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    sorry, sorry sorry….
    We did change our PHP.INI, but the v5.4 PHP.ini :-(
    You showd us that we was using PHP 5.3, and after changing this .INI everything seems to work with the menu..

    Sorry again, and thank you so much for your great help.

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    We have tried to increase the settings, but the menu is still not working.
    I hope there is something else we can try?

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    It looks fine, but try to add a new site to the menu, then it will get messed up again.
    We can’t add more sites without it getting out of porportion.

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    Hi.. Hope you could see the screenshot..
    any help available?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I have made the screenshot public now, hope that helps, here is the link:

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    I tried it, but it didn’t work.
    Any other ideas of what to do?


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    Hi Yigit
    Thank you for your answer.
    Our Mem limit is already set to 128M as the first line in wp-config.php.
    as: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);
    I can increase to 256, but will this help ?

    EDIT: It dident help, any other ideas ?


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    Hi Devin

    THANKS, this works like a charme :-)
    – and great with some extended info, I might learn some day – I hope :-)

    Thanks a lot to your all for a great theme, and not least for your exelent support.


    Hi Devin

    Thanks for your response..
    If I add a wo Shortcode, Products by SKU/ID on my 1/3 page, it will schrink my product to approx 1/4 of this page.
    Will it possible to change the size of this Product by SKU/ID to fill the whole width of my 1/3 page, and will it be possible to make it fill 1/2 of my 1/3 page so I have 2 products side by side?

    Please find my test on

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Yigit

    I would be glad to recieve some CSS Fix fpor this issue…
    As you say “Somehow found a way” was to add a picture and a Woo Product Price / Cart Button, but it isent looking that great..

    The optimal would be to use Avia layout Builder, and the Plugin Additions “Product Grid or Product Slider” With one or two products filling the with of my 1/3 page..

    Do you know how to make this work ?



    Hi Yigit
    Have been trying with a text block, and the wo shortcode.. The outcome would be fine, if not the Wocommerce colloms was used. (scale product to 1/4 – and I just want 1 product/collum in my 1/3 page) However I can continue editing the page with this selection.

    Second try.. Using the Avia Layout Builder / Plugin Additions, It look OK, but now my page locks up….

    Do you know if there a issue with products and this avia?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Yigit
    Thanks a lot, you are briliant :-)

    Would you happen to know how to place a product in focus at my 1/3 by using the Avia Layout Builder?


    in reply to: Strugling with the layout on my Checkout page (Propulsion) #88705

    Hi Devin

    Working like a charme :-)

    (A little corerction to a erlier post, I updatet the theme to 1.6 of cource:-))

    Thanks a lot for your help Devin…


    in reply to: Strugling with the layout on my Checkout page (Propulsion) #88703


    I have now updated woocommerce to, but it dident solve the problem with the “Wild text” on the checkout page..

    Any ide how to solve that?



    in reply to: Strugling with the layout on my Checkout page (Propulsion) #88702

    Thanks Dude, you are briliant :-)

    Company name is now mandatory, thanks.

    2) I do not sell out of our country, so a Mandatory extra field (like phone number) would have been great. However I will have a look at the VAT Extension. Thanks.

    How about my first issue, the text on top of the fields, will I be able to move this as well eg above the form (and how)?

    You will see the text clealy when using IE, and the text will float arround when using Chrome depent on what you type in in other fields.. If you eg. type all (but Companyname) and hit Place order, the text is split.

    This is the ugly text: “Opret en konto ved at udfylde informationerne nedenfor. Hvis du er eksisterende kunde, log da venligst ind med dit brugernavn i toppen af siden.”

    I hope you can help me out here.

    Thanks in advance



    btw, my struggle with the text came after updating Woocommerce 1.6.4 and Propulsion to 1.5.

    I Just found that WooCommerce in the meantime have released a version, I will do an update, and see if this solve my problem with the “lose” text on my Checkout page.

    I wil keep you updated.


    in reply to: Propulsion Translation Files #61211


    I have uploaded a Danish translation PO / MO which you will find at


    in reply to: Width of product selection drop down #87958


    Dont know if it will help, but the select boks looks great on IE 9 if you press Compatibility View.

    (I´m on Win7 IE 9.0.9 (KB2722913))


    in reply to: Need help, Product Category Text Size #86862

    OK, Thanks:-)

    I will try to get arround the issue – or live with it

    I realy like my theme, and will go fare to keep it:-)

    Thanks again


    in reply to: Need help, Product Category Text Size #86860

    Hi Mya

    Tkanks a LOT, you are great :-) That worked like a charme for me with the adding to the Costum.css. Now with a 12px I think it looks better

    But I dont see how I should be able to use the WUSIWYG editor here, as the text is added in Categories / Description.. If you can tell me how to edit the text in a WYSIWYG edditor, I can actely make those areas look a little better, eg by different Style and by adding a picture..

    So my question, Is it possible to edit directly with a WYSIWYG or do you mean that I can copy the HTML from another Editor to format this text?


    in reply to: SSL – Lock shows up for a second and disappears #86812


    I had the same expirence, and had to use HTTPS for the background as well as for the Logo..

    However, this change has had a dramatic loss of speed while loading the main page. (I know my “logo” is a big one)

    a tip… If you expirence a broken HTTPS, then open the site in Chrome.. On the trouble page tap <Ctrl>+<Shift>+J, then you will easy see the problem item..


    in reply to: Checkout Form Layout issues #84699

    Hello Ismael

    Yes, that is the one…

    It looks much better now, as I can see the selection arrows.. I will have to play a little with the PX, but I think the #top code will work for me..

    Thanks a lot for your help :-)


    in reply to: Checkout Form Layout issues #84697

    Hi Ismael

    Thanks, you are great :-)

    From another post I just found the below, which we also need, so the con-tense of our sidemenu will “stay on top”

    .container .clear {

    clear: none;


    Will you be able to tell me, “the last code” I hope, that will make the selection box nice to look at

    Thanks in advance


    in reply to: Checkout Form Layout issues #84695

    Exact same problem here, plz help.

    Thanks in advance

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