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  • Hi,
    You’re right, it works – this is great news. Sorry about that then, I was sute I’d tried all the settings in there…

    Thanks !

    We can close the thread then.

    Thanks. I’ll be keeping an eye out on this one. I hope you find a solution, because for most clients, giving access to the backend is a bad idea… So frontend interactions are a must.

    Cheers, and thanks again for your help !

    The simplest is probably to give you FTP details (see private), but careful, there’s a lot going on there :)
    And I’m not worried about the time it takes ; as I said, for the current project, I switched themes, but I would rather avod that for future ones.

    Thanks !

    Thanks for your help. Deactivating plugins is one of the first thing I did, without success (you can try too). And same as you, I don’t see any error messages that could point toxards where the problem is… Maybe a JQuery version ? I tried to deactivate JMigrate in Enfold, but that didn’t change anything either. Maybe both Enfold and the plugins (the problem is with the frontend post publishing and the frontend document publishing) define similar functions for frontend media library management ? I have to say I have no idea…

    Best !

    Oups, in the previous message, one of the adress was still for the original site. The correct one is in private.

    Okay, the duplicate website is up. I’ve switched back to Enfold already. I’ll give you the url in private.

    Thanks for your help !

    Thanks for taking the time to test this. Sadly, it works because I changed theme (the project is urgent, so I just went ahead). But I’m still very much interested in finding a solution to the problem for future websites ; I’ll duplicate the site and give you the new url, so you can switch back to enfold and analyse the problem.

    I will, but that makes it two plugins that have a similar problem just because of enfold (Frontend publishing pro and wordpress download manager). Changing theme does solve the problem. Is there anything you could tell me that would help narrow it down ? I would really like to keep using enfold… For example, which scripts in enfold might be lnked to that ? That might help me with the plugins’ authors.

    Thanks !

    Oh, and the same thing seems to be happening for the file manager I also use on this site, that has a frontend uploader… See link and explanations in private.

    Thanks for your help !

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    Hi Ismael,
    Thanks for your help. I finally went with a tuned-down modal, that avoid the aforementionned problems… We can, I think, close the thread.

    Cheers !

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    Excellent, thank you !
    I think we can close this thread now.
    Cheers !

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    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for your answer. I just have one final question : I have tried to make the change in slideshow-video.js update-proof by using my child theme to store the modified file, and added the proper function in function.php. But the changes made to slideshow-video.js do nto seem to be taken into account, and the loaded js file is still the original one, according to the console.

    Could you check and see if I did domething wrong ? Or is it impossible to replace a js file this way ? The admin access I gave you previoulsy still works.

    Thanks in advance !

    in reply to: Problem with YouTube and able Player #1270843

    Hey Ismael,

    Thanks for your answer. I tried all of this, to no avail. The thing is, if you go and change the active theme to Twenty Twenty One, it works. It seems there is something the Enfold theme does when a YouTube iframe is to be displayed that TTO doesn’t do…

    I actually just spent some time (after typing the previous sentence) exploring things, and I found where the conflict comes from – but I don’t really understand why.
    I was looking at what js was loaded, and decided to try and deactivate the ones linked to videos (by renaming the folder/files) ; it turns out that the conflict comes from slideshow-video.js.
    After experimenting further, I found that if I comment out one line – line 611 -, able player works with YouTube videos (see on page). Line 611 is this one :
    window.onYouTubeIframeAPIReady = function(){ jQuery('body').trigger('av-youtube-iframe-api-loaded'); };

    The thing is, commenting that line out at every update would be very inconvenient. Would there be a way to make this change permanent (I use a child theme) ? And also, what exactly does that line “do”, and what else am I potentially messing with by commenting it out ? The idea is that I might want to use, maybe, elsewhere on the site, YouTUbe videos as a slideshow (layerslider) background, or a color section background… Would commenting that line out have an influence on that ?

    Cheers, and thanks for your help !

    in reply to: Product masonry pagination issue #1254367

    Hello Mike,
    Excellent, everything works – thanks to KunaWeb too ! I’ll just leave the script in then.
    Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea why the pagination was behaving that way ? Could there be an issue with the enfold files ? It would seem weird that just the two of us were affected.

    Cheers, and thanks again !

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    Done, and cache flushed.

