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    Sorry for the duplicate
    Posted my enfold question at a wrong category..
    Can some one delete: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -and-a-product/

    My problem is related to Enfold and goes here:

    I´m still in deep s….
    I have changed my frontpage. I created 2/3 and 1/3 layout by Avia Layout Builder,
    In the 1/3 I inserted one of my products by a Wocommerce shortcode (Product by SKU/ID), and it looks as on the Website by now:
    The products at the bottom, was not intended but added together with the above.

    My problem is, i am NOT ABLE to edit my page further after this update. Now when trying to opening my frontpage to edit further, I just see the loading page “wheel”. My Guess is that the wo shortcode is not compatible with the Avia layout builder and therefore is messing with my page, but it is just a guess :-)

    Anybody who knows what to edit, so I am able to edit the page again?
    Anybody who knows how to insert a product by using the Avia Layout Builder?

    Thanks in advance for any support..


    Hello jesperd!

    Did you try deactivating WooCommerce and then editing?



    Hi Yigit
    Thanks a lot, you are briliant :-)

    Would you happen to know how to place a product in focus at my 1/3 by using the Avia Layout Builder?



    Hi Jesper!

    You are welcome.
    Inserting shortcode inside a text block would be my answer, but outcome is as you know :)



    Hi Yigit
    Have been trying with a text block, and the wo shortcode.. The outcome would be fine, if not the Wocommerce colloms was used. (scale product to 1/4 – and I just want 1 product/collum in my 1/3 page) However I can continue editing the page with this selection.

    Second try.. Using the Avia Layout Builder / Plugin Additions, It look OK, but now my page locks up….

    Do you know if there a issue with products and this avia?

    Thanks in advance



    If it will be only on one page, we can try and provide some CSS codes to fix the looks of it. But seems like you already somehow found a way



    Hi Yigit

    I would be glad to recieve some CSS Fix fpor this issue…
    As you say “Somehow found a way” was to add a picture and a Woo Product Price / Cart Button, but it isent looking that great..

    The optimal would be to use Avia layout Builder, and the Plugin Additions “Product Grid or Product Slider” With one or two products filling the with of my 1/3 page..

    Do you know how to make this work ?





    You can add the products you want only for the front page to a specific category and the use the product grid to output only that category into whatever layout you want.

    Individual products however don’t have a specific element at this point. You may want to try Woocommerce shortcodes which do have individual products, add to cart etc but it won’t have the same exact styling that products do on normal catalog pages.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin

    Thanks for your response..
    If I add a wo Shortcode, Products by SKU/ID on my 1/3 page, it will schrink my product to approx 1/4 of this page.
    Will it possible to change the size of this Product by SKU/ID to fill the whole width of my 1/3 page, and will it be possible to make it fill 1/2 of my 1/3 page so I have 2 products side by side?

    Please find my test on

    Thanks in advance



    The products are getting their default columns width in that layout but you can override this for the whole page by adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files: div .products .product {
    width: 100%;

    This targets that specific page by its body class ID. If you wanted the same to work on another page you can inspect the code of the page to find its ID or by this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -id


    Hi Devin

    THANKS, this works like a charme :-)
    – and great with some extended info, I might learn some day – I hope :-)

    Thanks a lot to your all for a great theme, and not least for your exelent support.


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