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    We’ve noticed that the mobile menu is not working on one of our sites and partially working on another since updating to WP 5.6.2 and Enfold 4.8.1.

    Sites – (not working – not opening at all multiple browsers and phones) (opens but doesn’t close – can use links)

    Things have tried, some after reviewing some old threads here:
    Clearing cache
    Turning off minify in WP Rocket
    Turning off Cloudflare cache
    Installing the plugin – enable-jquery.migrate-helper

    None have made a difference.
    Any suggestions or can review these sites?
    As you can imagine, most of our buyers come via mobile these days.

    Both of these sites are on the same server, same WP and Enfold versions, as well as plug-ins, similar configurations.

    Thanks for the prompt help. Super appreciated!

    All best


    Hey Michael,

    Could you please create temporary admin logins for both sites and post them here privately so we can look into it? :)



    Did you receive the private links? I do not see the messages here in the thread.


    Here goes again…


    Hi Michael,

    1- Everything seems fine and I do not see any error in console so I believe there is a plugin conflict. Can we try de-activating all active plugins for testing purposes? If not, could you please create a test clone where we can test further?

    2- In the second site, I flushed cache in WP Rocket settings and that helped.

    Best regards,


    1) Yes, please.
    2) Good to hear.

    Thank you, Yigit!


    A new update to Woocommerce 5.1 at Dreams In Time resolved it there.
    Still issues at Dakini As Art even after update. Going to flush all caches and see if that does it.
    Can’t really do without Woocommerce for our ecommerce art galleries….


    Still not locating the cause on Dakini As Art, having tried multiple plugin deactivations.
    Can you try more on our staging site for this? Login details sent below.
    We’re trying to update to WP 5.7 today via our hosts, hopefully that helps.
    Cleared all caches – WP Rocket, Cloudflare, host, and phone caches.
    Still persists – nonfunctional mobile menu. Super urgent.


    Any response here? It’s been over 36 hours since your request for access to a staging/test site for further testing.

    Is anyone following up on this?

    Pretty important we have a functional mobile menu with the theme.
    Thank you very much for your prompt attention.


    Really need help here. Have tried everything I can think of.
    Trying deactivating Woocommerce and all other plugins on staging site.
    Issue persists. Non-responsive mobilie menu.
    For Dakini As Art – Link to staging site in private message above.

    Issue no longer exists for our other site –
    Almost identical configurations – same gallery template and settings, Enfold theme, host, etc, as you can see, very similar, but for design colors and actual products.

    Please take a look and see what you can find – going on 3 days without a functional mobile menu.
    Know this will put me end of the queue this message, but want you updated on all that has been tried, hoping it helps!

    All the best. Thx for response!
    ~ Michael


    Just went for 3rd party mobile menu plugin as no real response / support here.
    So just bypassed enfold’s menu.
    You can close this. Disappointed not more response, but got my solution in the end by looking elsewhere.


    Hi daka37,

    Sorry that your experience with Enfold was worse than you expected.

    Glad you got it working for you! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

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