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    My contact 7 form does not appear as it should.
    Each input has different colors.
    I have tried to have this fixed before but no-one could give a correct way of fixing it.
    The CSS I was given didn’t work.


    Hey Darren,

    Is necessary to check if there are any conflict or custom code causing it, so, share with us your WP credentials to check this better.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Hi John
    Sorry for the delay been busy
    I still have the issue with contact form 7
    I have attached a link to a dropbox image that will show you want I mean.
    The input areas are all different colors.
    Have been given about 3 or 4 different css codes but still not right.


    i see in your css:

    #top .main_color .input-text, #top .main_color input[type="text"], #top .main_color input[type="input"], #top .main_color input[type="password"], #top .main_color input[type="email"], #top .main_color input[type="number"], #top .main_color input[type="url"], #top .main_color input[type="tel"], #top .main_color input[type="search"], #top .main_color textarea, #top .main_color select {
        border-color: #363636;
        background-color: #111111;
        color: #8c8c8c;

    and this is in your vip.entertainment.css ( don’t know where this comes from- it is no enfold including css file)
    or do you have renamed your child-theme?

    change the background-color to your #fff

    try to overwrite these rules on taking the contact-form 7 classes:

    .wpcf7-form .wpcf7-select, 
    .wpcf7-form .wpcf7-text {
    	background-color: #fff !important


    Thanks for helping out @guenni007, did you try that out and did you have any luck with it @darrenvip?

    Best regards,


    Thanks Guenni007
    All sorted.
    Not sure about that css I only ever change css when told to by you guys.
    Thanks for your help very much appreciated.
    have a great day!


    Hi Darren,

    Great, glad you got it working :-)

    Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic or if we can close it.

    Best regards,


    Can you advise what contact form is compatible with Enfold? Contact 7 doesn’t work properly with this theme.
    All the input fields are different colors, the text in the message box is almost white, the same color as the background as the background so people basically can’t see what they are typing.
    Can’t change any colors because there is about 5 different CSS codes that support has said to put in and changing the CSS doesn’t work anymore.
    I just want a contact form that is wysiwyg and no CSS changes because thats what seems to have messed up contact 7.
    A bit frustrated because it looks like crap on my site.
    Link to my dropbox with a screen shot below


    Hi Darren,

    It looks fine on my end, please see private. How can we reproduce the results you are getting?

    Best regards,

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