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  • in reply to: Mobile Menu not working in WP 5.6.2 #1287325

    Just went for 3rd party mobile menu plugin as no real response / support here.
    So just bypassed enfold’s menu.
    You can close this. Disappointed not more response, but got my solution in the end by looking elsewhere.

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    Really need help here. Have tried everything I can think of.
    Trying deactivating Woocommerce and all other plugins on staging site.
    Issue persists. Non-responsive mobilie menu.
    For Dakini As Art – Link to staging site in private message above.

    Issue no longer exists for our other site –
    Almost identical configurations – same gallery template and settings, Enfold theme, host, etc, as you can see, very similar, but for design colors and actual products.

    Please take a look and see what you can find – going on 3 days without a functional mobile menu.
    Know this will put me end of the queue this message, but want you updated on all that has been tried, hoping it helps!

    All the best. Thx for response!
    ~ Michael

    in reply to: Mobile Menu not working in WP 5.6.2 #1287276

    Any response here? It’s been over 36 hours since your request for access to a staging/test site for further testing.

    Is anyone following up on this?

    Pretty important we have a functional mobile menu with the theme.
    Thank you very much for your prompt attention.

    in reply to: Mobile Menu not working in WP 5.6.2 #1287002

    Still not locating the cause on Dakini As Art, having tried multiple plugin deactivations.
    Can you try more on our staging site for this? Login details sent below.
    We’re trying to update to WP 5.7 today via our hosts, hopefully that helps.
    Cleared all caches – WP Rocket, Cloudflare, host, and phone caches.
    Still persists – nonfunctional mobile menu. Super urgent.

    in reply to: Mobile Menu not working in WP 5.6.2 #1286957

    A new update to Woocommerce 5.1 at Dreams In Time resolved it there.
    Still issues at Dakini As Art even after update. Going to flush all caches and see if that does it.
    Can’t really do without Woocommerce for our ecommerce art galleries….

    in reply to: Mobile Menu not working in WP 5.6.2 #1286822

    1) Yes, please.
    2) Good to hear.

    Thank you, Yigit!

    in reply to: Mobile Menu not working in WP 5.6.2 #1286780

    Here goes again…

    in reply to: Mobile Menu not working in WP 5.6.2 #1286779

    Did you receive the private links? I do not see the messages here in the thread.

    in reply to: Super urgent: Proceed to Paypal is not working #1032368

    Found the plugin causing the error on our staging site. Removed and all working again!

    Can be closed.

    For anyone’s future reference, the plugin was a Add to Woocommerce for MailPoet plugin.

    in reply to: Menu not appearing on mobile, live site, enfold 4.4.1 #1018230

    Yep, that solved it completely, you can close it. :)

    Thanks again – I wouldn’t have found that in a million years!

    in reply to: Menu not appearing on mobile, live site, enfold 4.4.1 #1018161

    That did it!

    You’re a hero, Mike.
    That was a hidden one, a million cache clears would not get it. Much appreciated.

    ~ Michael

    in reply to: Menu not appearing on mobile, live site, enfold 4.4.1 #1017896

    Thanks Mike.

    My content director has an Android, but does not come up for her on multiple browsers on her phone.

    So far it comes up on yours and Firefox on my iPhone. Otherwise everywhere we else have checked, nada.

    Any ideas on what could be done more as far as cache clearing?

    We are switching our hosts the next days, and while I might hope for a miracle cure, it doesn’t seem like the actual host would be an issue. It seems the Staging site comes up everywhere with the menu.

    Again as mentioned above, the search icon/function is also missing where the mobile menu is missing as well.

    ~ M.

    in reply to: Menu not appearing on mobile, live site, enfold 4.4.1 #1017723

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for he feedback. Glad to know it is showing up somewhere.
    I wonder if it might be an iOS display issue.

