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  • in reply to: Shrinking of header – Amount – An Info #1228516

    because only the shrink factor decides the divisors on that lines ( you can shorten out the absolute height on beginning )
    your decision is only the shrink_factor now. if you like to shrink 5 times ( f.e. from 100px to 20px) the divisior on line 76 is 5
    on line 64 the divisor is 5 / (5-1) = 1.25

    this way ?

    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wp_change_megamenu_script', 100 );
    function wp_change_megamenu_script() {
       wp_deregister_script( 'avia-megamenu' );
       $condition = (avia_get_submenu_count('avia') > 0);
       avia_enqueue_script_conditionally( $condition , 'avia-megamenu-child', get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/js/avia-snippet-megamenu.js', array('avia-default'), $vn, true);
    in reply to: Adding Social Icons to Main Men #1228508

    No i can’t : because i’m participant as you – so if there are different links in private content – i do not see them.
    On your link above i only the the Maintenance Mode Page

    Maybe you can look to the enfold options : header – extra elements – Header Social Icons : and set it to “Display in main header area”
    By the way: Even if GB is no longer part of the European Community – you must comply with the GDPR.
    Every page with links or share the identity of the site owner (even a phone number is sufficient) must have an imprint and a privacy policy page.

    Many of the “Under Construction” sites make the mistake of providing contact information and fall into the legal trap

    in reply to: SVG Logo issues/questions in Enfold 2017 Theme #1228502

    the svg support plugin offers the possibility to have inline svg. but you don’t use that for logo?
    on your logo there is now in the dom a <img src="/wp-content/uploads/your-logo.svg" …>
    in this case you only had to insert on Enfold Options the link to your alternate Logo : – Header – Transparency Options : Transparency Logo

    maybe a link to your site could help me to give more advice
    On that page here i use my svg as an inline-svg – and do change the fill color of the letters on header-scrolled
    and transparency. So i do not need a different transparency logo on that case ( one svg – and change fill color )

    in reply to: easy slider caption on the right #1228500

    Hallo Tobias – is there a page i can see as a participant too?
    Your page link above goes to an answer of mine – so maybe i got an idea.

    Can you test please if it is enough if you exclude that page from loading the script by this in your child-theme functions.php
    Change Page ID to your needs

    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'conditionaly_deactivate_lightbox_script', '100' );
    function conditionaly_deactivate_lightbox_script() {
          wp_deregister_script( 'avia-lightbox-activation' );

    so on Enfold on a masonry the link will be present but no lightbox is opend. Maybe your script will then take over that function.

    in reply to: Create a sticky sidebar #1228383

    have a look here :
    the code – and instruction is there.
    and similar to that :

    Thanks –
    I already did this – and also reimport them.

    now I have taken an even more drastic action:
    I exported the portfolios all to another test platform, then deleted them all, emptied the trash can, logged in to mysql and cleaned the database.
    Also deleted all portfolio “categories”.
    Reset the permalinks (same settings, but I wanted to make sure that the portfolio permalink structure didn’t play a role here). Then I played back the portfolios. Now it works.
    Still it remains a mystery to me why only in the list view the portfolios were displayed incompletely and incorrect – and the other views were all displayed correctly.

    Of course I had changed the names of the portfolios for some inquiries here on board. The Custom Post Type once set to Books ( you may remember ) and back again. But why it only went wrong with the list views I don’t understand.

    Anyway: can be regarded as done.

    in reply to: Header visibility and transparency #1228200

    Does it work as you like to have it?
    Your site is only available with the front-site for non logged-in users.

    in reply to: z-index problem #1228044

    Yes that was a svg file
    PS : Guess the big C is Verdana –

    It was nice that we talked about it;
    I would have described the solution to you now – but that it doesn’t look exactly like the one on your site I can save myself the trouble now.

    Good luck to you

    in reply to: z-index problem #1228021

    this was an existing site and i only changed logo etc. for your setting on one page.
    i added some menu points and gave a submenu to home.

    The page should show you that it can be done with svg ( and i do not adjust the rest on that site – it is only a testpage – that menu and submenus are working with that logo constellation )

    in reply to: z-index problem #1228018

    it is a bit more complex – besides the svg preparation – it needs a shinkfactor of 3
    the transition of the letters at header-scrolled is just an addon.

