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  • in reply to: Query monitor detect problem #849973

    Hi Jordan,

    query monitor isn’t a plugin which makes the trouble. It analyses trouble and meassures queries, disturbed dependencies and many more.
    So as elisabertoldi stated, there are troubles detected which came from enfold avia_tab_section_js, avia_table_js, avia_tab_toggle_js, avia_media_js. Also on my site it is stating that those dependencies/ressoureces are issing: avia_builder_js, avia_modal_js, avia_element_js.

    So you may want to give it a try on one of your test environments, install query monitor and may you can tell afterwards if it is really a problem with query monitor or indeed a enfold avia problem?

    Best regards


    I have the same problem but only in the avia layout architect element preview!

    And: one of my own added fontello icons does not align well (display large icon above title) on mobile only (nexus 5x). the behaviour can not be reproduced in the element inspector of an desktop browser!
    (first icon box on my start page see link in private)


    in reply to: Delay on checkout page after placing order #820468

    Hi Ismael,

    I’m using chrome, firefox on win 8.1 pro.
    In the backend I can not see that you tried a checkout…

    in reply to: Delay on checkout page after placing order #819993


    I also have the same issue as perfectworld, checkout button (final step in order process) takes some 6 to 10 seconds before the user sees any further progress.
    You can watch this behaviour here
    Any idea how it comes?

    The site is almost uptodate with WP 4.8, woo 3.0.9, enfold 4.0.7

    Thanks for help

    in reply to: div#main.all_colors does not stetch anymore full width #760088

    Oups: sorry for the last german post!

    I’m testing on office and home PC. It does just not appear on my office PC but still on my home PC.
    So I cleared all browsing data, cookies, I dissabled all chrome / firefox extensions.
    At home it is still the same appereance and I can’t find out why.
    The differences are minimal: Home, win 8.1pro english. Office win 8.1pro german.
    I even tried to change the default language browser settings english/german in both browsers, Zoom-Level normal etc.
    at home it appears in firefox and chrome
    at the office in none of the two browsers
    weirdo, ins’t it?

    in reply to: div#main.all_colors does not stetch anymore full width #759972

    Unglaublich: ohne dass ich was geändert hab ist es jetzt verschwunden. Vielleicht der google Tag Manager… keine Ahnung

    in reply to: div#main.all_colors does not stetch anymore full width #759884

    Hi Basilis,

    the only thing I changed there was removing the goolge maps api key under google services and also removedd the google maps widget in the footer (replaced with a static image).
    Nothing else

    Best regards

    in reply to: Google maps #756257


    same here!
    Obtained a completly new ApiKey, entered it in enfold google service, did hard refresh and empty cache.

    Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys
    TA.j @ util.js:210
    (anonymous) @ js?v=3.24:126
    (anonymous) @ js?v=3.24:46
    (anonymous) @ js?v=3.24:43
    (anonymous) @ js?v=3.24:46
    _.F @ js?v=3.24:45
    (anonymous) @ js?v=3.24:46
    _.v @ js?v=3.24:31
    mc @ js?v=3.24:46
    (anonymous) @ js?v=3.24:126
    util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion

    I found, that in class-framework-widgets.php arround line 1376 the call to the js looks like this:
    $api_url = $prefix.'://';
    On google developers they state the following regarding the error RetiredVersion:

    You may have supplied a retired version in your script element. The versions 3.0 – 3.25 have been retired, and you might be receiving 3.26 instead. Please update your application to use one of the available versions.

    So I tried to add v=3.26 to api_url
    and repeated hard reload.
    Then the first errors disappeared but a new one appeared:
    Google Maps API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError
    although I entered the correct domain in the Api console Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (websites)

    After I emptied and filled WP Rocket cache it seems to work now, although it seems this error is very random.


    I also have those ‘Section content hidden. Click here to show it’ Links after upgradin all stuff to the newest versions (WP, Plugins, Enfold, php7)
    They do nothing at all, I even don’t know what they purpose are!?
    I was hoping that they would compact the view so it is easier to navigate in the document.

    In my case it does at least not corrupt the frontend…

    What also came with the latest enfold update: when editing an element the heading is overlapping 2 texts e.g ‘Button’ & ‘Element Preview’ are one over the other. (fio)


    in reply to: shortcodes are displayed in customer mails #618137


    I think I found the troublemaker, it is WooCommerce Germanized I asked there for a soultion as well.