    I have again this morning cleared my cache on both Chrome and Safari on my iPhone and the same result – no menu. Chrome I had even installed new to test, so there was not an older version of the site possible in cache. I have cleared CloudFlare multiple times, deactivated our caching plug-in on the site, etc. I am not sure what else could do to handle a caching issue. Suggestions?

    Only caching makes sense, if indeed all configurations and setting are the same as the staging site. Still for members of our team in Moscow to Denver, including me presently in Poland, are getting nada for menu on our phones. At least two of us use iPhones. Of course need our site coming up everywhere for everyone – a definite necessity.

    Can you have someone on your team check on an iPhone and send a screenshot? Appreciated. Any other suggestions are appreciated. I cannot imagine any other places that we could possibly clear cache, other than the abovementioned.

    All this is for the live site.

    All best,

    in reply to: Add To Cart Button Missing! – Enfold 4.2 #888876

    HI Basilis,

    Thanks again for the assistance. Much appreciated.

    As noted in another thread you commented on, we had to revert back to Enfold 4.0.7 to have necessary functions live for us for our online galleries. A temporary log-in was just sent to you via private msg in that thread.


    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #888874

    Hi Basilis,

    Thank you for your response. Yes of course it is not a solution; totally a band-aid. But as we have live online art galleries, and this particular week is prime for last minute holiday orders, an actual mobile menu and the ability to add an add to cart button to new artwork (products) for an artist we are launching now was an absolute. Even a day without could be a great loss, and with limited time at the moment.

    After the holiday season, there will be time to return to having a crystal clear update to Enfold 4.2 (and future). There are conflicts with either version of Enfold now, especially since the latest WP updates. As long as we have what we need absolutely live for the time being, have to make do for now.

    I will add more time to a previous temporary log-in created to see if you can locate anything for the time being that could be creating the conflicts. Details in private.

    All best,

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887934

    Back to 4.0.7. Need the menu live on the site everywhere.

    With 4.0.7 – Menus fine; Add to Cart fine
    Only cannot use Advanced Content Editor – does not load, just spins endlessly.

    It seems like I will just have to switch between the two (4.0.7 and 4.2) depending if I need to add products or pages. Not the best solution, but the only thing that works presently, until some assistance to make the latest Enfold work, ie menus and Add to Cart, for all functions.

    Let me know if you find anything, Nikko. Thanks!

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887883

    How Select?

    In main menu, I have as text for Desktop, and for mobile – Activate for Smartphones and Tablets under 990 pixels.

    Is that not selected? Please advise.

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887786

    I think I will revert to the burger on the main menu – ie remove the code that worked with desktop – so that actually have a menu on mobile until a proper fix is received or applied. Really appreciate the help Nikko. Presently, this is the same result that I had when I just placed burger: display: none previously and then reverted to Enfold 4.0.7.

    Also since updating to Enfold 4.2, I am missing an Add To Cart Button on new variable products in WC. It seems there is a fix with a woocommerce-jquery-cookie-fix plugin from Woo, but don’t know if this will conflict with Enfold at all. Will try soon. Have you encountered this issue before?


    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887782

    Not quite yet…

    No menu at all on mobile site. Just a cart and search icon.

    How to have the not-so-dreaded burger menu show here?

    I believed the previous css was just to remove the burger from desktop. Can you go in and take a look?

    Thanks. Menu on mobile site kinda important ;)

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887778

    It’s all back now, after placing some extra ‘!important’s in Quick CSS. Strange.

    It seems it was the second bit of code that placed that condensed. I removed this:

    @media only screen and (max-width:767px) {
    .responsive #top .main_menu .av-burger-menu-main {
    display: block !important;

    Will that affect how displays on mobile?

    If it’s clear on mobile, I think we’re done here.

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887776

    Hi Nikko,

    Thanks for the help. It was CloudFlare. Usually I purge the Enfold.css file there everytime I update Quick CSS but yesterday amidst myriad tasks forgot that.

