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    Hi Yigit, do you think 4.7.2. will come out this week? And if I don’t have a Timeline page, am I ok to update now?
    Seems to be running fine on my staging site but I haven’t done a lot of editing nor have I visited every page.

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    What does this error do to your site? Does it go down? I am trying to figure out how severe it is as I would like to update to 4.7.1 to solve the social icon issue.

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    I can confirm that 4.7.1 fixes this issue on my site. Thanks!

    Nevermind – just came up! Will install on staging and see how it looks… :)

    Hey Yigit, I don’t see 4.7.1 coming up under Enfold –> Update or under Dashboard –> Updates… is it in some sort of queue?


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    Thank you so much!! Lightbox now works perfectly on desktop and mobile. Thank you!!

    Excellent support is the main reason I have been using Enfold for so many years now. You’re all invited to the next premiere party!

    OK to close ticket.

    Thanks and best,

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    Hi 007, my channel is set up this way and rel=0 works fine without lightbox element enabled. I am guessing it’s something with the coding where rel=0 isn’t being handed off to the Youtube API.


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    Thanks 007…. I don’t think my abilities are there yet…. hoping that I can just get the new video element working… so far the new one is great, just hoping I can get the rel=0 to work.


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    Yigit! Good to hear from you again!

    Thanks much – you are right, I flushed browser and it works! I can’t believe after all these years that still trips me up haha. :)

    Any ideas on the rel=0 (related videos only for your own channel)?


    in reply to: Open Youtube Video in Lightbox #1143856

    Bad news… when I push this from staging (no caching) to production (WP Engine server side caching) the video does not play… when you click ‘play’ it does not launch the lightbox.

    Here’s a page I created for you where you can see behavior and any console errors if that helps:


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    Hi Hi Günte & Ismael,

    I was excited to download and install the new Enfold version which allows desktop lightboxes! Thank you!

    I learned it is definitely important to use the specific video url format Ismael listed above. I did notice that the rel=0 parameter, which causes Youtube to only show related videos from your own channel when user pauses or ends video, is not working. Is that being passed to Youtube?


    in reply to: Open Youtube Video in Lightbox #1142400

    Hi Günter,
    Perhaps it is… I have iPhone, and the video element launches perfectly in a lightbox.
    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    Best regards,

    Hi Gunter!

    Here’s a support thread where we are discussing it:

    Basically, the Video element won’t launch lightbox for youtube on desktop, only on mobile, so you have to do a workaround using the photo element instead of video element, make a photo with a fake play button to tell people it’s a video, then do a custom link.

    Seems like either having the video launch in lightbox on desktop as default or providing a check box option on the element would be a lot better?

    Thanks much!

    in reply to: Open Youtube Video in Lightbox #1141911

    That’s a lot of work just to get a lightbox… but thanks, I have taken this approach in the past and had forgotten it.
    You have to:
    1. Create image with play button
    2. Insert via photo element with custom link
    3. Code as display on desktop only
    1. Insert video element
    2. Code as mobile only

    Glad to hear from another thread that Gunter has added this to the future workflow…. given how pervasive video is now I would hope we can have an easier solution soon. Thanks for reminding me of this approach! OK to close thread.


    in reply to: Open Youtube Video in Lightbox #1141651

    That’s interesting – thanks… so we use an image element and then use a Youtube link. That does work – but I’m curious, why doesn’t this work on the video element?

    This seems like an odd workaround? Is there a way to get the “play” button to appear the entire time vs. just on hover… when people see the image they may not realize it’s a video.

    And then on mobile, it just looks like a photo and you can’t tell it’s a video if you click.. what do you recommend? Use photo element with link for desktop and use video element with link for mobile? It would be so wonderful if video element would just do this… ;) Or is there another solution?


    Hi Gunter!
    Wow, I am honored, can you name 4.6.3 after me?? HAHAHAHAHAH!

    Thanks so much for this. Joking aside, I really appreciate all your help. (now if you could add Youtube lightbox functionality on desktop….) :)


    Hi Gunter!
    Thanks for looking into this.
    Today it seems to be working – I don’t see the message.
    The message only appears in the Enfold sidebar widget on the blog pages. “Please Subscribe to My Newsletter Here:”
    and yes, the button still exists even when the error message is displayed.
    You can see the sidebar on this page:
    Marin real estate blog

    I do not see it in the contact form in the footer, only in the Enfold widget on sidebar. I’m pretty sure I am using a different real estate plugin for the contact form in the footer.

