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  • in reply to: Audio button of Video not showing on mobile #1396951

    Version updated but the audio button still doesn’t show in the video.

    in reply to: Transparent Header Menu and Dropdown menu #1373552

    Yes, I post the in the private content.

    Pay attention that the website is under maintenance so it redirects to the maintenance page.
    The page with the right menu is “Homepage”

    Best regards

    in reply to: Tab section: icon-text alignment + icon background #1369017

    Hi Nikko, thanks a lot for your help, but this solution created a new problem:
    Since each tab section has the same class, now the small arrow that shows which tab is active, has different height depending on which tab is open.

    I would like to have both these 2 solutions fixed and working so that I can let the client choose which is the best (even though I will propose the first one because is the preattiest one):

    1. Botton style solution: the label of the tab is wrapped in a circe and the icon + title are centered in this circle and the arrow below doesn’t change the height depending of the size of the title; In other words I would like to have 4 round buttons for the tabs, this could be a graphical solution, so that the different size of the title won’t be notied by the user

    2. Your solution: which is: “vertical-align: top;” but with the small arrow that shows which tab is open has to be ok, and not like now which.

    Thank you in advance !!!

    Amazing, everything that you suggested worked perfectly !!!
    Thank you very much !!!!

    1. Thank you very much ! It was exactly what I was looking for, now it looks better !

    If you scroll down and you go to the “Food for Thought” section, then you click on ” Movies & Books”, you’ll notice that the color of the font is the same of the background, but there’s no way to change the color of the font. I’d like to change it to white since the background is dark blue, and since also in the other sections there will be articles, I need that this solution should work for all the articles. Besides, I’d like to have the possibility to change it also in other pages, for example, , here I don’t want that the color is white, since here the background is white…

    Amazing, it worked perfectly !

    I have other two issues:

    1) About the blog post sidebar: I would like to change its dimensions by modifying the width and the padding;

    2) When using the element “Blog post” , how can I change the color of the font of the Title and excerpts? I mean when in the element I choose “Blog Style = Grid layout” it allows me to choose also the Blog Grid Layout, I chose Title + Excerpt. How can I choose the color of the Title and the Exceprt?

    Oooh I see, really thanks now I have understood the problem.

    What about the separator/vertical line between the body of the article and the side bar? how can I set it?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)