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    not yet, trying to call GoDaddy is usually a nightmare.

    What kinds of things should I ask about? Say etc? I don’t know too much about servers and hosting.

    As well as If I wanted to change host providers and get away form GoDaddy, on a newbie scale how hard is it to transfer over without messing up the entire site and links?

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    I sent the link and login below. So It is working right now on the mac again as I am at work. Yesterday, when I logged on at home on the windows PC it was working just fine again, I uploaded about a 100 photos and made 4 blog posts. Then I logged off, ate lunch, and when I logged back in 30 minutes later I couldn’t upload any more images, I started to get the HTTP error again.

    It seams completely random. When the error was active I tried windows explorer instead of my normal chrome browser and still got the error. I was unable to test a different theme at that time.

    in reply to: HTTP Error #516584

    Im at work now, but what do mean by default? wordpress 2014 theme. Or enfold with no child theme?

    so for reference. at home I am using windows 7 and chrome. still doesn’t work this morning.

    at work I am using yosemitie and chrome. and it is working.

    in reply to: HTTP Error on image upload #491885

    I got it fixed. I had to change the permissions of the uploads folder and all sub directories to 755, and change all files to 644

    What might have caused such and issue, godaddy changing something on their end?

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    in reply to: HTTP Error on image upload #491870

    Any ideas on this? This randomly started happening before the last two updates so it wasn’t the update. I need to get this working

    in reply to: easy sliders #356982

    thanks the update did indeed fix the issue. Thanks

    in reply to: Easy slider shortcode inside tabs is messed up #356981

    Is that a nice way of saying, they aren’t meant to be used in that location. ;)

    in reply to: Easy slider shortcode inside tabs is messed up #354335

    Sorry, I guess it was the layer slider not easy slider. the button is right below the wand in my photo, and when clicked the open dialog is off the page, also shown in the picture. Any thoughts on that?

    Also thanks for the tip on loading the shortcodes in separate page then copy paste into the tab content editor. Brilliant idea, never would have thought of that. Is that doable for just about any shortcode in the theme?

    Just curious as to why the shortcodes aren’t all available by default in the editor?


    in reply to: horizontal line under header #345401

    this worked. Thanks a ton

    in reply to: And sign in the special heading #343471

    the Ampersand isn’t using a custom font I have implemented just the theme defaults. Weird, well at least it looks right for you guys and maybe most people I don’t know. My main computer is a design computer and must have 15k typefaces on it, so weird if it can’t display the default typeface. Especially since it used too.

    Unless you guys have any thoughts on how to improve the consistency then we could close I guess. As you can’t control what font the end users have on their machine. I figured the theme would use all web fonts so it wouldn’t ever be an issue.

    in reply to: And sign in the special heading #343130

    It is being displayed as italic, and yes Baskerville is the theme default font supplied in the theme css, How do I find out what font is being used on ios devices. I want it to be whatever that font is

    in reply to: And sign in the special heading #343128

    Red Robin, thanks for the suggestion, but I make it a point to never display Jack & Addi. only Jack + Addi or Jack and Addi.

    Tung Do – I am curious what you are viewing on to see it render like the bottom version in my image. This had been switched away from the bottom and to the top since almost version 2 of the theme so it isn’t a browser refresh issue.


    sorry that code didn’t do what I am looking for. after implementing the code provided the ampersand treatment built into the theme went away entirely. And it became brown and my google font. I want it to stay blue and stay the decorative italic version but I don’t want it to be seen on computers as the fat font in the above sample, just the fancier skinny one in the bottom sample that is still rendering on iphones.


    in reply to: toggle background color change #343115

    Thanks. It took a bit more than that but I got it. If I just did that then it overdid something else, but this helped me target the more basic class. I was making it too complex. cheers

    in reply to: And sign in the special heading #342882

    sorry site is thanks

    in reply to: toggle background color change #342501

    sorry my site is

    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #329245

    Yeah you are probably right. I will just call it good for now. Thanks for the help.

    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #329118

    Maybe it is more of a non-issue. I am just a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to functionality. There is no issue on iphone or ipad. As when you scroll down the header doesn’t shrink. It just either scrolls away or is sticky full size depending on the device. The only place it happens is on a variable browser screen like a computer like in the picture at the top. I would assume most people don’t display websites in a small window much anymore. Most probably view it full screen or close to it. But the people that do run smaller window are the ones that will see it.

    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #327569

    Sorry if
    I didn’t clarify, I did incorporate that in into the media query, but it still doesn’t work. the code you are providing does work. But it only does one of two things. It solves the scroll down logo change/shrink. perfect.

    but what it conflicts with is the other thing I do. On devices smaller than 989 I want to always display the icon version of the logo (on both unscrolled and scrolled headers) The normal large logo is too wide and it touches my nav links. So I hide the full logo and show the icon.

