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    I added this, but now the translation is wrong again. The correct translation of “Share on WhatsApp” in Norwegian is “Del med WhatsApp”. Could you log in and have a look at it, please?

    in reply to: Move social share section in post below custom field #1148795

    Thanks, Victoria! I added loop-index-q_a.php as described above, read about the syntax for the get_template_part() function and changed the loop-index call in simple-q_a.php to:
    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index', 'q_a' );
    But it still does not work after I cleared cache. Do you know why? If you have time, you can log in through the information I shared in the private content in the first post.

    in reply to: Move social share section in post below custom field #1147700

    Thanks, Victoria!
    I copied loop-index.php and added my code after line 346 like this :

                echo $close_header;
    				<h5>Gutt og Jente svarer:</h5>
    			//show custom field
                // echo the post content

    Then I renamed it loop-index-q_a.php (since this is only for that custom post type) and added it to the includes folder in my child theme, but could not see any change on my page, so I therefore removed it again so it should not cause any error. Should I also modify something simple-q_a.php in order for to be called instead of loop-index.php for this post type, like line 40:
    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index' );

    in reply to: Change featured images #1147299

    Thanks a lot! It almost looks like I want now, but it seems to be a slightly different background color around the image compared to the background color on the page. Can it have to do with the code that we added previously to make the width 100%:

    .avia-content-slider .slide-image img {
        object-fit: cover;
        width: 100%;

    From the screenshot above you can also see that currently there is a problem with different size on the round images on mobile. To solve it, I was thinking about to remove that code and change the two versions of the featured image to round and transparent png versions:
    Do you think that will work if I bulk replace the featured images? I would also like to change the display on mobile on the blog sections on two other pages, and

    in reply to: Related posts view on mobile and tablet #1147293

    I found that the solution was to go to Enfold theme options > Blog Layout > Related Entries and choose “Show Thumbnail and post title by default”. This case can be closed.

    in reply to: Woocommerce product page image size #1146368

    Excellent, Nikko, I changed to 4 columns and then the size became reasonable. You can close this case!

    in reply to: Change featured images #1145682

    Thanks, it worked well! What I meant is that on mobile on the archive page for q_a posts the featured image takes up around 1/3 of the screen, which means that the user needs to scroll a lot. Could you share a code to replace the image with another one on mobile? Then I could upload an alternative image that is about 30 px high and will work better on cellphone. Is it possible to remove the link from the featured image? Or a code that takes the current featured image and only display the question mark in a circle (border-radius: 100%) that is 30px high? Here is the current layout:
    Here is the design I aim for.

    in reply to: Navigation and display for dictionary #1145602

    Thanks for the reply, Victoria! A UX designer would be great, but because we are an NGO with limited budget I try to do most of the work myself as an volunteer.

    I noticed that the navigation arrows to next and previous item is missing on my iPhone, but is present at computer for our glossary (see example). Do you know why?

    Why don’t use the sortable accordion? In my opinion the benefit would be to reduce the number of times the user need to load a new page, since most users are on cellphone.

    As alternativesI found a plugin called CM Tooltip Glossary (see example), which might be an option. I am also considering to change to the Divi theme and make the dictionary in Divi, who has a design option for his with dotted navigation in the side that can be changed to letters.

    in reply to: Page speed #1134773

    Yes, that is enabled.

    in reply to: Page speed #1134265

    Thanks for helping me :-) We are on a litespeed webserver from PRO ISP. What did you mean by “Did you enable the file compression?”

    in reply to: Increase font size on mobile menu #1132484

    Thanks, I added it (first in Quick CSS and then in my child theme css-file), but it does not seem to work, even though I cleared cache in browser and WP Super Cache.

    in reply to: Error in menu display on cellphone #1131240

    Thanks, Nikko! You are awesome! Appreciate a lot:) That solved it! However, when I tested it now, I discovered that when I submit the form on the front page cellphone the reply message from the form is not displayed like it should, instead the screen view is scrolled below this message so it is only visible if the user scroll up again. Do you know how to fix that? I can not ask the person who made the code, because the company changed. I see that the last lines of the script is:

    <?php if($_POST && $_POST['gform_submit'] == 1): ?>
            jQuery("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: 1100 }, "slow");
            <?php endif; ?>

    If I remove those lines, I need to scroll down below the header to display the reply on desktop, because the form returns me the top of the page.

