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    @Yigit sorry but I currently don’t have the time to implement it for my side.
    I was hoping for an update for the enfold theme.
    I will a) have to wait for an update or b) find some spare time to do it myself…

    Thanks for asking though

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    😃 haha
    I think it is possible to “fix” this quickly for single users of the enfold themes.
    But the better solution would be a fix in the enfold theme itself. This way it has only to be done once (and for all users)

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    @golgengate415 well yes that is obvious because the notch does only lead to issues with webpages in landscape (you posted a screenshot of it in portrait mode)
    It will also be visible if you’re running a webpage as a web app and hence have no Safari top and bottom bar. A webpage that doesn’t handle the safe insets will have a black bar on top (position of the notch) because it doesn’t handle the safe insets!

    btw: it’s not required to hard reset your iPhone, you can simply reload a page without caches if you long press on the reload icon in the address bar in Safari.

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    here’s a link to the screenshot of this forum.
    The issue you can see on the left and right side is also true for all enfold themes. I think it can be fixed as described in the document I shared earlier.

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    I’d like to post a screenshot here but I don’t see a possibility to attach it!

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    Hi Yigit,

    thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay.
    What I’m talking about is especially visible in landscape mode.
    The safe areas on the left and right side will simply remain black instead of extending the background color to the edges.
    This behaviour is consistent on all kriesi sides, also this one.

    check out this documentation:

    Please compare your side or themes to on iPhone X in landscape.
    I think it would be worth if this get fixed once in the themes and not every user had to do it on their own.


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    no – this issue has been there for quite a while now but got worse over time.
    I’m afraid we’ll have to check out if this is related to any of our plugins if you don’t have another idea ;(


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