    To better see the active anchor shape i let a little transparency in pink in it

    • This reply was modified 2 days, 9 hours ago by  Guenni007.
    in reply to: z-index problem #1227939

    no – Safari won’t support this – hm let me think about that problem a while

    i think we won’t be able to get around converting your logo to svg, and setting the link via svg. ( SVG Shapes )

    if you got a svg file – please post the link to it.
    Or tell me what font you have used in your logo

    • This reply was modified 3 days, 4 hours ago by  Guenni007.
    in reply to: z-index problem #1227934

    can you pleas look if this will work on all browsers:
    put it in quick css:

    .logo, .logo a {
        -webkit-clip-path: polygon(0px 0px, 0px 100%, 35.00% 100.00%, 35% 50%, 100% 50%, 100% 0%);
                clip-path: polygon(0px 0px, 0px 100%, 35.00% 100.00%, 35% 50%, 100% 50%, 100% 0%);
        overflow: hidden!important
    .header-scrolled .logo, .header-scrolled .logo a {
        -webkit-clip-path: polygon(0px 0px, 0px 80%, 35% 80%, 35% 50%, 85% 50.00%, 85% 0%);
                clip-path: polygon(0px 0px, 0px 80%, 35% 80%, 35% 50%, 85% 50.00%, 85% 0%);
        overflow: hidden!important
    in reply to: Icons in bullets #1227928

    yes but the link of demicoli00 is something different- it shows how to have icons before a list of tel, email, location etc. f.e. in the footer widget or on top in phone-info field:

    what you are showing is a normal Advanced Layout Element : Icon List
    Click on the Icon List Element – click on one Element in the list and on that new popup you can choose the icon you like.

    On that linked page above i can see your icons.
    But if you got trouble on a different page see:

    • This reply was modified 3 days, 5 hours ago by  Guenni007.
    in reply to: Header visibility and transparency #1227925

    yes – do you have ftp access to your installation to go back in case there is something went wrong on your turn.

    there is a place just before end :
    require_once( 'functions-enfold.php');

    there is a comment on that line 788ff:

     *  register custom functions that are not related to the framework but necessary for the theme to run

    but copy past it – otherwise the quotation-marks are wrong
    the answer is marked as just for info – for you it is enough :

    add_filter('avf_header_setting_filter', function($header) {
    	$header['header_transparency'] = 'header_transparency';
    	$header['header_class'] .= " av_header_transparency";
    	return $header;
    }, 10, 1);
    in reply to: Header visibility and transparency #1227892

    And one important thing: you can use the filter with conditional tags only for some pages.
    If these settings are in contrast to the settings of your Enfold Options – you might remove some classes from the header then.

    in reply to: Header visibility and transparency #1227889

    now only read if you like to learn something about that filter:

    if you see the enfold options dialog for the header settings you see:
    (alway click to enlarge the images)
    first tab:

    and second tab:

    have a look to register-admin-options.php (enfold – includes – admin : register-admin-options.php )
    all starts on lines 4027 the slug: header
    and you will find the given settings and their possible values:

    TAB: header layout
    	ID: header_layout:
    		'logo_left main_nav_header menu_right'
    		'logo_right main_nav_header menu_left'
    		'logo_left bottom_nav_header menu_left'
    		'logo_right bottom_nav_header menu_center'
    		'logo_center bottom_nav_header menu_right'
    		'logo_center bottom_nav_header top_nav_header menu_center'
    	ID: header_size:
    	ID: header_style:
    		'minimal_header minimal_header_shadow'
    TAB: header behavior
    	ID: header_sticky:
    	ID: header_shrinking (only if sticky is true)
    	ID: header_unstick_top
    	ID: header_stretch:

    (shortend to have better overview )

    the settings made there in your Enfold Options are evaluated in the functions-enfold.php ( enfold : functions-enfold.php ).
    From lines : 1098ff
    on lines 1178ff the transparency is defined and the settings will be:

