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    sorry – I eventually found the solution in the Catalog tab in WooCommerce settings
    I have overlooked this option until I came across (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -php”> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -php


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    okay :-(
    I will continue searching for the file to modify.


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    As I said: been there, done that. It got me nowhere (wrong approach?).
    If my problem does not ring a bell with you and if I seem to be the only one having this problem with a common topic, I’m afraid the chance is slim that we will find the culprit and any further investigation is likely to open yet another can of worms.
    After the readings on it became apparent that I overestimated the benefit of a child-theme and it is (in my view) not worth investing even more effort.
    Let’s call it a day.


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    Hi Andy

    I kept asking the same basic questions because they were not answered.
    Every tutorial says I only need a child-folder and a style.css. Simply copy/paste.
    That’s exactly what I did already twice – and it still did not work.
    So I figured that something must be particular in Flashlight and I might need to adjust the structure, a format or a path.
    I hoped to get a clue as to where the mistake might be or at least a confirmation that the basics were correct so far.

    Thanks for pointing me to – I learned about the cons and to evaluate my needs for a child-theme.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Andy

    1) could you please check and answer my question whether the code I put in the child functions.php is correct:

    2) could you please check and let me know whether my basic file and folder structure is correct:
    My structure in the child theme is the same as in the parent theme:
    – flashlight-child/functions.php
    – flashlight-child/style.css [contains no css code]
    – flashlight-child/css/custom.css [the same as in the parent-theme]
    – flashlight-child/woocommerce
    – flashlight-child/woocommerce-config

    3) could you please let me know if my understanding is correct that every file of the parent-theme can go in child-theme, even if it is not modified?
    If I want to prevent them from being overwritten by a new version I need to have every file in the child-theme, right?


    Bruno (Flashlight)

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    Hi Andy
    You seem to suggest that I recreate the child-theme.
    I did and the result was just the same.

    With only an opening PHP tag in the functions.php (as shown in the video), no menu appears (only the slideshow).

    To get the complete website I had to include the following code (taken from the site):

    function my_theme_enqueue_styles() {
        $parent_style = 'parent-style'; // This is 'flashlight-style' for the Flashlight theme.
        wp_enqueue_style( $parent_style, get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );
        wp_enqueue_style( 'child-style',
            get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/css/custom.css',
            array( $parent_style ),
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_theme_enqueue_styles' );

    To test if the child-theme overrides, I added a different color code at the end of the parent /css/custom.css and the child style.css and the child /css/custom.css

    #top .big_title .page-title {
        	color: xxxx;

    Again I got the same results: the child-custom.css is only applied, if the parent-custom.css is missing – the child-theme does not override
    So, finally we are back to square one.

    I wonder whether there is something wrong with the child’s functions.php?

    Bruno (Flashlight)

    – Currently the child-theme is not activated (live-preview worked fine for testing)
    – Testing with 2 standard WP themes was not possible – maybe I tried with an inaccurate code

    in reply to: Overlay buttons on the product-category page #723794

    Hi Yigit

    thanks for your suggestion.
    Unfortunately the file (woocommerce-config>config.php:) you are referring to is the one I modified to change the LOWER button into “Enlarge image” [in the php code named “show_details_button]”.

    But my question focuses on the UPPER button [in the php code named “add_to_cart_button”).
    And this seems to be a different game.

    Currently my custom template woocommerce-config/loop/add_to_cart.php manages the label of this button.
    If I deactivate my (outdated) custom template and let the current woocommerce/templates/loop/add_to_cart.php version 2.5.0 do its job, then the upper overlay button reverts from “Show Details” [Einzelheiten] to the default “Add to cart” button [In den Warenkorb]:
    – label and also function change to “Add to cart”
    – the icon remains the same (icons-shop-options.php) which then does not fit the label

    I assume that the new version of the WC template “/loop/add_to_cart.php” would play a role in defining the “add_to_cart_button” . Unfortunately I have no clue what this new file is doing..
    My goal is this “add_to_cart_button”
    – to be labelled “Einzelheiten” [Show options]
    – to show the “icons-shop-options.png”
    – to open the single-product-page


    Is Devin still with the support team? Maybe he could help.
    He was the one who helped me modify these buttons, stating “I’ve worked quite a bit with this particular function so I know how to play with it pretty well :)”

    in reply to: Problem with image on single-product-page #722029

    Hi Nikko

    thank you so much!
    Yes, it does the trick – I spent many days on it

    The code was introduced in January 2013 according to the suggestion of Nick, a member of the Kriesi support team.
    Together with other tweaks it solved the issue when my vertical product images were displayed much too large on the product overview page aka catalog page (horizontal images were not affected).
    The code has been working flawlessly since. Now it seems to interfere somewhere – I assume with one of the recent updates (WC, WP?) . Probably WordPress, as the WP version was the only difference between the localhost and the web installation.

