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  • Is it possible for me to remove prettyPhoto from the Enfold Theme without destroying the theme? If so, how do I go about doing so? Thank you. :D

    So it’s not the child theme. It doesn’t seem to be a plugin either, because I’ve tested it twice today with all plugins deactivated. Is there a chance that it could be a server related issue that doesn’t allow the jQuery to pull the rel=”” information and use it?
    I’ve decided for the mean time to download and incorporate a different lightbox plugin, although I would much prefer having prettyPhoto working, so that there aren’t two of the same plugins running on the site at once. If you think of anything else that I can try or test, I am all ears! :D
    Thank you.

    I haven’t made any changes to the avia.js file, and I’m working with a child-theme to limit modifications made to the theme. I have edited config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/textblock.php and config-templatebuilder/config/meta.php slightly to include my custom post types. I’ve also disabled all of my plug-ins and tested with no luck. I honestly cant think of anything else to get this working. Is Enfold compatible with other lightbox plug-ins? Thank you.

    Yeah, I might not have been very clear earlier, but I’ve tried using an absolute url, and I’ve tried everything I can think of with the url. I’ve tried http:// and https:// and // and with the www. and without the www. and /wp-content/… And honestly, I don’t want to use the full url, because the site being built on a dev sub-domain, so using full url on anything will break once moved out of the sub-domain. I’ve also tried rel=”prettyPhoto” , rel=”prettyPhoto[iframe]”, rel=”lightbox”, rel=”lightbox[iframe]” and so on… I honestly don’t think I’m doing the code wrong.
    Where in the folder hierarchy can I find the prettyPhoto jQuery Plug-In? Where does the code get called into the site?. How can I test if it is working at all?
    Thank you :).

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    I should have asked this from the begining, is prettyPhoto baked into the theme, or do I need to download the WordPress prettyPhoto plugin for this to work??
    if it is then well…
    This is what I have:
    <a href="/wp-content/themes/nakedhosting/html/webHostingFeatures.html?iframe=true&width=325&height=185" rel="prettyPhoto"> View All Features</a>
    And no good, simply loads the page. Is there any chance that I may have turned prettyPhoto off, or broke it, and if so, how can I turn it back on or check for errors?
    I have tried changing the url to the full url, used different rel properties, and anything else I can think of. I honestly think that it isn’t working because it isn’t loading in the prettyPhoto plugin, but from what I understand in the Enfold Documentation, prettyPhoto comes built into the theme. Thank you for your time.

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    Thank you for taking a look at the site, I passed your server suggestions down to our tech support, and the # = # issue seems to be resolved for now. Lets hope it doesn’t pop back up later down the road xD!
    I’m stuck with the prettyPhoto issue still. I am using a stand-alone html file that simply has the code (features chart) I need to display. I’m doing it this way rather than inline text, because there is a good chance I will have to create this same button on several pages. I’ve been working on the iframe and AJAX solutions, with no luck. I’ve tried everything suggested in both Enfold’s documentation and prettyPhoto’s documentation. How can I check to see if prettyPhoto is active or possibly broken? Oh and is the ‘rel’ tag supposed to be rel=”prettyPhoto” or rel=”lightbox” (I’ve tried both)??

    Enfold Documentation states:
    Lightbox: a custom pretty photo skin
    the lightbox gets automatically applied to links that contain images, youtube videos, vimeo videos, mov files and swf files. if you don’t want to activate the lightbox on any of those links add the class ‘noLightbox’. if you manually want to apply the lightbox to a link you can add the rel=’lightbox’ attribute to the tag.

    I’ve also taken the code directly from the prettyPhoto Website’s examples, which the description will state to add rel=”prettyPhoto” but then the example code shows rel=”prettyPhoto[iframes]”, so which is it?! Lol, I appreciate your time and help with this issue. Hopefully this is just an easy and simple fix.

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