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    I’m having this issue on my site as well. My server admin assures me that we have the mbstring extension enabled and multibyte support. Also we’re running PHP 5.6.

    The page affected is the default Enfold 2017 demo home page, which is what I wanted to start with and replace content.

    Could you please advise?

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    1) Thank you so much for this! It works like a charm on the Portfolio.

    2) This is not working for me… I’m using a child theme and trying not to edit the parent theme… I tried:
    – Creating framework / php folders and inserting the php file you said to edit, made the prescribed changes.
    – Copied the entire framework folder (and subfolders) over to the child theme and edited the php file in the child theme copy, no luck.

    Any idea how I can apply the change #2 to the child theme only?


    Thank you Josue!

    I have been able to add a dynamic link to the full portfolio item by editing lines 606-608 like this:

         $output .= "<span class='avia-arrow'></span>";
         $output .= "<p class='read-more-portfolio' $markup><a href='{$link}'>More About This Project</a></p>";
    $output .= "</div>";

    But I have only been able to get the change to render if I edit the parent theme (Enfold). I can’t get it to render by uploading the config-templatebuilder and avia-shortcodes and portfolio.php into my child theme (hoping they would override the parent).

    Can you tell me how I can make these changes to my child theme to leave the core intact?

    Here’s a thumbnail of how it looks in my child theme. See the ‘More About This Project’ text.

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    I was just giving an example of what I might do with the button. Please disregard the button idea… I might put a line of text there.

    What I’m more concerned with is the location of the template for the AJAX portfolio preview.

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    Let me ask this a different way:

    In what Enfold template file is the AJAX portfolio preview markup in? I want to edit that myself in my child theme.

    I know how to edit the previews using the Advanced Layout Editor and how to use shortcodes. I am a developer inquiring about where something is located that I need to edit.

    Thanks again,


    Thanks for the reply… but… I was asking about what template file I could edit to change the layout / defaults for that feature.

    I don’t want to manually place this button in every item. I want to edit the PHP.



    Thanks a ton for your fast response… I’m still not following though. Here’s what I put in my child theme’s functions.php from what I understood from your linked article and the article you linked to in that thread. But I’m still not getting the image size in the selectable list:

    function avia_change_image_size_array() {
    global $avia_config;
    $avia_config['imgSize']['small_portrait'] = array('width'=>300, 'height'=>400);
    $avia_config['imgSize']['small_landscape'] = array('width'=>400, 'height'=>300);
    add_action( 'init', 'avia_change_image_size_array');

    Would you mind modifying my snippet so that it’s included in the insert image drop-down of sizes?

    Thanks man!

    Thank you @Ismael! Once again, stellar and quick support! #TeamKriesiRocks

    Thank you Ismael! You were right – and it was right under my nose.

    Can you tell me how, in my child theme, I can modify the layout of the multi-author blog layout? I don’t need details as I know customization is not covered, but just what file I would need to change.

    The change I want to make is: move the date meta data to the far left under the author’s avatar.

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    Ok, that worked! Thanks a ton Devin, especially for the quick response!

    Just my two cents… that’s kinda counter-intuitive I think. Both WP and Enfold have options to designate a blog posts page – and excerpts or full content – but they don’t work together unless you don’t use the blog posts page choice?

    in reply to: posts excerpts don't work…again #199293

    I’m still having trouble even though I am doing what Ismael said:

    – in Settings > Reading, selected ‘Homepage’ for the home page and ‘Blog’ for the posts page
    – in Enfold > Settings, deselected the homepage and blog posts page
    – inserted a Blog Posts item in custom layout of the ‘Blog’ page, choosing excerpt and the Multi Author layout as desired

    I’m still getting the entire content. The site did originate on an older version of WordPress (pre-3.0, around 4 years ago).

    Is there something I need to do to bulk designate excerpts on the posts? I really don’t want to go through an have to manually designate excerpts.

    Screenshot: here

    PS. I am developing locally using AMPPS, hence the custom domain ( and I am using a Kriesi-provided Child Theme template.

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