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    Would really appreciate being able to chose between Posts and Pages. One of the themes I bought from you (Newscast) does not currently allow this or a custom HP as others do, and it’s frustrating having to use posts instead of pages.

    Cheers and thanks for all the great work


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    Great. I added it to the Quick CSS field and worked a charm.



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    Hi Peter… apologies, I posted this question under Newscast (I use this template on another site I have) instead of under Shoutbox which is the template I need to update. Maybe that explains why I could not find any reference to the code you mention above. My site is

    Is it a different fix?



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    Hi Dude… is this what you mean?

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    Thanks Devin

    I set up the admin account. You should have gotten an email but pls let me know if you did not.



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    BUMP…. please someone help with the SAFARI and IE problem. Completely stuck until this is solved

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    BTW this happens both with images and simple colour changes. Say I change the background colour to red, the entire site changes to red

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    Actually let me add that there is an issue in IE explorer as well. Here the menu is showing up but it is falling to pieces. Can you please assist asap as I need to show this to my client very soon


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    no I haven’t changed anything otherwise it would not be visible in Chrome and FF. I don’t understand why it is visible there and not in Safari??

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    I solved the second issue about the missing images. Had to do with the changes I made to the post “date” when I was trying to get the 5 posts in the right order. I put those two images at a date that was too early

    in reply to: Newscast, a few quick questions (menu, background, slider) #87072

    Thanks Devin, these solutions all seem to have worked nicely. Only problem is that I now have two more issues appear and am not sure if it is related to these changes above. Although I have tried removing some of the above code, it made no difference.

    I logged these two new issues in a separate thread (Safari & Slider issue). Hope someone can look into it soon.



    I’m going to update part of this thread myself as I have managed to solve half the problem.

    Regarding, adding “categories” to “pages”. I have now changed plugin and found one that works. This means that it is possible to manage content a bit more efficiently especially with dynamic templates.

    The big question still remains:

    How can I manage the categories appearing on the Main News page – per block – rather then them appearing randomly?

    And if the only way is to create my own Dynamic Home page, how can I have a features slideshow like on the current HP instead of that huge big image that shows up? And of course a fixed sidebar?


    Hi Dude… or Kriesi…

    any chance of getting your input on my questions above please? Thanks .. .much appreciated

    (ps if there is a specific plugin to add categories to pages that you know works, I’m happy to use that one… I really don’t care so long as I can publish my pages in the post streams.. or find another solution as I mentioned above)



    I just wanted to add that I downloaded a plug in that allows me to add “categories” to “pages”.

    I thought this would be a valid quick fix solution to my question how to add pages to the homepage. For some reason though, although the plug in is working fine, the ‘categorized pages’ are not being recognised in the features header or by any of the dynamic templates ?!?

    in reply to: Can't apply template to current post #52788

    Has this ever been solved? I.e. is it possible now possible to choose specific posts (like you can pages) in Template Builder’s Columns options?

    I am using Shoutbox and have now reverted to only creating “pages” instead of posts so I can select the specific content I want to appear in the columns. Would be nice to do the same with categories though

    Thanks for all the great support.

    in reply to: Shoutbox: Problem with footer alignment on all pages #70986

    Rich… you are absolutely right… it was Ultimate-Tinyymce. I just uninstalled it and it is now fine. (btw how did you figure that one out?)

    I’ll try playing around with the footer width in the css as you say and see if that helps. Hopefully it will not mess up the theme.

    As you say, maybe one of the support ppl will come by this thread and have some other suggestions. For now thanks a million for the quick fix.


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    Ok I am now completely stumped! I thought you might have been on to something with the fact that I made a small change to the footer when I removed the credits (WordPress Theme by thinking I might have taken out more code then needed.

    So I went back to the original footer.php file and re-uploaded the untouched code.

    I’ve left it online right now so you and the rest of the support can see that the problem still persists. The third column is still aligning itself under the second one.

    HELP PLS – thi sis driving me bonkers.


    in reply to: Recommended plugins (Updated: 27.8.2018) #46631

    Any chance of getting some recommendations on advertising plugins. There are so many out there and your advise would be much appreciated


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    Hi … thanks for the response. I did activate the footer number in the theme option and then added widgets accordingly. To give you an idea, if you look at my site now, it is set to three columns with the following widgets:

    – Column one: Categories

    – Column two: Pages

    – Column three: Blog Roll

    One and two seem to be fine, but three just goes under one ?!?!

    I also went through all my plugins (not that many) and disactivated or deleted anything I was not using. You mention the shortcode which is interesting. I am not too sure about those as am just learning shortcodes, how would I manipulate that if you think that is the issue?



    in reply to: Shoutbox: is there an optimized image size? #70766

    Hi Dude,

    I’m posting this bcs it might help others.

    After playing around a bit I found that a default image size of 680×300 seems to work with well for all image re sizes.



    I solved my own problem. As I applied this theme to an existing site, the issue was with a plugin I had previously installed which automatically added thumbnails. Deactivated the offensive plugin and the problem was solved.

    in reply to: Small Menu Identical to Main Nav #65142

    HI… how did you resolve this as I am having the same issue?


    in reply to: Newscast manual #52753

    For some reason it is now opening it correctly (after right clicking and manually choosing a browser) Thank you both


    in reply to: Caption background #49398

    Thank you… Very helpful as always!

    in reply to: Caption background #49396

    This looks like the solution I am looking for but need some clarification.

    I need to remove the white band at the bottom of my main image (slider) on as I also have an image with text.

    Can you specify where I need to insert the above code… assuming it is the right step?


    in reply to: Newscast manual #52751

    oops never mind the second part of my last post. I just realised you can do that in Newscast’s General Options page.

    On that note however, can I have a different “intro” text on my home page, next to the thumbnail, then what is on the actual post page text?

    in reply to: Newscast manual #52750

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I had indeed found that folder and went through all the files but there is nothing that resembles a manual. The only .html file in my Documentation folder is one called index.html which leads to a page “No data received” . Any ideas? Can you email it to me?

    Also… I am trying to set up my hp like the Newscast demo page, that is 3 large articles followed by 4 small ones in the left column but am having a hard time seeing how to do that. Maybe it’s in the manual so if we can solve the first part then the second is automatically answered.

    The site is


    in reply to: Newscast Menus #51154

    Hi Chris.

    If you answered the question in another topic it would be great if you gave the link to it here. I am looking for the same answer as OP second question and came to this thread through a search. Now it looks like I have to go looking for your answer elsewhere :-(

    in reply to: New logo overriding Menu #47535

    Ps. I have changed my logo size in style.css to the below values, saved everything then reloaded the logo but to no avail.

    Also, on another note, if you can tell me how to remove the submit news button that would be great

    #top .logo, #top .logo a{







    border: none;

    padding: 5;


    z-index: 10;


    Thanks again


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