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  • How should I react to your last question? First, you mention you don‘t have The Events Calender at hand, then you say, you can‘t reproduce the issue.

    Hello Mike,

    thank you again. No, the max limits of 100 events in the list don’t matter. I chose this just for showing you the difference between ALB generated event lists and shortcode generated event lists.

    It comes down to just one issue – ALB generated lists show all recurring events (including all the 10 events, that are part of a series) wheres shortcode generated lists show just the next event in a event series. This is a functionality, that can be set in the settings. I guess, too, it would be beneficial for enfold, when this behaviour would find consideration.

    condense events in lists

    Hey Mike,

    thanks for your reply! We use the pro version of The Events Calender und everything is updated to the newest available version.

    I have updated the ALB-page so that it shows a maximum of 100 events. Take “Figuren, Tiere & Comic (6 – 7 Jahre)” for example. On the ALB-Page all of its recurring events is shown (6 instances), wheres the shortcode generated page only shows 1 instance.

    It’s a pity that it seems, that showing all of the recurring events would be the correct order. Especially, as The Events Calendar has a setting to aviod this behaviour (“Veranstaltungen in Serien zusammenfassen – Nur die nächste Veranstaltung jeder Serie anzeigen (betrifft nur Listenansichten). – hide events on <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'/ rel=The Events Calendar settings" />.

    Do you think, it is possible to realize this within the ALB page?

    in reply to: Blog Mansonry, 1 column on mobile portrait mode #410553

    Awesome, thank you VERY much!

    have a nice day!

    in reply to: Blog Mansonry, 1 column on mobile portrait mode #410173

    Hi, thank you for your answer.

    I am sorry – the website went live in the meantime. You can find it on now.
    On “Tipps und Trends” we use the “flexible mansonry” style. We’d like to have it on one column below a screen size of 640px wide (as the iPhone 5). Is this possible?

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)