    Best regards,

    in reply to: Problem with image on single-product-page #721737

    I started by installing Woocommerce 2.6.8
    Then I replaced Flashlight with a fresh Flashlight 4.2 installation.
    Unfortunately the product image size is unchanged, i.e. much too big.
    Regenerating the images did not change anything.
    In my search for the culprit I disabled my custom.css.
    The site did not look nice, but the product image size now looked normal.
    Some code in the custom.css file seems to interfere.
    Strange: some days ago I tested an old version of the custom.css – the image size did not change.
    AND: When I open the WP Media overview and select the option “View” of any image, the size also looks normal

    Do these observations help to identify the problem?


    in reply to: Problem with image on single-product-page #721724

    Hi Nikko
    only the folder “flashlight” is the current (active) version.
    The flashlight folders only used temporarily carry a date (e.g. flashlight_161129 and flashlight_161205) so I can identify them.

    I’m about to install a clean version of Woocommerce (2.6.8) and Flashlight (4.2), it may take some time to finish.
    I’ll let you know as soon as I’m done.


    No misunderstanding please: I did not expect the final solution from you, but thought maybe you had seen the problem before and could tell from the description where to look.

    in reply to: Problem with image on single-product-page #721552

    the different Flashlight versions are residues of my trial and error activities.
    I was going to replace Flashlight and Woocommerce and see what happens – however I was waiting for your feedback just in case you had a solution.

    I’ll keep you posted.


    in reply to: Problem with image on single-product-page #720769

    Hi Nikko

    did you read my original post (#719810)? – the information you are asking for is all there.
    Please let me know if the login is not working or if you need more information.
    The URL is the standard format:
    Please see also the link to the screenshot in the original post’s “Private Data” section.

    Bruno (Flashlight user)

    in reply to: Problem with image on single-product-page #720611

    meanwhile (for testing purposes) I replaced the entire folders flashlight and plugins/simple-image-sizes with the respective folders from my localhost installation.
    On localhost the identical product images show with the correct size (300x300px)
    On the webserver these images show 3 times as big.

    So, currently Flashlight is installed with version 4.1. (the same as on the localhost installation).
    Before I uploaded the localhost files to the webserver, Flashlight 4.2 was installed (when the problem showed for the first time)

    So, there is no difference between my localhost and the web data – except for WP (localhost: 4.5. / web: 4.6.1.).
    How come that product images are not shown the same size?

    Bruno (Flashlight user)

    in reply to: Color of the active menu item gets almost invisible #719355

    I discovered that the problem is in the file flashlight/css/custom.css
    I don’t know what caused the problem, but I managed to fix it using an older file.


    in reply to: Color of the active menu item gets almost invisible #718721

    after clearing the cache, deleting and and reinstalling the Flashlight files the problem remains unchanged:
    – an activated menu item is hardly visible
    – same thing with a product name when in the shopping cart
    – similar result when adding a link to a text
    – similar result when font color is assigned to a link

    The problem shows:
    ONLY with Firefox 50.0
    NOT with Firefox 48.0.2
    NOT with Chrome
    Same result on 2 different computers (on Windows and OSX)

    I assume that somewhere a mistake in a code must exist that only has an effect in Firefox 50.0.

    Could you let me know which file(s) might be responsible for these effects? [some css file?]
    I could then test with older versions of these files.


    in reply to: Color of the active menu item gets almost invisible #717093

    the latest changes to the page “seifenmanufaktur” were (before I discovered the problem)
    – assigning a font color (from the color palette in the toolbox) to the links in the text field
    – adding images (gallery)

    Trying to find the culprit by trial and error I noticed a strange behavior (in Firefox 50.0):
    – if I add a link to a text – without assigning any font color – the link gets almost invisible (just like the problem in the main menu) and changes to #ff00c4 on hovering the mouse – removing the link makes the text visible again
    – if I assign a font color to a link, the link is displayed in this color, but does not change color on hovering the mouse

    Does this observation give you a clue?

    I also cut every text from the page and updated the site: no change regarding the main menu.
    I also changed the Primary Color (Flashlight > Styling): the changes showed in Chrome, but no change in Firefox 50.0


    in reply to: Color of the active menu item gets almost invisible #716849

    Hi Rikard
    thanks for your comment: apparently it has to do with the browser.
    I checked on my computer: Windows 10
    – Chrome (54.0.2840.99 m (64-bit): no problem.
    – Firefox (50.0): problem as described
    I also checked on an old Mac: OSX 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
    – Firefox (48.0.2): no problem

    I added a link to a screenshot of my computer:
    – left side: Chrome
    – right side: Firefox

    On my computer (WIN 10; FF 50.0) I also checked a different website I created with Flashlight: the problem does not show there.

