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    Is there a list somewhere of all the shortcodes for styling in one place.
    It’s taking me forever to decode all the styling.



    Hi kimmiky!

    No, we don’t have a single source for all of them since they are all available from the magic wand icon when editing a page.



    I’m not getting all the options when I use the magic wand. I’m only seeing 4 options on the magic wand – content elements: Button, Horizontal Rule, Icon and Notification. All the rest of the options are missing Do you know what might be wrong?

    I would really appreciate any help.



    Within a text element in the ALB those are the only currently support shortcodes. Since the builder is already using shortcodes to create the content you would need to create additional shortcode on another page and the copy+paste them into the text element.

    Not all elements are able to be nested at the moment which is why only those Kriesi has tested for are available when inside a text element.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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