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    In the last 7 days, we built an entire online yoga membership platform on Enfold.

    Members can now sign in and view all yoga classes online, after purchasing a membership.

    To make memberships work, we used WooCommerce + Subscriptions Plugin + Memberships Plugin.

    We did lots of small CSS changes and custom code to create a smooth signup process and customer experience. Let me know what you all think.

    Loving the endless possibilities with Enfold and would love to see some more contemporary demos with the next update! :)

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    Thanks for the amazing theme!

    I just launched a new website for The Eighth Mile Consulting in Australia.

    Love Enfold! More sites to come :)

    Stay safe,

    David Lee-Schneider Consulting

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    Launched a new website this week for a new client (dance shop). Absolutely love the versatility of Enfold.

    I’m very proud of the end result. But we can always do better, so any feedback is highly appreciated. :)

    Have a great day everyone!

    Hi Victoria,

    thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Can you please try again? Some menu items were hidden for other admins b y a plugin which I have now disabled.

    PHP version is 7.2.10.

    On top of the Avia Builder not loading, it seems like I can’t save the product either. It just sends me to a “Not Found” page.

    This is the product I need to get up and running again, as it’s a workshop that the client is holding this weekend and can’t sell:

    Appreciate your help.

    Hi, I’m having the exact same issue as described above.

    It only affects some pages (including the home page). I have tried everything I found in the forum:

    – Increased PHP memory limit to 512MB
    – Set PHP version to 7.2
    – Dectivated ALL plugins and re-activated one by one
    – Deleted all theme files and did a fresh install of the latest Enfold theme from Themeforest
    – Re-installed WordPress
    – Used a previous backup of the site from a few weeks back from when it was still working

    Nothing of the above of fixed the issue of the avia builder stuck in loading mode.

    I also tried switching to default editor mode, but when I saved and published the page it completely stuffed up the layout.

    I don’t know where this issue came from or what else to do in order to fix it. I’d appreciate your help.


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    I’ve been specialising in Enfold Theme for over 4 years now and have been using it for almost every website I built since. Love the usability and features of Enfold and have been recommending it to many business owners and web developers. So, thanks Kriesi for developing such an amazing Theme.

    Here’s my most recent project for an Australian Yoga Studio:

    I’d love to hear any feedback you might have to further improve the site.

    Thanks all – David
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)