    	ID: header_transparency
    		header_transparency header_glassy

    that used filter is set on : line 1318

    you now see the syntax of the filter usage:

    the only thing you have to remind is that you have to add the concerning classes to the header – and they all start with the av_
    dont forget to have on the first added class a blank space too!

    add_filter('avf_header_setting_filter', function($header) {
    	$header['header_layout'] 		= 'logo_right main_nav_header menu_left';
    	$header['header_size'] 			= 'large';
    	$header['header_style'] 		= 'minimal_header';
    	$header['header_title_bar'] 	= 'title_bar_breadcrumb';
    	$header['header_sticky'] 		= 'header_sticky';
    	$header['header_shrinking'] 	= 'header_shrinking';
    	$header['header_unstick_top'] 	= 'header_unstick_top';
    	$header['header_stretch'] 		= 'header_stretch';
    	$header['header_transparency'] 	= 'header_transparency header_glassy';
    	$header['header_class'] .= " av_logo_right av_main_nav_header av_menu_left av_large av_minimal_header av_title_bar_breadcrumb av_header_sticky av_header_shrinking av_header_unstick_top av_header_stretch av_header_transparency av_header_glassy";
    	return $header;
    }, 10, 1);

    try to do it in the given sequence of options dialog ( transparency at last )

    some pre settings will not work because they exclude each other ( transparency and bread-crumps ) – or always be together ( glassy without transparency – no)

    • This reply was modified 3 days, 10 hours ago by  Guenni007.
    in reply to: Header visibility and transparency #1227888

    Well you can use the filter: avf_header_setting_filter
    one thing to think of is in the original comment of that source code part:
    //create a header class so we can style properly

    put this to your child-theme functions.php :

    add_filter('avf_header_setting_filter', function($header) {
    	$header['header_transparency'] = 'header_transparency';
    	$header['header_class'] .= " av_header_transparency";
    	return $header;
    }, 10, 1);
    in reply to: White/transparent text on text highlight #1227881

    Every Browser i test on your page ( Firefox, Chorme, Safari – and my test on PC: with newest Edge ) – shows the same results as in my screenshot above. And everywhere on your page! Even in the footer it is always that background: #3c5db1 ( blue ) and white letters.
    So i guess you have some caching troubles with your browsers. Are you the only one that works as admin for that page?
    Maybe there are settings made for logged-in users ?

    in reply to: Remove and modify dates from archives #1227574

    again – i see that the author page has its own loop-author.php.
    If you like to adjust this too – it is nearly the same you can change.

    And PS: if you got more than two or three tags – this will look not so nice.
    Then it would be better to have it like on the single post beneath or over that metas

    in reply to: Remove and modify dates from archives #1227572

    sorry we had to exclude it for single page – otherwise it is doubled the tags – correction follows
    Edit : done – see substitute lines above- or the whole

    loop-index.php here: Link on pastebin

    By the way : if you have more infos on that position ( comma separated tags – the flex modell is not the best solution here.
    just put:

    #top .fullsize .template-blog .post .entry-content-wrapper > * {
        max-width: 100%;

    please tell me if you have seen my example page – because i want to get rid of the child-theme loop-index.php.
    Ismael would like to look into this installation – to fix a little bug with older posts and list-view of blog or archive pages

    in reply to: Remove and modify dates from archives #1227571

    for example as a substitute for that lines:

    if( $blog_style !== 'bloglist-compact' )
        echo "<span class='post-meta-infos'>";
        //echo "<time class='date-container minor-meta updated' >" . get_the_time( get_option( 'date_format' ) ) . '</time>';
        //echo "<span class='text-sep text-sep-date'>/</span>";
        if(has_tag() && !is_single() && ! post_password_required()){	
    			echo '<span class="minor-meta">';
    				the_tags( __( 'Tags: ', 'avia_framework' ) );
    			echo '</span>';
    			echo "<span class='text-sep text-sep-tags'>/</span>";			
    	if ( get_comments_number() != '0' || comments_open() )
            echo "<span class='comment-container minor-meta'>";
            comments_popup_link(  '0 ' . __( 'Comments', 'avia_framework' ),
                                  '1 ' . __( 'Comment', 'avia_framework' ),
                                  '% ' . __( 'Comments', 'avia_framework' ),
                                  '' . __( 'Comments Disabled','avia_framework' )
            echo '</span>';
            echo "<span class='text-sep text-sep-comment'>/</span>";

    so if it is not a single post and not protected the tags are shown.