    However, after purging everything at CloudFlare, I got a strange result: The burger is gone! But now the width for our site content is majorly condensed, with our menu overlapping our logo in a major way. How to reset to previous width asap? Can you do that on the backend?

    It also lost our styles for our Submenu and H5 and H6 tags, which never has happened before on a purge at cloudflare, as those setting did not change. Going in to reset them again now.

    Any idea why this happened?

    Thanks again for the prompt help.
    ~ Michael

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887315

    Done. Let me know what you find out.

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #887296

    Sorry for the delay Nikko, I’ve been traveling and in some retreats.

    Just tried again with the code and the same. See:

    The dreaded burger is still there.

    This is the code I put in General Styling > Quick CSS

    .responsive #top .main_menu .av-burger-menu-main {
    display: none !important;

    @media only screen and (max-width:767px) {
    .responsive #top .main_menu .av-burger-menu-main {
    display: block !important;

    What else can we do??? Shouldn’t be so hard, yes?

    Thanks as always for the help.
    ~ M.

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #882101

    Thanks Nikko!

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #881836

    Thanks Nikko for the replies.

    I of course already have local staging sites for all my websites. The issues have been:

    1) for another recent posted thread with Woo 3.x and Enfold updates – it displays perfect on local, but get an endless loading Enfold spinning blue loading spiral on live site, ie in this case (and so potentially others) staging testing is not accurate in representing the live server
    2) for this issue, the dreaded hamburger still displays on local, even with set to text, show mobile menu only at low resolution, etc.

    So still need to resolve this issue for me to move forward with updating from 4.0.7 on local and live, now or in future.

    Is there not a way in css or other code to absolutely ensure burger does not display on desktop, but indeed on mobile?
    Appreciate any assistance.

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 – Burger Menu #881613

    Thanks for the help.

    Tried that and had checked that first. Just did it again on another site using Enfold. And the burger is there whether want it or not, even with this setting already being set and checked again. Now reverting back to Enfold 4.0.7 on the other site so to be free of the dreaded desktop burger.

    May just stay with 4.0.7 perennially – and hope it stays compatible with all future versions of WP.

    Any other suggestions in case that is not the case? Likely will have to update Enfold at some point down the line.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Conflct with Enfold 4.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.5 #881308
    This reply has been marked as private.
    in reply to: Conflct with Enfold 4.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.5 #881303

    Thank you for your assistance, Victoria.

    As mentioned I already rolled back WooCommerce to 2.6.14 and am presently in process as you wrote in of re-uploading Enfold 4.0.7, as we presently have no menu on mobile for the site, and need the gallery site live and in people’s hands as it is black friday dawning.

    Login credentials privately sent here for you to look into it and hopefully we can upgrade in the future. The real drawback is that it goes fine on our local environment and so no way to test if it will really work live until we try. This is the 3rd time I have tried since Woo 3.x and Enfold 4.1.x and have rolled back each time to have a live functioning site. Hope you can find it. Thanks again for the help.

    ~ Michael

    in reply to: Conflct with Enfold 4.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.5 #881058

    One additional note here on the Enfold 4.2 upgrade (although it will put me to the back of the forum queue, I know)…

    How to have the burger mobile menu show up just on mobile??

    I had the Burger showing up on the desktop version next to my main menu, pushing it over into my logo. I set it to display: none in Quick CSS, but now of course no menu on mobile!

    How to have it not display on desktop ever? I have the setting in Enfold > Main Menu as only Smartphones, resolution below 768 pxs. Made no difference.

    Thanks for the help.

    in reply to: Conflct with Enfold 4.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.5 #881027

    I used WP-Rollback to get Woo 2.6.14 in there and the site is live again.

    What would be a potential conflict on the live site such that the site does not load – just the timeless spinning blue Enfold loading wheel – on a live site and work just fine all the same plug-ins configurations, etc. on local?

    I appreciate any feedback; it appears there are not others with this same conflict here on the forums, and Woo 3.x has been around for many a moon now.


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