    But maybe you now an answer as well.

    Thanks for helping and sorry, I could not accomplish yet to setup access to the backend.


    in reply to: shortcodes are displayed in customer mails #616260


    no, I did not use shortcodes in the mails themselfes. When a order is completed, the order completed mail pulls the content of the pages “terms and conditions”, “data safety” and “rights of withdrawal” and ad them on the bottom of the mail. In the pages themself I’m using shortcodes.

    I’ll prepare the development page for having a loggin I can send but it will take some time

    in reply to: shortcodes are displayed in customer mails #614063

    Hi, pls see question in private content

    in reply to: Fontello icons loading as Chinese characters #611950

    me again.

    now I’m on the other pc again and there it does not work even with adblocker disabled.
    I really wonder why I see the icons correct on one machine and not on the other one….?

    in reply to: Fontello icons loading as Chinese characters #611757

    Hello to all,

    I just found out that it could be related to add blockers!???

    When I posted the issue yesterday I worked on a different pc with a different adblocker than the one I’m using at my home machine. Here I use uBlock Origin and the fontello fonts are appearing correct within the same browser (chrome & firefox).

    However, this behaviour leads me to my next question: why I need a cross origin ressource for the fonts to work since I upload them to my server (enfold iconfont manager upload)?
    Do they just use the config.json and load the fonts from fontello or any other external ressource?
    So visitors of my site with an certain adblocker will not see the fonts correct?

    Workarround to host them on my own site will eliminate the cors problem?

    Thanks for info

    in reply to: Fontello icons loading as Chinese characters #611489


    I did the same,
    1) I loaded fonts from fontello with a selection from their site
    2) added theme to the theme
    3) used them in icon boxes etc.

    same as above but also added one custom icon from an svg at which I uploaded to fontello
    I added some more to the previous selection from fontello
    I uploaded the new zip and deleted the old one in enfold iconfont manager

    Now when I go to a previous created page with icons in, I see the Font: entypo-fontello which was shipped with enfold and below I see the custom part Font: fontello

    The icons I had in this set in my first go appears correct, for the others in layout builder I only see chineses characters appearing.

    I did add the code from this post: to my htaccess but with no luck.

    Any idea?

    The page is not accessible from outside!

    Thanks Tom

    in reply to: shortcodes source files #603502

    in debug mode I can see the ones I used at the current page, I want to see all which are available.

    I search google, I see a lot’s of people have asked this question before, same answer all the time but not THE answer. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -of-available-enfold-shortcodes/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -in-widget/

    but may I asked the wrong question:
    so, seeing this page:
    I would like to see each shortcode in source – ideally it is directly at each of the demo stuff section, the shortcode to copy paste – done.

    What I did so far, enabling debug, open one of my pages, there I see all the shortcodes I used so far.
    But I’m searchin like a git when I want to find out, which shortcode to use when I want to see that This is a small Horizontal Ruler of this demo page

    in reply to: shortcodes source files #603415


    in reply to: shortcodes source files #603412

    so you also could just publish them somewhere – right :)

    in reply to: shortcodes source files #603404

    Hi Yigit,

    what I’m looking for is the shortcodes which are NOT found in the Insert Theme Shortcode List. in ALB or in standard editor.
    i.e. what are the shortcodes for those hr-elements
    If those elements cannot be inserted from ALB/or the button, the debug mode will not be able to expose them because they are not there – right?

    Thank you

    Hi Rikard,

    I want to use it like in replete template builder elements.

    let’s say I want to make different landing pages with different elements like images and textual informations, lets name them info-droplets.
    Each of these info-droplets I like to create and design as pages with ALB. One info-droplet-page for marketing, merchandizing, printing, shipping etc. All of them does not make up a page for themeself.
    Now I want to create some landing pages with different content and arrangements out of these info-droplets. I don’t want to copy paste them all the time. I would like to use them as in the replete dynamic template builder where I did add an element named post/page content or the column element where I could deside that a column get’s it content from an page as well .
    Those pages with the info-droplet I want of course hide from menu structures cause they do not represent a page.
    (In replete I did this with custom menus and added the page ID’s which should be excluded from the menu, but this was quite complicated to maintain)

    Hope I could explain it better now!?

    in reply to: remove sale badge #601282

    and how to remove it without css but in functions.php ???

    in reply to: add to cart minus button not showing and active #601160

    Hello again,

    sorry, I found the issue for 1)
    I’ve had the woo plugin “WooCommerce Quantity Increment” installed which was necessary for replete.
    I removed it and the minus button is back :)

    But 2) is still a question!

    in reply to: breadcrumb navi when product in multiple categories #534087

    Hi Ismael,

    I did add the code above.

