider .slide-image img {
    border-radius: 0px !important;

    And that worked. But I am still interested in whether there’s a way to do this universally so I don’t have to select for each instance. Thank you!

    in reply to: MPC Flipbook Compatibility #613136

    Sure thing. We are going to use the content slider to create our “flipbook.” The only thing we wish it included was a way to put the next and back arrows where we want them, and a way to produce a table of contents next to it with links to the slides within.

    That would be an extremely cool thing to offer as an option. Along with the other million things you are probably asked for. :)

    in reply to: MPC Flipbook Compatibility #612112

    The plugin is the Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin by Massive Pixel Creation. It’s available on CodeCanyon.
    I have tested it at:

    I find that it kind of works but won’t load the pre-existing designs and all additions of content to pages has to be done via HTML. I tried: turning off other plugins, increasing PHP memory. And I am getting 500 and 503 errors from my host regularly on this page and within the plugin, which may have to do with them, not enfold or the plugin.

    Overall I’d say after spending about 20 hours on this, it probably isn’t worth trying to use this with Enfold.

    There is a good deal that a flipbook can do that layerslider cannot, though, including allowing users to print the “book” easily, and allowing 2 page spreads to go down to 1 page as needed on smaller screens. So it would be nice to have a flipbook functionality working with Enfold somehow, but I don’t think that is Enfold’s responsibility.

    in reply to: MPC Flipbook Compatibility #612086

    Just noting that I have been trying to work with Responsive Flipbook WordPress Plugin on an Enfold site, and it is NOT going well. Import of pre-defined designs does not work at all, the plugin often hangs, and I am getting a lot of 503 errors. I did turn off all plugins, contact siteground my host to increase PHP memory, and contacted the plugin’s authors, all to no avail. For anyone else who searched flipbooks in the support area, I’d suggest you save your money. I wish I could find a flipbooks-style setup for the LayerSlider somewhere; looks like I have to set one up myself.

    in reply to: Portfolio Grid with Heights the same, widths proportional #602195

    You can ignore this request, guys. I built it using layerslider. Won’t be easy for my client to update, but I think it’s the only way to accomplish the task for now.

    in reply to: Menu with Second Color #594411

    Yup, thank you!

    in reply to: Menu with Second Color #593611

    private content

    in reply to: Menu with Second Color #593609

    Rikard, I was able to get this done with some help.

    in reply to: Menu with Second Color #593530

    Thank you Rikard!

    That worked on one page but not others, which are still going back to orange when I’m in that section. And it has changed the color of the list in the mega menu to green as well; tried to affect those through ul li, but I feel like I’m just having to do too much coding for this, and probably not doing it well; I think I need to just hire someone rather than keep bothering you guys. Obviously a second colorway in the main menu is not part of the theme (though I imagine it would be something people would use if it were!)

    The mega menu is particularly difficult for us newbies to affect; it’s nearly impossible to inspect and you get asked a lot of questions about it. It would be great if you could give us a list of css “calls” that affect all the levels of these.

    I wish I could just have set up a menu class and done it that way but that didn’t work either.

    #menu-item-2641 a, #menu-item-2641 a {
    font-size: 23px;
    #menu-item-9 li li a, #menu-item-2641 li li a {
    font-size: 14px !important;
    #menu-item-2641 a:hover {
    color: #949243 !important;
    #menu-item-2641 li a {
    color: #949243 !important;
    .current-menu-item a .avia-menu-text {
    color:#949243 !important;
    #header .mega_menu_title {
    font-size:15px !important;
    #mobile-advanced ul a {
    font-size: 13px !important;
    color: 000 !important;
    #mobile-advanced li a {
    font-size: 13px !important;
    color: 000 !important;

    in reply to: Page width stuck at 910 #593431

    Hi Rikard. Sorry about that. The site was, but I was able to fix it by changing the dimensions to 100%, then back to the size I wanted. Just as a side note, I was working in another Enfold site, on another host, ( that did the same thing, this time the new width setting was even more narrow. I had to do the same thing there to get it fixed. There isn’t any use looking at either site, it is fixed on both at this point.

    The width both sites seemed to take on seemed to be width of a main container area WHEN THERE’S A SIDEBAR on the page, even though there’s no sidebar on the page.