    Thanks for making me aware of the possibility to display blog posts from a certain tag. But since we have 1200 questions, we can not only display posts from the tag “Under 15”, We must also be able to let the user select a category (and possibly a subcategory). In case, maybe I should use a plugin like Search & Filter? Do you know if it works well with Enfold?

    in reply to: Error in menu display on cellphone #1130709

    Yes, I have tested on real devices (different iPhones) in both Google Chrome and Safari. It does not happen when I reduce the width of the desktop browser in Chrome on Windows 10.

    Is it possible to add recommended posts and a link to the next and previous post? I see that one post has this, but I don’t know why it appears on this post and not on others.

    in reply to: Error in menu display on cellphone #1130549

    I have cleared cache in WP Super cache and in Safari on my cellphone, but the problem is still there. I see that the menu displays differently on the other pages (except the frontpage where the extra search field is added). For the other pages, it is added “undefined”. See screenshots:

    in reply to: Error in menu display on cellphone #1130298

    I could not find that custom code in the functions.php or the header.php, which was the places I supposed it could be in the child theme. I see that this extra search field does not show up on computer, even if I make the browser width small. Could it possibly be caused by a plugin?

    in reply to: Remove "0 Comments" in blog archive grid #1129513

    Thanks, that worked well! You can close this case.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1118692

    Thanks for the quick reply! Nikko said in the first reply in this tread that “header-q_a.php will not be called”. It is in “header-q_a.php” that the code you mentioned in your last reply is included. The previous developer had also added a “taxonomy-q_a.php”, which is almost identical to the “taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php” which is included with the theme. I also have “taxonomy-q_a.php” in my child theme folder. In this file, header.php is called. In single-q_a.php, I have included get_header(‘q_a’); I just wanted to confirm that the code you mentioned in your last reply actually in run.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1118663

    Thanks, now the posts are hidden within our website. Is there any way I can thank you? I was thinking about emailing Kriesi and thank for the good support, your help has been above my expectations:)

    When I discovered that the posts with the custom field “status” set to “private” had become visible, I changed the Visibility from “Public” to “Private” for all these posts, so that they are not visible for anyone. I tested the solution by changing the Visibility for one of the former q_a posts to “Public” again. The post is still found by Google and the content is catched, so it can be read through Google, even if I change the Visibility to “Code” and use the code again. Can we set that the q_a posts with the custom field “status” set to “private” shall be hidden (“nofollow” “noindex”) so we prevent them from being displayed by most search engines?

    If it is difficult to hide the previously published q_a posts with the custom field “status” set to “private”, we can delete them. But we need the new q_a posts with the custom field “status” set to “private” to be hidden. I also tried to create a new q_a post with the custom field “status” set to private. I also chose “Visibility: Password protected”. Then the post content can only be viewed by those who have the code. It is not found by Google, maybe because it takes some time for Google to discover it?

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1117654

    Thank you so much, Ismael. You are really patient! I don’t know how I should have solved this without your help. I added the updated code according to your instructions, cleared cache and tested, but the problem I described in my reply on July 5 remains. I still get the search results for “Test” (see screenshot ) when I am searching in the test post title. The same happens when I am searching in the test post content (see screenshot) for my search for “question”.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1116869

    The “status” and the three other custom fields are present only for the custom post type name/slug “q_a” (see screenshot of setting in the plugin Custom Fields). We also have a custom post type name/slug “ordliste”, but this should always be visible to all, so it does not contain any custom fields. Then we have the ordinary WordPress posts.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1115953

    Hello Ismael! Great that the post now is visible from the front page once the code is typed into the search field. I think we are almost done now.

