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    I had to do two things to fix it:

    1) Re-upload my “unlisted” video that I use as background, and set it to “public”. (Youtube is turning unlisted videos to “private” that were uploaded prior to 2017 I believe. I don’t think I would have had to make my new one public, but I decided to go full strength to solve this. Re-uploading as “unlisted” would probably work too. Or changing the original video to “public”.)

    2) Update my Enfold Theme. Unfortunately, the Dashboard in WP didn’t report that an update was available for Enfold. I use a child theme also — not sure if this was a factor. I eventually reinstalled the Theme by downloading the current version then uploading it manually via FTP.

    I wish there were an easier way to update Enfold (and maybe there is), but that solved it for me anyway.

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    I”m pretty sure this has to do with a new policy on YouTube, that unlisted videos loaded before 2017 are being converted to “private”, in which case they wouldn’t be able to play. However, I re-uploaded my video yesterday, and even made it public, but still have the problem. I think there may be some caching going on somewhere.

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    I’m having the same problem, and I just noticed it today — I hadn’t touched anything, and it’s been working for at least a couple years…


    in reply to: Enfold Featured Image Size: how to change default? #817396

    OK, great, that solved it! (For the record of anyone else, it was setting the “entry without sidebar” thumbnails and turning off cropping that did the trick, since our simple site doesn’t use sidebars). Thanks!

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    OK, please see that info in the private field, thanks. Please let me know if you have any difficulty, it’s an account I just created now…

    in reply to: Enfold Featured Image Size: how to change default? #815871

    Unfortunately that doesn’t do it. I changed the “entry_with_sidebar” from 845×321 to 845×422 (the 2:1 ratio I need). I rebuilt the thumbnails for that setting, saved the changes on the media page, cleared my cache on chrome, and still the truncated image. I also removed and re-added the featured image for that post in particular, but still it’s the same truncated image.

    There are other odd behaviors I’ve noticed related to thumbnails I think: when I post the link to Facebook sometimes it doesn’t display the image (even though I have Yoast SEO set to do so). And even in this posting above, the image from the website doesn’t show up. It’s like the code is pointing to the wrong (or non-existent) thumbnail, or Enfold has some mis-match related to the “featured image”.

    (Note that this simple blog site doesn’t use a sidebar. Also, I haven’t completely rebuilt all thumbnails — I’m not sure how smart the Simple Image Sizes plugin is — if it is accurately reflecting the base settings expected by Enfold, or if it will clobber expected settings and mess up other images in the site.) What next? I’m eager to get this up quickly since it relates to current news. Thanks!

    Hi — I was the original poster, and I was never able to get it to work either. Likewise, if I recall, only one of the icons showed up.

    So ended up punting and staying with the the small icons in the “socket”. But I’m still interested if there’s a way to display both twitter and facebook in the larger icons in the footer, as is displayed in the “Enfold RSS Link and Twitter Account”. Thanks!



    in reply to: Blog entry comments section missing — where did it go? #729757

    OK, I don’t have many plugins — though iThemes Security may be an interaction? You have permission to change as needed, but please let me know…I’ll post login info in the private field below…

    in reply to: How to remove "Pages" in sidebar from default content? #697114

    Thanks, I’d like the front page to be the blog, with the same widgets as other blog posts…

    in reply to: How to remove "Pages" in sidebar from default content? #697061

    Thanks, but yes, I’ve definitely tried adjusting the Sidebar in Appearance –> Widgets. I can do this successfully for for both the blog and pages, but I don’t see where to make any settings changes for the Frontpage when I default to using the blog for the frontpage (it doesn’t use blog sidebar settings).

    Sample page sidebar works:

    Sample blog sidebar works:

    Frontpage defaulting to the blog entry (no page selection made) doesn’t work (massive list of pages):

    As mentioned, I’m not using a specific page as the frontpage. I just want to open to the blog. So I don’t set the Theme Options –> Frontpage setting dropdown box to anything. I leave it the default “Select Page” in the dropdown without making a selection.

    Where can I change the sidebar settings when there is no page selection made (default to blog)? It defaults to a sidebar with “Pages” (massive list of demo pages), “Categories”, and “Archive”, but I want it to display the same as any other blog page.

    Is this a bug when no page is selected (just default to blog)? Or am I missing something to set for the frontpage when the blog is used? thanks!


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    I’ve been playing with this morning, and I think the issue is that I want the frontpage to simply be the blog.

    So in Enfold Child –> Theme Options –> Frontpage Settings I leave it blank (that is, I leave “select page” as the option rather than selecting a specific page from the dropdown list to be the frontpage) That does pull the blog onto the frontpage, but also the massive list of Pages in the right Sidebar.

    Still wondering how I get rid of the list of pages in the sidebar. Wondering if I’m missing something about how to set the blog as the frontpage…

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