    But know this happens in breadcrumb:
    Du bist hier:Startseite»Damen»Herren Sweater & Hoodies» Kapuzen Sweater Hoodie Denim Blau Unisex Bio
    which should display:
    Du bist hier:Startseite»Herren Sweater & Hoodies» Kapuzen Sweater Hoodie Denim Blau Unisex Bio

    so the product is categorized both below “damen” and “herren” which both have the sub-categories “***** Sweater & Hoodies”

    So the breadcrumb part damen should not appear when coming from “herren” in the above example.
    When I came from Damen the breadcrumb appears correct.

    EDIT: I just discovered another issue within another category: it duplicates a category in breadcrumb:
    Du bist hier:Startseite»Taschen»Taschen» Gut, dass es mich gibt Tasche klassik
    Taschen»Taschen» is duplicate!
    OR when refreshing the page:
    Du bist hier:Startseite»Taschen»» Gut, dass es mich gibt Tasche klassik
    after Taschen there is a empty breadcrumb part (Taschen» (EMPTY ONE »))

    any idea
    Thank you

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    in reply to: Embed videos not working with replete 1.8 #415729


    I experience the same issue with replete 2.1 (wp, plugins etc everything uptodate with latest version)
    all kind of video embeds are dispayed immediately when I add them to the short description of a product. But when I add it to the description, which will be displayed in the details tab of an product, I get the same behaviour as TheImpactSD described (inspect element and the video appears).


    in reply to: font size different in chrome and firefox #411000

    Hi Rikard,

    oke, understand.
    I found something: YUI 3 CSS Reset
    Now I wonder, where I should put that stuff, so that it is the first css at all.
    In the source of my site I see that the first one is /wp-content/themes/replete/config-woocommerce/woocommerce-mod.css?ver=4.1.1

    Does it make sense to paste this minified version of cssreset at top of this woocommerce-mod.css or is it of any danger?

    /* YUI 3.5.0 reset.css ( - */


    Sorry, was too quick: tried it, but did not help.
    Any other way to overwrite user agents css?

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    in reply to: Problems after woocommerce update #409860


    I have the same problem, all plugins/themes, woo, wp, replete are absolutely uptodate.
    Site is on test site so I provide a screenshot this time:
    plus minus missing on product qty

    Would prefere to get them back without plugin!


    addon to the question above: is it also possible to show the buttons (ad to basket and show more) alway and not just at mouseover?


    in reply to: Do not display woocommerce pages in blog archives #238253

    Thank you – that works!

    may this goes too far for support, but I found this description in wp codex for wp_list_pages as well:
    (string) Only include the Pages that have this Custom Field Key (use in conjunction with the meta_value field).
    (string) Only include the Pages that have this Custom Field Value (use in conjunction with the meta_key field).

    but I did not find an code example to reverse this function.
    I think, it would be very pracitical for me to use a custom key/value pair like key=add2pagelist value=0 (or 1) in a pages custom_fields section and have them excluded programatically in wp_list_pages.
    The reason for it is, that I have some pages, like the home page and some pages where I want to do content experiments, which are subject to change frequently or are avaiable in some different versions, so I like to avoid that I have to go always to template-archives.php and exclude/include pages by numbers rahter then doing it directly in the backend on page level.
    Hope I wasn’t to unclear with that description?

    Thanks for help and suggestions

    in reply to: Do not display woocommerce pages in blog archives #237993

    Hi Devin,

    meanwhile I found a workarround and could dissable it.
    I found in the themes folder template-archives.php where I dissabled the section between lines 143-163 > “Display pages, categories and month archives”
    there are 3 columns generated, the first one is wp_list_pages which is not only listing my “content pages” but also “view order” “thank you page” etc.
    is it possible to only remove the woocommerce related pages from this list?

    Thank you

    in reply to: Replete contact form change subject #166126

    Ok, seems to be a text from 2 ttranslations “new message” and “sent by…”

    Is there a way to put the subject which the customer provides into the mail subject instead of having those system subject in it?

    Thank you

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