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    Hello again,

    Thanks for the updated code. Some things have changed for the better, others no so much… Thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate your help !
    Here’s the rundown now :
    – When on the first page : the ‘2’ and ‘3’ buttons do not work anymore, and link to the current page.
    – When on page 2 and 3 : the previous (‘<‘) button links to page one, and not previous page (only a problem on page 3, though).

    All other cases. : everything works. We’re getting closer !

    in reply to: Product masonry pagination issue #1253882

    Hello Mike,

    And thanks for your help. Your code almost does the trick ! The only two issue left are :
    1 – when we are on page 2 of the pagination, the ‘previous’ button does not work (it links to the same page). Otherwise, it works well.
    2 – The ‘return to first page’ button (the one with the ‘<<‘ symbol, that appears when the link to page one isn’t on the screen) still links to the current displayed page and not the first page.

    Cheers, and thanks for all you’ve done so far !

    Hey again,

    Sorry for the long wait. The problem is that I can’t seem to find any reliable pattern to the bug – I’ve been trying a lot of things (updates, etc) in the past week, but of course, the bug never occurred again… I was just hoping you might have heard of a similar issue (it isn’t something new, that has been occurring for a while now, for several versions of enfold / wordpress / woocommerce). When it occurs again, I’ll tell you… Just out of curiosity, though, is there somewhere in the database an single entry that would contain the value ‘advanced layout editor’ or ‘classic editor’ ?

    Cheers, and thanks !

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    Hi Mike,

    And thank you. There is one site, really, where the bug greatly hinders functionalities (a whole submenu integrated with shortcodes in a custom template for documents pages “disappears”), so it’s mostly for this one that I asked…


    in reply to: Mailchimp Widget (reply to Mike) #1072649

    (Sidenote : I see that earlier on in the thread you gave a link to that new version, but I cannot see it from my end…)

    in reply to: Mailchimp Widget (reply to Mike) #1072648


    I have a similar problem, with shortcodes not working in a custom template built for wordpress download manager documents. When would the update with the fix be available ? If it’s further than a couple days, would there be a way to get this new version of enfold (I have a least a dozen website that would need it, so giving the FTP credentials for all of them would be annoying…)

    Cheers !

    in reply to: Virtual keyboard and header #1046998

    Here is the website you can see this behaviour on (link in private).

    in reply to: Compatibility with Download Manager #1011540

    Hello again,

    Fantastic ! Thanks for your speedy resolution to that problem ! Just to be sure then : after the next update, I’ll keep that added filter to the child theme, but I won’t need to remodify the parent theme function file ?

    Cheers !

    in reply to: Compatibility with Download Manager #1011451

    Slight update as per to what doen’t work exactly (see private).

    And sorry for the multi-posting…

    in reply to: Compatibility with Download Manager #1011378

    Oups, I forgot to add the link to the troublesome page (see private).

    Thanks !

    in reply to: Mobile menu stays open after clicking #950092

    I found the cause of the problem… Some iterations of Enfold ago, I did a few changes to avia.js (I believe it was to adjust the scrolling effect to a color section, which is iffy sometimes – I don’t exactly remember, which is why I didn’t think of that to start with), and I kept these in my child theme. Getting tid of the old avia.js file solved the problem.
    Thanks for your help !
    The thread can be closed now.

    in reply to: Mobile menu stays open after clicking #950030

    Sure thing.

    You’ll find the info in private. Just a warning, though : that is a client’s website, actually live. I just noticed another telling detail : when you open the burger menu on mobile, the burger icon does not turn into an X, but stays like a burger.

    in reply to: Mobile menu stays open after clicking #949979

    (Sorry – I forgot to click the ‘Notify’ option…)

    in reply to: Blog post editing not possible after publishing #929257


    Well, I thought I did… That’s usually one of the first thing I try. It didn’t seem to change anything, even with some cache clearing… But I tried again, and this time, deactivating the Social plugin did the trick (it appears I would have needed to anyway : it is discontinued, which might explain why it bugs out…)

    Problem solved, you can close this thread… And thanks for your help and patience.

    in reply to: Blog post editing not possible after publishing #928436

    Hello again,

    No, it’s worse than that. The css code you’ve just given me would be useful as as hot fix, but it won’t solve the main problem, which is that part of the text editor does not get loaded – only on blog posts, though ; when modifying a text block on a page build with the advanced layout builder, it works.
    I’ve put several picture on a blog post so you can see better what the problem is (link in private).

    Thanks for your help !

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