    My best guess is user error (the user being me after all); I have such high belief in Enfold that I generally doubt a bug. Possibly it was my putting in a width without a “px” at the end that originally caused the problem? Why it wouldn’t take on a new size after that, though, I’m not sure; all I know is, in both cases I had to the width to 100%, rather than a pixel width, in order to unlock the problem and get it to “take” a new pixel width.

    in reply to: Custom Social Icon works in Firefox but not in Chrome #592157

    Thanks Rikard. I was told yesterday that the icon is appearing in Chrome on PC. Still not on mac though.

    in reply to: Disable Author Archive #495414

    Just FYI, I noticed this “whooping” line today. It should be whopping. Not “whooping.”

    in reply to: Product List for Category Pages #479788

    Thanks Elliott. I’ll make that request; I think sorting by category would be pretty useful in the product list. Meanwhile my workaround will be to set up different categories alone and use anchor links to scroll to them.

    in reply to: Animated Numbers not always loading #475432

    Thank you. I think you are looking at the page on the wrong site; we changed these to not use animation on our main site, but our is still using the animation to see whether we could make them work.

    I really don’t want to do any changes that my client would lose with every single update. Is there any way to do this edit in the child folder. Thank you.

    in reply to: Animated Numbers not always loading #475042

    I do still have the issue of the numbers not animating unless the grid cell they are in is entirely shown, btw. And would still love to try the php change mentioned in that old support item, unless you already did that in the new theme version and it just isn’t working. But I guess that’s kind of a small thing. If they could animate when half appearing, that would be great.

    in reply to: Animated Numbers not always loading #475034

    After testing, I found that the issue seemed to be with the plugin “Alligator Pop Up.” For some reason it conflicts with animation. I guess I could hire someone to figure out why and try to fix it, or just live without one or the other.

    in reply to: Animated Numbers not always loading #474963

    It seem to be happening in most versions of chrome, firefox and safari, but I’m using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.130. See screenshots. If my browser window is very wide it works fine, but if it’s even a bit more narrow, I get zeros that do not animate until I move the page.

    If you aren’t hearing this from others I’ll try turning off all the plugins before I bother you again about it. However, I’m wondering:

    Is there some way to make the default on these the numbers I put in, rather than zeros? On mobile phones for example they do not animate but do not stay 0 either. That would be a better fallback.

    in reply to: Animated Numbers not always loading #474565

    the new version of the theme makes it even worse. Now it shows us 0 in most browsers and when we move the window, we sometimes get 1 or 2 numbers to animate with the other 2 remaining 0, and other times nothing happens at all. See new link to sandbox site where we tested the theme update below please.

    Thanks Josue. That does open the ajax box below the photos, but it also moves the page up so high that now the portfolio images are no longer viewable; the top of the ajax container goes to top of browser window for the most part. I think the way google’s image search works is probably best; it opens in center of the window pretty much.

    Thanks Gunter. Could you tell me then how I would have it open BELOW the container of images? I can’t find any setting that affords us that option anywhere; forgive me if it’s staring right at me. I have hunted the forum for “Ajax Below” and can’t find any mention of that being something we could do.

    Sure, although this is the case with all your sites, it’s just how the ajax portfolio works. It’s under construction at: (abil2 is the pw to see the site).

    What they are asking for is, when you click on Tom, and the tom page opens above the row of pics:

    1.) Can we have something happen to the Tom pic in the row to indicate that’s the image we’re on. Some sites, like google image search for example, use the little pointer that goes down into their larger box, some sites use a color overlay. Yours does nothing and we wondered if it could.

    2.) People are really used to having these ajax boxed areas open below, not above, and client is asking if that is possible with this theme.

    These are the main issues giving the client pause about using Enfold.They are liking everything else but this one I have been unable to begin to solve. Here’s a site where it works the way they like (and the way google image search works, btw, as well):

    See how the item opens right below the image selected, no matter what row it’s in at that screen width? AND there’s a pointer back to the image? I believe Iora is using the Builder Theme but to accomplish this page, they seem to be using the Views plugin.

    So that may be what I need to hire someone to try to do in Enfold. The thing is, enfold is already offering ajax, so I can’t help wondering whether this is solvable without an additional plugin by altering the way Ajax is working.


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