    I have no idea what might cause this problem. Would different versions of Firefox interpret the same code differently? If so: which code?


    in reply to: Lightbox disappeared on product overview page #626306

    Hi Andy

    Correct – these buttons come with the original Flashlight theme.
    I only tweaked one of them in 2012.
    The issue only appeared after the latest updates (WP, WC, Flashlight).
    As all attempts to solve the problem failed, I replaced the current WooCommerce folder with the one of my backup from before the updates.
    And it worked.
    That’s all (WP and Flashlight as well as the WC database are left unchanged).

    I have no clue what’s going on – I only discovered a work-around.


    in reply to: Lightbox disappeared on product overview page #622216

    Hi Andy

    As a test I now replaced WooCommerce version 2.5.5 with the previously installed version 2.4.6
    The result: the correct mouse-over effect is back as it was before the updates.

    strong>It seems that Flashlight 4.1 does not correctly interact with WooCommerce 2.5.5.

    Is Devin still with the Kriesi support team? In 2012 he wrote ” I’ve worked quite a bit with this particular function so I know how to play with it pretty well”



    in reply to: Lightbox disappeared on product overview page #619798

    I’m afraid we are not on the same page.

    what I want is to get back what worked since 2012:
    These missing 2 overlay buttons are a standard feature of the Flashlight theme. The only thing I tweaked was the text and the function of a button.

    Meanwhile I created a serie of mockups to illustrate what we are discussing (links in private content)
    ->> hovering the mouse over image 4257 should show the Overlay: 2 buttons, overlying the image
    ->> clicking on the button “Enlarge image” should show an enlarged version of this image in a lightbox
    ->> clicking on the button “Details” should open the product detail page of this image

    As I said: these modifications worked since December 2012, but no longer show since the recent updates.
    The current “feature” of enlarging an image (no lightbox and only if vertical) upon hovering is rather a bug and does not make any sense.

    To test if my custom.css could interfere, I temporarily disabled it – the overlay/buttons were still missing.

    Meanwhile I noticed something that might help identify the source of the problem:
    – if you hover the mouse over a vertical image, the image expands
    – now slowly move the mouse away from the image
    – carefully watch the left edge of the image: as the image returns to normal size you will see the 2 icons (magnify, details) appear for a second and disappear again
    – this is only visible with a vertical image, but happens with a horizontal image as well (see links to screenshots)
    – this means: the mouse-over effect is there, but somehow hidden behind a second and larger instance of the base image and therefore only visible after mouse-over and only the part of the buttons that is not hidden by the overlying image


    It seems that we see a double mouse-over effect:
    – there are the 2 overlay buttons that should be there and have always been
    – at the same time a larger instance of the same image appears on top, hiding the 2 buttons underneath
    On mouse-over we get a hamburger: the bottom layer is the image, in the middle are the 2 buttons (magnify & details), on topis a larger version of the bottom layer. Because the top is larger and we’re looking down, we can only see the cover.

    I would highly appreciate if you could help eliminate this issue!



    – Your admin login is still active

    in reply to: Lightbox disappeared on product overview page #619300


    back in 2012 I applied the following modifications and did not change them since:
    I changed the text, function and icon of the (now missing) product-overview image overlays
    ⇒ button “Select options” was modified so it opens the product detail page
    ⇒ button “Show details” was renamed to “Enlarge image” and function modified so it opens the underlying product image in a lightbox (prettyPhoto)
    according to suggestions of the support team
    Change the “Show details” button into “Enlarge” button

    make these changes to the flashlight/woocommerce-config/config.php

    change line 439; v2.1: 492; v2.2.1: 496; v2.3.: 496; v2.1.5: 552

    echo “ID).”‘>”.__(‘Show Details’,’avia_framework’).”“;


    echo “ID) ).”‘ rel=’lightbox’ alt=’ ‘ title=’ ‘> “.__(‘Enlarge Image‘,’avia_framework’).”“;
    [German Version: “Enlarge image” -> “Bild vergrössern”]

    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -into-a-lightbox-link/#post-100893″ target=”_blank”> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -into-a-lightbox-link/#post-100893


    “Show details” / “Enlarge image” button: replace icon

    Change in the file flashlight/woocommerce-config/woocommerce-mod.css
    Line 589-591; v2.3.: 589-90

    #top div .thumbnail_container .show_details_button{ background: url(images/icons-shop-details.png) no-repeat 10px center rgba(0,0,0,0.7); }
    #top div .thumbnail_container .show_details_button{ background: url(images/icons-shop-magnify.png) no-repeat 10px center rgba(0,0,0,0.7); }

    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -into-a-lightbox-link” target=”_blank”> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -into-a-lightbox-link


