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  • in reply to: Shrinking sticky header on tablets #361746

    Didn’t work, at all. Actually made it worse by breaking the format and dropping the logo (no resize) below the header and removing the transparency on appropriate pages/posts.

    Didn’t realize it was a big deal. No worries. I’ll manage.


    in reply to: Latest Enfold theme not working with SEO plugins #329795

    Checked the source. My site is using memory limit of 128 and is also changing the permalink upon update.

    However, if I choose to edit the pretty permalink manually (I don’t make any changes I just push edit and then close it) upon update the permalink stays the same. Somehow Yoast and/or the theme is dynamically changing the permalink if I don’t manually set it.

    Only impacts the update function. When I publish a post the first time everything works as it should.

    BTW. Have tried all the permalink settings/options in Yoast SEO and none of them alter the impact of this glitch. Clearly this is some kind of conflict between WP 4.0, Yoast, and Enfold. This problem started the minute I updated to WP 4.0.

    Not a life changing issue for me, just another hoop I have to jump through until things get “fixed” by someone, somewhere.


    in reply to: Mobile transparent menu issue #285049
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    in reply to: Mobile transparent menu issue #284946

    Works in Opera and Chrome. And works at tablet width in IE, but not at mobile width.
    Almost there.
    Appreciate the help,

    Never mind. I refreshed the browser a few more times and now everything is good.

    My bad,

    in reply to: Latest News Widget Query from ALL custom post types #272198

    Why can’t this widget be made to function the same as the “blog post” element? If I choose the taxonomy “review” it will pull all posts that are classed as “review” from ALL cpts–or at least the cpts that I add to the loop.

    But this widget will only pull “review” from the “post” post type. I was able to mod the combo widget to do exactly this, I’m just not sure how to recode the Latest News Widget.


    in reply to: Custom Post Types in Enfold Combo Widget #267480

    Thanks Dude,
    Works perfectly.

    in reply to: Adding Tag descriptions on Archive pages #264022

    Now I’ve got access to the complete “profile” of the tag, just like my categories and custom taxonomies. This allows me to customize every detail of the archive for each tag. Which is completely awesome;)

    Thanks, Chad

    in reply to: Border between sidebar and content #169766

    As posted before: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Currently using 2.3.1. It’s not a mission critical issue, just an annoying one.


    in reply to: Weird Rollover Issue on Update #169542

    I’ve got the same issue. It appears in all the browsers I’ve got, Firefox, IE10, Opera, Chrome. It seems to double the size of the sidebar line ONLY in the area the sidebar extends to, and only when you mouse rollover on the main content. A shorter sidebar gives us a shorter line adjustment. It affects ALL pages/posts that have a sidebar.


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    in reply to: Header, Title/bread crumbs CS #162117

    For item #3 I found a solution that alters only the Title text font and color and doesn’t affect the breadcrumb links on the right side.

    This may not work for your site. I’m using “Fixed header with Social Icons and additional navigation” for my header.

    For title text color add to Custom CSS or Quick CSS

    #top .alternate_color.title_container .main-title a { color: #CCC; }
    change the color # to whatever value you would like.

    For title text font attributes add to Custom CSS or Quick CSS

    #top .title_container .main-title { font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; }
    change these values to whatever you would like–the font-size affects the size of the breadcrumbs box.

    Good luck,

    in reply to: Styling Page-Links in Posts #162000

    I’ve tried altering all of those files–nothing changes. But I appreciate the reply.

    Found another way around the problem.


    in reply to: Styling Page-Links in Posts #161996

    I understand that wordpress handles it. However, each theme, for styling purposes, deals with wp_link_pages() differently. In the Twenty-Twelve theme the wp_link_pages() tag is found in single.php.

    Where are ALL the wp_link_pages() tags located in Enfold? I found one in loop-single.php, one in loop-index.php, and one in loop-page.php in the \includes\ folder. But when I make changes to the attributes in wp_link_pages() in those php files nothing happens in the theme. There must be another location for that template tag in Enfold. Or something in the theme styling is overriding those changes.

    All I want to do is change the way the posts handle the <!–nextpage–> Page Link. Currently in Enfold it only displays “1 2 3” etc… In wordpress default it at least displays “page 1 2 3” etc…


    in reply to: Error in Avia layout builder #134061

    I’ve had this problem as well. Have you tried editing in different browsers? Not all browsers I’ve used for updating my pages/posts have this problem. But I know my preferred browser Opera does.

    I simply save to draft or update a live page and then after the refresh I can return to the text block and start working with the visual editor as normal again.

    A little annoying, but of all the problems I face working within WordPress, this is a minor one.


    I found a workaround.

    The search is not the problem. The queries inside the Recent Posts widgets change based on the page/post/search that it appears on. If the widget is on a “Archive for: Category/Tag” page it displays ALL the pages/posts with an ID, including custom menu items and excluded posts.

    This does not happen on normal posts/pages or “Archive For: Custom Taxonomies” pages. On those I only get what’s expected without all the excess garbage IDs from the backend.

    in reply to: Sliders still not working correctly after 1.9 update #133334

    Disabled all plugins to verify functionality. Same problem with/without the plugins activated. In Opera the Easy Slider stops on the second slide in Slide mode and is non-responsive to controls. Other browsers work in Slide mode and all browsers work in Fade mode.

    And yes I’m using Enfold 1.9.1 and WP 3.6.

    Just posted to let everyone know that the slide is still not functioning 100%. But it’s good enough for me.



    in reply to: Sliders still not working correctly after 1.9 update #133332

    My Easy Slider is broken after the second photo as well but only in Opera. It slides and navigates in Chrome, it does not slide in IE10 but it does change images and the navigation works.

    Opera is doing something different than the other browsers. Not really a big deal.

    Thanks, Chad

    PS: The Fade option works in all browsers:) And I’m using WP 3.6 and Enfold 1.9.1 and have W3 Total Cache installed with Page Cache and Browser Cache turned on and Minify turned off (it doesn’t seem to help my site).

    I only thing broken in my site is the Easy Slider with the Slide option and only in Opera. Not bad–I’m happy with what I’ve got.

    Let’s hope for some browser/html/css standards soon so we can finally put this nonsense to bed once and for all.

    I can confirm this problem. If you use a Blog Grid with a custom sidebar on a page the sidebar won’t load. I think it’s because the posts in the Blog Grid on the affected page are of regular posts type. None of my other pages with custom taxonomy posts in Blog Grids are affected.

    Sidebar reappears if I use a normal Blog Posts List instead of a Grid.

    BTW 1.9.1 and WP 3.6


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