    In the reply to you on June 13th I mentioned that we use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and that “One ACF is “status” that can be set to either “public” or “private”.” But that is a long time ago now, so I understood that you did not remember:)

    The only thing I am missing now is that the title and content from the Q&A posts with the ACF field status set to “private” should not be searchable. In the test post I made, the title is “Test title” and the content is “Test question from user”. If I search for “Test” or “question” on the front page (write it in the search field without clicking on the search icon or pressing enter), the post is still found (see screenshot). It should be hidden, so that it is only visible by searching for the code. However, it is hidden when I press the search button. and does not display this private post in the search results. In the plugin “Custom search” I tried to set “code” as the only searchable field for custom posts, but it did not help (it would also not be an ideal solution, since the public posts would not be searchable either then). Another thing that separate the private posts from the public ones is that they don’t have a featured image, if that could help to hide them in the search query.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1114880
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    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1113819

    Hello Ismael!
    I have added a PHP-file in the private content (zipped it to upload it in WordPress) which contains what I added to functions PHP with a clearer commenting of what the developer added, so it is easier for you to read the code. I meant to say that “Ordliste” is another custom post TYPE, (not category). I tried to change it to “any” and I also tried to replace that line with the default Enfold-code, but my site shows “Techical problem” if I try a search when the code from the attached PHP-file is added to my functions.php (you my try and log in and add the code to functions.php and see).

    Can it have to do with what Nikko pointed out in the first reply in this thread, where he wrote “header-q_a.php will not be called”?

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1112840

    Hello Ismael! I activated ” Search Everything ” after the comment from Basilis, but now I deactivated it again since I realized that the custom search does not work when it is activated. Now you can access
    I updated my reply from June 13, 2019 at 4:53 am, where I meant to write that the former developer had changed the code to:
    $defaults = array('numberposts' => 5, 'post_type' => array('post','Ordliste'), 'post_password' => '', );
    I refer to that post again to see how I modified the code based on comparing with the latest Enfold code.
    ‘Ordliste’ is another custom post category, so it seems like it first handles the normal cases where no password is needed and all posts shall be displayed? It is only for q_a that some posts are private so code is needed. For all other post types (standard posts and ‘Ordliste’ they are always visible.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1112526

    I had deactivated ”Search Everything”, since the “Custom Search by BestWebSoft” plugin already allows search in Custom Fields. But enabled ”Search Everything” also now, in case it can help to solve this problem.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1110176
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    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1109669

    Hello Ismael!
    I definitely agree that the best solution would have been to get i touch with the previous developer. As I mentioned earlier in this tread, I also tried to contact the company who made the webpage, but the company had changed and they could no longer help me. Our webpage is mostly run by me and another volunteers to answer questions from youths, which they ask anonymously. They do not leave any contact information in the Gravity Form, but get a 6-digit code in the confirmation message that is generated automatically (this coding I managed to add successfully). On submission, a draft of a custom post type with their question and the code is automatically generated. The custom post type is made with the plugins CPT UI and contains Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) .One ACF is “status” that can be set to either “public” or “private”. Later, they can check their answer by searching for that code. If the answer is not suitable for being public, because it contains private information that can be tracked back to the person, it is made private so only the person with the code can view it. Therefore, we can not use the built in “private” function in WordPress.”

    If you have other solutions to achieve the same functionality I appreciate your suggestions.

    Except for in one sentence, I did not modify the code, I just pasted the old modifications to the code in between the existing code where it had been before.

    One change that I suspect could make the code above break down is that Enfold 2.4.1 had:
    $defaults = array('numberposts' => 5, 'post_type' => 'any', 'post_status' => 'publish', 'post_password' => '', 'suppress_filters' => false);
    which the former developer modified to:
    $defaults = array('numberposts' => 5, 'post_type' => array('post','Ordliste'), 'post_password' => '', );
    The latest Enfold had:
    $defaults = array('numberposts' => 5, 'post_type' => 'any', 'post_status' => 'publish', 'post_password' => '', 'suppress_filters' => false, 'results_hide_fields' => '');
    So I tried to combine the latest version and the modification to:
    $defaults = array('numberposts' => 5, 'post_type' => array('post','Ordliste'), 'post_password' => '', 'suppress_filters' => false, 'results_hide_fields' => '');

    Also, I noticed that this is an “if”-sentence without any “else”-argument.

    in reply to: Private post made public after update #1108967
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