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    Actually, I can’t get any colour bg preview to work on the stretched layout either.

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    Your logo is collapsing the menu height a fraction. Try renaming it just to logo.png – for some reason this seemed to fix my issue.

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    @efusjon: The beauty of using one slider to place three images – like cwrigley said – is that it enables you to get more content to the user quicker than what 8 sliders would take. There aren’t too many people willing to sit through 8 sliders which is why Kriesi probably didn’t want to put more in.

    Again, like cwrigley said, you can only have one url link on a slider (even if it has three images photoshopped onto it). Of course, there is nothing stopping you from linking to a page and then allowing the user to select something there.

    Check out cwrigley’s site here: – maybe you can place those three images as separate one like a category and place a link on them to another page.

    Sorry, I may have confused things.

    Note to cwrigley: I’m getting a broder breakdown on the caption boxes of those images on that page. Too many pixels pushing it beyond three columns? I’m sure you’ve noticed this, anyway.

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    Is there any place to find tuts on theme building?

    I’d love to replicate the look of something like the following site for a few friends who want book sites.

    It kinda looks simple – separate header image, hover menu, two columns … but I have no idea where to begin to try and create my own version. I’m not looking to build any fancy functions into it, just want to keep it clean and direct. Book image, background, menu. That’s it. In fact, I can never find a simple enough theme for what I need.

    Which is why I suppose I will have to build it myself… unfortunately this won’t work because I’m an idiot!! :)

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    @bridorid: You may want to give your logo a transparent background and save it as a .png file. That will eliminate the white that shows up.

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    cwrigley: Very nice site.

    You’ve been a busy person. Lots of pages in there.

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    This came up in an earlier thread:

    in reply to: New Here #31827

    I agree with cwrigley: this sounds like you just need to create a .png file so the background is transparent. Ie, don’t save as jpeg otherwise you will have to find the bg colour match. The .png file will maintain transaparency if created on a transparent background in photoshop.

    If, however, you are aiming to change the background of the header menu bar, well, that is not .css – you’ll find those photoshop files in the theme. You can open them in photoshop and alter them to suit your needs then reupload them online.

    Let us know how you go. Feel free to chuck a link to a screenshot and someone here may offer some suggestions.

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    Thanks James,

    That did the trick.

    Much appreciated.

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    Letting new users know about Firebug is a great idea. There must be some video tuts already out there so a link to that would possibly help people first up.

    The installation of WP is always going to be an issue. New users are going to always be a pain at first but the idea is to educate everyone without discrimination as the natural uptake of a platform like WP will allow it to continually grow.

    I am aware that offering support is always a hard ask in this day and age for developers but forums such as this should be recognised as sales tools, education depositories and community environments. (Note to Kriesi: I’d be okay if you placed affiliate links back to TF or any other company).

    Also … and I know a lot of people are very protective about their customisations, but I’d love to see a showcase of people’s sites solely based on Kriesi’s themes.

    My 2cents.

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    Good stuff.

    I agree the WP interface kinda just draws you to the UPDATE button because the natural urge is to complete a task by moving to the right of page.

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    What the hell…?!! :)

    I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here – now I’ve got a visited link colour working fine but… the active link color isn’t … nor the hover.

    This is what my CSS looks like:

    /*important to change the whole color scheme*/

    body, .dropcap2, .dropcap3, .dynamicBg, .button, #top .pagination a:hover{






    a:visited {




    color:#FFA200; text-decoration:underline;


    /*if you have choosen a dark color above fonts below need to be light and vice versa*/

    .footer, #top .footer a:hover, .footer h1, .footer h2, .footer h3, .footer h4, .footer h5, .footer h6, .dropcap2, .dropcap3, .wrapper_heading h2, .button, #js_sort_items span, #top .pagination a:hover{



    .footer a, #top .footer a:hover{



    I’m defaulting to a #AAAAAA or a #666666 or something like that.

    This isn’t an issue on style1 or 2 but it kinda gets lost in the bg on style3.

    I replaced it with the code from Christian’s demo style3 and I still have a grayish colour as hover.

    I’m really sorry to hassle you James but I’ve not had this problem before so am a little stumped.

    Here’s a screen shot of what I’m talking about:

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    Cheers, James. I’ll give it a whirl.

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    Efusjon: My image size is 940×440 … and I’m having no problem on load.

    The image needs to be the proper size you want it. So, no, you are not featuring the thumbnail for the slider, you are featuring the actuall full-size slide image.

    I’m not sure what you mean by wanting the images to sit the same as they do in the demo … do you mean ‘unlinked’? If so, just don’t link it in any of those drop down menus on the ‘Entry Options’ section.

    Also, when you imported the dummy content did your slider show with images?

    in reply to: Need to Re-Order Slide Images NOT Alphabetically #31326

    Okay, lasseoe, I think I’ve got your culprit…

    You have to ‘OK’ the time/date edit before you ‘UPDATE’.

    Failing that, I would suggest you change it to a ‘Draft’ then try the above method.

    I jut tried updating the time and it didn’t recognise the load … it did when I olayed it … then updated.

    Hope that works for you.


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    Hi, efusjon…

    Not sure if this is what you need … it’s a basic run through. Remember that your slider will always post the most recently added image first when the page loads. (I think!!) :)

    If memory serves me correctly, you will be able to find the slider image psd’s in the skins folder.

    Here’s my dodgy step by step…

    in reply to: Need to Re-Order Slide Images NOT Alphabetically #31322


    If the post time won’t edit I’d suggest just deleting them and reposting in the correct order. Think of them like a blog post … most recent addition will always show first.

    Thus, your Slider-2 is showing first because you posted it last.

    Gotta think backwards … !! :)

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    Lasseoe, there definitely should be a ‘date’ field on the top right hand side of your ‘Slider Entires’ page. You will not find it when you intitially upload the image. You have to publish it first.

    After publishing it – go back to edit the page and navigate to the ‘Publish’ area at top right of page.

    Find the ‘edit’ link in the ‘Published on’ field — from here you can trick the page into displaying in the order you want by changing the date.

    in reply to: Visited Link Color #31647

    Thanks, James.

    I’m fine with the footer link.

    It still the page content link colour I’m having issues with.

    It simply ignores whatever hex code I place into the code beginning on line 6.

    As for the tuts … wow, where to begin?!

    I think most people probably need a basic understanding of css simply because the easiest way for the average punter to customise their WP site is by altering css.


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    Okay, now I’m stumped.

    It doesn’t work!!

    Is there a reset somewhere perhaps? I’m a bit confused why this doesn’t work.

    Footer change is fine on line 18 when I change it like so:


    .footer a, #top .footer a:hover{



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    I tried that before I posted the first question … although I did have about 4 styles open from three different themes… mmm, need to get some organisation happening.

    Talk about being a friggin muppet!

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    Good man, James.

    Sorry to ask such idiotic questions. I really need to actually learn something about css one day.

    Now if you guys can just run some video tutorials I’ll sign-up ASAP.

    Maybe Kriesi’s Koding Kamp … with guest tutors Mr Morrison and The Dude! :)

    Cheers again, mate.

    in reply to: logo issue #31549

    All fixed.

    I had to over-write the skin3 logo png … it wouldn’t take any other renaming, even on the logo upload function.

    Apparently it only wants logo.png and it only wants it in the correct skin folder.


    in reply to: Featured Stripe #31353

    Fantastic work, Dude.

    Thanks again… and thanks again to Christian – the color picker and background upload is a joy to use. You deserve every penny you earn on this stuff.

    Cheers fellas

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