    In the past the only thing I did was change the logo on the smaller browsers and the scaling header was never an issue. But with the last update it changed. The code you are providing is facilitating the scroll change, does nothing for always showing the icon on smaller screens. I can turn that on too, but then on small devices when you scroll up and down it is showing both background icons on top of each other.

    Sorry it is hard for me to explain in words. what I want it to do seams simple enough, I just can’t explain it well. (infact when you visit my site now it works but the problem is just the cutoff) picture at the top of this thread. or visit the site and shrink you browser window left then scroll down to watch the problem.

    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #327482

    thanks for trying Josue,
    The last suggestion looked nice for the main logo swap to my icon on scroll down. But it doesn’t account for the swap on browser window ipad size. If I use the new code in combination with some of the old code then I end up with seeing two logos as one point. My brain is starting to hurt trying to figure it out. It seams I can the swap to look right when the browser window is shrunk down past 989 wide. And I can get the swap to look good with a larger browser window when simply scrolled down. But I cant get the shrinking of the logo on scroll down to time right when the browser window is below that tablet size and the swapped logo is visible.

    I am going to leave it the way it was. default logo shrink behavior on scroll down. And then my swap happens when window is smaller that 989. But when the latter is active and they then scroll down. the logo gets cut off until the header shrinks then it activates the logo shrink. The end result is good, but middle is bad. If you scroll down slow you see it. but I think if you scroll down normally and aren’t exactly looking at the logo it might not be noticed by people. Very un-elegant but i don’t know what else to do.

    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #312375

    Any Chance for the code to change this. The only thing I know anything about is css and that is marginal at best. And I would of course want to change this in a child theme. So I know you usually have to copy the original .js file into a folder in your child them and then add something to your child functions file also. this is beyond my common knowledge.

    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #311123

    If it is helpfull here is the full code that is making this happen…

    	/* adds the ja icon as a background and is set up for retina displays */
     	div .logo {
    		background: url(http: (Email address hidden if logged out) ) top left no-repeat;
    		top: 10px;
    		background-size: 66px 60px; 
    	/* makes the default logo transparent */
     	.logo img {
    		opacity: 0 !important;
    		filter: alpha(opacity=0); For IE8 and earlier
    		-webkit-transition: none !important;
    		-moz-transition: none !important;
    		transition: none !important;
    	/* shrinks ja icon on scroll down */	
     	.header-scrolled div .logo {
    		top: 5px;
    	    background-size: 33px 30px;
    	    -webkit-transition: background-size linear 0.2s;
    		-moz-transition: background-size linear 0.2s;
    		transition: background-size linear 0.2s;
    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #311122

    This didn’t work either. Sorry. I use div . logo already for my logo swap trick when the browser shrinks below 989. and I fI add it there it messes up that code. But if I add it to the .header-scrolled div . logo then it still does what I think you had in mind. (it transitions the shrink) but it still only activates at about 50% of the header shrink on scroll) but during that first waiting period if gets cut off.

    any other ideas? I want this background I add at 989 breakpoint after hiding the .logo img… to shrink porportionatly on scroll just like the logo image does.

     div .logo {
    		background: url(http: (Email address hidden if logged out) ) top left no-repeat;
    		top: 10px;
    		background-size: 66px 60px; 
    in reply to: Mobile hamburger nav glitch #311119

    This last edit worked perfectly. thanks guys

    in reply to: Mobile hamburger nav glitch #309971

    Thanks Ismael,
    this did but also didn’t work. It did in fact disable clients, but it also disabled the child page links. ideas?

    in reply to: new header styles – messed up my site – dang #309582

    I had to adapt 2: but this got me very close so thanks.

    As for 3: this is working on the finished effect but is falling a bit short of what I want as a finished effect. If you look at the normal full size logo on shrink, the logo shrinks automatically as the header shrinks in infinite steps. This code doesn’t do that. From what I can tell at 50% of the header shrink the code activates and it shrinks the whole thing in one shot. But right before this it is cutting off the bottom of the logo pretty badly. You can see it if you slowly scroll down. It looks good at the start and end but not the middle.

    how do we constrain the shrinking percentage wise to match that of the shrinking header (the same effect that is natively on the logo.


    in reply to: Parallax based background images #308998

    awesome I will check this out

    in reply to: Masonry Gallery photo overlap #209115

    Dang. I tried that and still get the overlap of photos.

    in reply to: Masonry Gallery photo overlap #208221

    do you mean not using them or try using them? I haven’t ever used an incognito window, is there a setting that engages this by default when creating a new tab with the button at the top?

    Well at least other people aren’t experiencing this, hopefully. I just wish I could figure this out. Driving me nuts.

    This is probably not the case but I did modify the masonry_entries.php file

    So if you guys addressed this issue and changed that code then when I updated it wouldn’t be taking effect. This cant be the reason though as you would be experiencing it also. It just seems to be my computer

    in reply to: Masonry Gallery photo overlap #208096

    I was running the extentions live reload and clear cache shortcut. So I disabled them and the behavior doesn’t change. It’s weird I don’t know what else about my machine could be causing that.

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