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    Hey all,

    There have been a number of requests from users asking for video tutorials on installing / customising Kriesi themes.

    Based on requests so far the first two videos I’m going to make will be:

    1.) Installing / setting up a theme.

    2.) Using Firebug to find and change CSS styles (eg link colours / font size).

    If you’d like to see Video Tutorials on specific subjects please add your comments here. I’m not making promises that they will be made but the most popular are more likely to be done sooner rather than later.




    We should also add a faq section. Some questions occur again and again. I.e. removing image borders and so on.

    The Dude


    Obviously you got this down.A video or two on a setting up a simple site from start to finish hitting the more challenging aspects of it would be awesome.

    thank you


    Love Firebug. Great idea to doa tut on it. I was able to make most css edits to my site easly based on the great commented code and firebug.


    Letting new users know about Firebug is a great idea. There must be some video tuts already out there so a link to that would possibly help people first up.

    The installation of WP is always going to be an issue. New users are going to always be a pain at first but the idea is to educate everyone without discrimination as the natural uptake of a platform like WP will allow it to continually grow.

    I am aware that offering support is always a hard ask in this day and age for developers but forums such as this should be recognised as sales tools, education depositories and community environments. (Note to Kriesi: I’d be okay if you placed affiliate links back to TF or any other company).

    Also … and I know a lot of people are very protective about their customisations, but I’d love to see a showcase of people’s sites solely based on Kriesi’s themes.

    My 2cents.


    Start a showcase thread; I thik thats a good idea. I’ll contribute alhough Im still adding content for next couple weeks.



    Is there any place to find tuts on theme building?

    I’d love to replicate the look of something like the following site for a few friends who want book sites.

    It kinda looks simple – separate header image, hover menu, two columns … but I have no idea where to begin to try and create my own version. I’m not looking to build any fancy functions into it, just want to keep it clean and direct. Book image, background, menu. That’s it. In fact, I can never find a simple enough theme for what I need.

    Which is why I suppose I will have to build it myself… unfortunately this won’t work because I’m an idiot!! :)


    This is a perfect idea … Looking for to see those videos… And Kriesi.. The ease of use of your templates, the beauty and the support of course is going to make me buy a 2. theme from u soon ( if my web site offer is accepted by the client )

    THanks.. keep going


    Thanks for all the replies.

    I plan on getting the 1st video (installing WP and setting up a theme) this week, after editing / revisions should be online by Monday.

    @cwrigley I see you’ve already started a Showcase thread, this may be moved to a separate showcase section in due course.

    @batesy I don’t know of any tutorials on theme building, if you mean HTML -> WordPress conversion this is something I may put together myself over a series of tutorials (there’s so much that goes into a theme that one video would put people to sleep :-) The site you linked to was built by someone who probably put the whole site together (including the book image) in Photoshop and then converted it to HTML – this would be something completely separate from converting HTML -> WP.



    A video tutorial on integrating buddypress with the theme(s) would be great!




    Where I can get the Video Tutorial?




    Are there any videos yet?

    I do not see any.


    Yes at the moment there’s only one (link I posted above)…


    I followed the link several times, and I still cannot find the video??


    I really like this theme, but I am getting rather frustrated. First this forum site loads super slow.

    Next I have some simple questions and set up issues, with the theme, not WordPress. The only video you made is how to install WordPress.

    I wish you had video tutorials on setting up the theme or a pdf with directions

    I have been using StudioPress themes for years now and wanted to try something different.




    a documentation is (should be) included in your themeforest download package. It includes psds, the theme files and a docs folder which contains a index.html file. Click on it and you can view it in your browser…


    Id love to suggest – very easy to use, does high def – limitation (5 minutes)


    I think Kriesi bought an offline desktop recording tool to produce tutorial vdeos :)


    To save your support staff from answering the same thing again and again do a video on…

    1) Using pages in the slider.

    2) Using a static page as the home page without the slider being disabled.

    3) Setting up the First and Second menus and deleting the descriptions.

    4) Preventing two photos from displaying in posts.

    5) Changing the default backrounds and headers.

    BTW, Why can’t this designed so it can done from the control panel rather than altering code by hand? It’s a great theme but it’s consuming FAR more time than I had bargained for just so I can have that cool slider!

    The support interface is very inefficient. We can’t upload screenshots. It doesn’t notify us when our questions are answered. There’s no links to common questions based on the question we are about to ask. we can’t contact other members directly.

    You might consider something like or even phpBB would work better and it’s probably provided free from your web host under Fantastico Deluxe. You could even monetize it.



    1) I’ll forward the video suggestions to Kriesi.

    2) I’ll search around – very likely I can find a notification plugin for bbpress. You can subscribe threads with the rss buttons for now.

    3) You can use services like to upload screenshorts and to upload files. I really like the approach of this forum to not allow any uploads. It’s always a security risk, causes traffic and storage problems and costs. It also increases loading times because you have to download additional scripts and resources to implement the upload functions or toolbars in general. Only a few user need this feature and they can use external services.

    4) I don’t like the idea of pn in support forums because:

    a) we respect that many users don’t want to give away any contact data (privacy policy)

    b) we want to avoid that certain users get “spammed” with how-to requests. I know that it’s an advantage of communities that users can help each other. However some users aren’t interested in doing our work or helping us out or they even want to charge something for cutomizations we would help users with for free.

    That said, I’m glad if users help each other in the support forum. If someone needs the contact data of another person/user he can explain the situation to us and we’ll decide if we give away the contact details or not.

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