    If and when the problem reappears I’ll try the code… right now there’s nothing to fix since it’s an intermittent issue. Maybe there’s some issue with the server side caching (WP Engine) and this widget?

    Many thanks,

    There’s definitely a bug present we need to get rid of.

    Today I went to my site on a computer where i had cleared the cache a few days ago, and my site is again displaying that message. I do not have any GDPR or privacy functions set and never have.

    Important: The issue is with the Enfold Mailchimp Newsletter Signup widget, which I don’t even recalling having a Recaptcha in the past. If I clear the cache on my Chrome browser, it temporarily fixes the issue, but then it returns. I am not using Enfold for the contact form in the footer of my site.

    Hoping Gunter and others can look at this soon.


    in reply to: Open Youtube Video in Lightbox #1140485

    I have seen the iframe=true recommendation in other threads and feedback from users is that it no longer works.
    I tried it in this format:

    and there was no change in behavior. Same if I get rid of the rel=0 parameter.

    It appears from this Youtube developer URL that there is a way for Enfold to include this capability:

    “Embed a player using an <iframe> tag
    Define an <iframe> tag in your application in which the src URL specifies the content that the player will load as well as any other player parameters you want to set. The <iframe> tag’s height and width parameters specify the dimensions of the player.

    If you create the <iframe> element yourself (rather than using the IFrame Player API to create it), you can append player parameters directly to the end of the URL. The URL has the following format:

    The <iframe> tag below would load a 640x360px player that would play the YouTube video M7lc1UVf-VE. Since the URL sets the autoplay parameter to 1, the video would play automatically once the player has loaded.

    <iframe id=”ytplayer” type=”text/html” width=”640″ height=”360″

    I tried adding the above code to a code block on a dummy page and it does not launch lightbox either… are you sure Enfold is set up to do lightboxes for Youtube? Maybe Gunter can add a checkbox option to the video media element?


    Hi Gunter!

    Thanks for responding!

    Since we do not have any EU visitors, I have not yet implemented GDPR but I likely will in the future. So, I have never turned on and off cookie consent. This all started when I upgraded from 4.5.2? to 4.6.2 (I skipped 4.6 and 4.6.1).

    I am happy to provide login details for my staging site below in private content. This morning when I go to my site it looks fine, but it was strange that the first time I went to it on a new computer since upgrading it gave me that message.


    in reply to: Open Youtube Video in Lightbox #1140118

    I am going to bump my own thread from a couple years back…. has the ability to launch Youtube videos in lightbox been added to Enfold yet? As I recall, this capability used to exist?


    in reply to: ReCaptcha error after the update #1139793

    Upgraded to 4.6.2 and had the problem of authenticating the keys… so happy I found this thread — performing the activity in incognito mode fixed it.

    Thanks, that works perfectly!

    Hi KEL, do you have Go Daddy hosting? If so, switch immediately to someone else like WP Engine. They are horrible.
    Either way, this sounds like an issue you should discuss with your hosting service. It’s a server capacity issue, not an Enfold issue (whew!)

    I used to have issues like that all the time when I had Go Daddy…. since I switched….zero issues. Worth it.
    (I have no connection to Wp Engine, there are many great hosting services out there and almost all are better than GD)


    It happens all the time… likely your issue is (a) a conflicting plugin or (b) a corrupted Enfold install where some files were not written over. Also check your php version to make sure it’s above 7.0.

    Did you update via FTP or via the “update” function on the backend? I would backup, then delete the Enfold theme folder (or rename them) and then upload fresh copy.I would do this AFTER disabling all plugins to see if there is a plugin conflict. Note that Michael and I are not mods, just longtime Enfold users that sometimes help out until the mods have a chance.

    And is this a new setting somewhere? I didn’t see it on the image with hotspots element.

    Now that this function has been added to the latest Enfold 4.5.7, is it possible to set a custom screen size to break? I would like to switch to Burger at 1300 px, not at 990 px, which is the option in the new dropdown menu.


    2019 May 10th – Version 4.5.7
    – added: option to switch to burger menu on different screen sizes in Fullwidth Submenu element

    With WP Engine you can restore backups from the past 30 days from the WP Engine site (not backend). You go to and then select backup points. You could then restore a backup from before the update and see if site comes back up. There are detailed instructions in the Enfold documentation on how to update via FTP if you need them.

    Good luck!

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