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    As you know, WordPress 6.5 was introduced today and includes a lot of changes. Some of the changes, such as “Appearance Tools for Classic Themes” may be of interest to those of us who use Enfold but I cannot find much documentation on them. For the appearance tools, I did find this:

    Classic Theme users: Simply opt-in via your theme’s functions.php file with add_theme_support(‘appearance-tools’);. Experience a new realm of design flexibility, keeping your trusted theme at the core of your digital expression.
    Theme developers: Enable these tools in your Classic Themes to encourage exploration and creativity. This will offer users a refreshed, customizable experience without compromising the theme’s integrity.

    There also seems to be a fonts library and other changes. It would be great to hear your take on what we Enfold users might want to enable that does not duplicate what Enfold already offers.

    Thank you!


    Hey goldengate415,
    Thank you for your patience, using the add_theme_support(‘appearance-tools’); adds option for the Block Editor, the same is for the other improvements, these will not add anything to the ALB builder. The WordPress official documentation doesn’t explain any further about the Block Editor changes, but you can play around with it to find the improved Appearance Tools if you are curious.

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    I updated the site to wordpress 6.5 and now the logo is in the middle instead of left-aligned. What can I do to fix this.
    Kind regards,

    Bert van Meteren


    It looks like you have this custom css in a file named csshero-static-style-baars-1-00.css so I assume that is is from the csshero plugin:

    html > #top > #wrap_all > #header > #header_main > div {
      padding: 81;
      margin-right: 32.05px;

    removing this css should solve.
    If you need further help please open a new thread so we can assist, as this is not your thread posting your admin login here will not be private and you will not see our comments in the Private Content area.

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    Hi Mike, I thought it enabled some tools with the classic editor, which I use in conjunction with ALB. There are also some new font handling mechanisms I believe but that may duplicative of what already exists in Enfold?

    Maybe we leave this open and see if anyone has dug into 6.5 since the documentation is so minimal…?

    Thanks much!


    The documentation says that it adds to the Block Editor that can be used in Classic themes this means themes that are not built on the Block Editor API, it doesn’t mean the Classic Editor which WordPress has already said the they will no longer support or maintain.
    To use these features you must use the Block Editor and block elements to build your page, this will not work with Advanced Layout Builder pages, the ABL doesn’t support Block elements in the builder.
    We can leave this thread open if you wish.

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    Got it… ok to close, thanks for the explanation!

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