    see here archive page for allgemein :

    in reply to: Remove and modify dates from archives #1227568

    see loop-index.php lines 373ff:
    so you can have a child-theme loop-index.php ( just make a copy and place it in a subfolder of your child-theme : “includes”)

    if( $blog_style !== 'bloglist-compact' )
        echo "<span class='post-meta-infos'>";
        echo "<time class='date-container minor-meta updated' >" . get_the_time( get_option( 'date_format' ) ) . '</time>';
        echo "<span class='text-sep text-sep-date'>/</span>";
    	if ( get_comments_number() != '0' || comments_open() )
            echo "<span class='comment-container minor-meta'>";
            comments_popup_link(  '0 ' . __( 'Comments', 'avia_framework' ),
                                  '1 ' . __( 'Comment', 'avia_framework' ),
                                  '% ' . __( 'Comments', 'avia_framework' ),
                                  '' . __( 'Comments Disabled','avia_framework' )
            echo '</span>';
            echo "<span class='text-sep text-sep-comment'>/</span>";

    the line is fast commented out by:
    // echo "<span class='text-sep text-sep-date'>/</span>";
    // echo "<span class='text-sep text-sep-comment'>/</span>";

    2) this is only a top/bottom border so quick css can solve it.

    3) guess this will be possible – i’m looking for it.

    Wenn du z.B. verschiedene tags zusammenfassen willst, dann kann man das durch && machen, wenn beide bedingungen zutreffen müssen
    durch das doppel pipe || wird ein oder gesetzt als zB:
    if(is_singular('post') && comments_open() || is_singular('portfolio') ) {
    bedeutet dann, dass alle Beiträge betroffen sind bei denen zusätzlich die Kommentarfunktion aktiv ist – oder alle Portfolios.

    in reply to: post-meta-infos position and visibility #1227501

    yes that would do the trick – but to make it perfect – the separator between time and author had to be in the middle too.
    This is possible with flex modell and to give a fix width to those containers.
    the container with the text separator got the class: text-sep – this is set in the code above to a width: 0 because the content of it is not important it is a normal “/” and set with text-indent to not be seen. The visible Separator is only a border-left – and this could be seen even if width is 0.

    I like the setting with space-evenly

    weil die woocommerce-shops bestimmt keine Seiten sind – sondern post.
    Also die Produkte single-posts und der Rest dann Kategorien etc. Da musst du schon genau hinschauen was es ist.
    Wie gesagt – man kann mittels der conditional tags wirklich viel machen – auch subtrees etc. oder hat categorie so und so etc. pp.
    Aber dafür müsste ich die Seite sehen können. Da ich Participant bin wie du sehe ich keine Links in den private content feldern.

    in reply to: problem with enfold and multisites #1227495

    habt ihr Erfahrungen damit ? Wie habt ihr das Domain Mapping eingerichtet?

    In einer Subdomain ist es etwas einfacher.
    Ausserdem ? Muss es denn unbedingt eine Multisite sein? Welche Vorteile erhofft ihr euch dadurch?

    Ich habe das mal mit einer Subdomain durchgeführt. Abgesehen davon, dass es zwar gute Backup Lösungen gibt, die aber kostenpflichtig sind ( Updraft etc. )
    Das habe ich auch nur gemacht, weil das “gemeinsame” Menu und hin-und-her schalten zwischen den beiden so einfacher zu realisieren war.:

    in reply to: post-meta-infos position and visibility #1227436

    So it wasn’t about finding the solution, but to have it installed from Dev-Team directly as a fix for next update, so that it works correctly depending on the setting. So why don’t you write it down this way?

    you can insert this to your child-theme functions.php:

    function custom_burger_menu_active( $active, $context ){
      if( is_page(3) ) {
        return true;
      return $active;
    add_filter('avf_burger_menu_active', 'custom_burger_menu_active', 10, 2 );

    if you got more than 1 page it should work use any conditional tag you like :
    f.e.:if(is_page(array( 3041, 29934, 36532 ))){ …

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