    “Show details” / “Enlarge image” button: replace icon (copy the icon file)

    to replace the “show details” icon with a “magnifying glass” icon
    copy the file copy icon “magnify.png
    from flashlight/images/skin-dark
    to flashlight/woocommerce-config/images

    rename the file (prefix “icon-shop-magnify.png”)


    Meanwhile, for testing purposes, I replaced the entire theme Flashlight v4.1 with Flashlight v3.2: issue unchanged
    Then I replaced Flashlight v3.2 with Flashlight v3.1: issue unchanged
    Is there any chance the issue has to do with the new version of WordPress?
    (In these tests I only changed Flashlight – all tests done under WP 4.5)

    Or could any code in the custom.css interfere with files of the new Flashlight versions (although: custom.css has not changed since May 2015)?

    Currently Flashlight 4.1 is active again.



    According to your suggestion I added the image file “icons-magnify.png”.
    However, IMHO the missing image file could not explain the issue:
    – my modified file woocommerce-mod.css (line 589) calls “icons-shop-magnify.png”, as mentioned above
    – the missing image file would only result in a missing icon, but not in 2 missing overlays (buttons with text)
    – it would not explain the missing icon “Show details” [icons-shop-details.png] either

    in reply to: Lightbox disappeared on product overview page #619071


    I updated Flashlight to 4.1 BEFORE testing with deactivated plugins (i.e. on April 18, the day before Andy’s suggestion).



    in reply to: Lightbox disappeared on product overview page #617597


    I deactivated all plugins (except, of course, for Woocommerce).
    The problem remained unchanged.

    Best regards,

    in reply to: Lightbox disappeared on product overview page #616304

    Hi Josue

    please find the details in the private content


    Hi Andy

    re Flashlight
    could you please let me know which code in which file creates that specific menu design in Flashlight (see link in private content)?



    Hey Andy

    Re desktop menu:
    I added 2 links to show my point (edited screenshots – see private content).
    – In the Flashlight menu, part of the menu area is transparent (top and near bottom)
    – the Flashlight menu is moved to the right (this is what your code is supposed to do – unfortunately I don’t see any change)

    How can I move the menu and create the partial transparency in Enfold?

    Re mobile menu:
    Your code reduces the width of the menu, however:
    (please check the screenshot from a responsive theme in the private content)
    1) the area on the left of the (reduced width) menu should be transparent (remember, my goal is that the menu slider must not hide the entire screen)
    2) is there a way to make the width of the menu slider flexible, i.e. self-adapting to the width of the content of the menu, instead of a having a fixed percentage of the fullsize slider (if there are only short items in the menu, the slider should be smaller, when the content includes long words, the menu slider should get wider accordingly). Of course I can check and adjust the width when I add a new menu item, but it would be more elegant if this happened automatically.


    BTW: these desktop design elements were what caught my eye, when I first saw the Flashlight demo, therefore I would like to recreate it in Enfold

    Hi Andy

    What about the desktop menu?
    Where in Flashlight can I find the code of the menu I’m looking for (that partially transparent block, offset from the left edge – see my current homepage or the mockup/screenshot or the Flashlight demo)?
    What code (CSS?) would I need to transfer or modify (and where to insert/modify)?




    my post starts with the following statements (quote):
    – My current site is created with Flashlight (non-responsive).
    I might switch to Enfold, provided there is a solution for the menu as described.
    My questions (requirements for switching) are:
    1) I want the desktop menu to look the same with Enfold as with Flashlight (see mockup or active homepage)
    2) the mobile menu must NOT hide the entire screen (it should be flexible and only take the width required to accomodate the menu as shown in the mockup).

    I was then asked to create mockups to show my points.
    There must be a fundamental misunderstanding. Why would you like me to show the solution when I am asking to know if it can be done in the first place?
    To see how it looks when the mobile menu hides the entire screen please check any of the Enfold demos. I’m asking because I don’t want the menu to look like this. I wonder whether it would be possible with a CSS code or a file modification to achieve what I want.


    The links to my mockups were in the private content. Maybe the have gone lost in cyberspace, so I added them here again (private content).

    It seems that my last sentence was not clear: I no longer request to avoid the hamburger button. (I still don’t like it, but if the mobile user is happy with it, it’s okay.). However, I insist that the slider does not hide the entire screen (and the hamburger button sits on the right hand side of the header). I hoped this could be done with just a CSS modification.
    Thanks for pointing me to these plugins. I’ll give them a try.


    in reply to: Child theme – basic questions #575884

    Hi Yigit

    thanks for the ultrafast reply!
    I also appreciate your creating tutorials (I assume this should also help you with redundant questions).
    For future reference I’m also trying to create my own database with codes and resources I come across browsing the support forum.



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