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    Setup is WordPress 5.3.2 and WooCommerce 3.9.3.

    Hi Rikard, it is not any more needed because after a day of running latest version of Enfold the message is gone. Thanks.

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    Beside Rikard, because it is a client site, I have to ask owner if they give me a OK to send you login details. You know GDPR!

    in reply to: Product page shortcode in post has wrong layout #967066

    Hi Rikard, first I have setup it with a feature image in product but image was shown with max. dimension of around 180 px as small as placeholder image. This seems to be a bug.

    Same for using shortcode [products] from woocommerce. Instead of showing product page as described in first topic I tried showing product thumbnail with [products id=”xx” columns=”1″]. This should show the product with details and linked to product details page. But parameter columns didn’t work, it was shown in three column layout anytime. Enfold seems to overwrite columns parameter.

    in reply to: Datepicker in Forms translation to long wording #960363

    Hi Mike, that is not a good solution because if Enfold is updated I have to do that again.

    I found a solution in WordPress core function:

    add_filter('gettext', 'translate_text');
    add_filter('ngettext', 'translate_text');
    function translate_text($translated) {
    $translated = str_ireplace('Vorangegangen', 'Früher', $translated);
    return $translated;
    in reply to: WooCommece Product List AVIA broken #956301

    OK. In my case it is solved – no further action is needed.

    Regards Adrian

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    Solved. I changed back under performance settings for loading elements from “Load only used elements (Recommended)” to “Allways load all elements”. But this is not what I expected. Now we loose reduce load of page, performance and need more RAM. Any idea?

    in reply to: Themewechsel und Portfolioeinträge mitnehmen #859586

    Hey Günter, danke für Dein Angebot. Es sind ungefähr 60 Einträge, also überschaubar. Ich muss aber eh jeden Eintrag bearbeiten, weil da der AVIA Layoutbuilder benutzt wurde. Arbeit bleibt genug, also kann ich die auch gleich als Posts neu anlegen. Und einen Redirect muss ich auch machen, sonst geht ja der ganze SEO-Kram verloren.

    Aber ich hab da noch eine Anmerkung, zu einem Verhalten im Fall Enfold, die mir vorhin erst aufgefallen ist: Ich hatte vergangene Woche das Theme umgestellt und wichtige Seiten dann von den ganzen AVIA Shortcodes befreit. Anschließend gespeichert. Das betraf vor allem Seiten, die direkt per Menü erreichbar waren wie Landingpages, Homepage und natürlich Kontakt und Impressum. Als ich dann vorgestern wegen der Portfolios Enfold wieder aktivierte – mit Storefront hab ich ja überhaupt keinen Zugriff auf die Portfolios –, da waren mit einem Male die meisten Layouts mit AVIA wieder da, obwohl ich die ja inzwischen gelöscht hatte und die Seiten neu gespeichert hatte. Ich hatte keine Wiederherstellung von einer gespeicherten älteren Version gemacht und auch kein älteres Backup wieder eingespielt. Das war schon komisch. Kann es sein, das Enfold seine eigenen Layouts noch an anderer Stelle in der Datenbank speichert oder wie kommt das?

    in reply to: Themewechsel und Portfolioeinträge mitnehmen #859505

    Danke Günter. Aber das Plugin hilft nicht weiter. Damit kann ich nur Titel und Slugs ändern. Was mir vorschwebte war, einen Portfolioeintrag einfach in einen Blogbeitrag zu wandeln. Aber ich merke, das geht nicht so einfach. Also werde ich die wohl händisch in Posts übertragen.

    Storefront kennt leider überhaupt keine Portfolios. Es ist hauptsächlich optimiert auf WooCommerce. Jetpack hat ja auch eine Portfoliooption drin, aber nur deswegen nun Jetpack installieren?

    Danke Günter, einen Versuch war es wert.

    in reply to: Icon Menu not working #822009

    Hi Victoria, thanks for your detailed explanation. Before I will change that in css, I have to mention that I found today a random behavior with the burger menu:

    After scrolling any page a bit down and up and calling at that stage the burger menu, sometimes I have black background on first item, other times I see first two items stay black after mouseover, then items stay gray or text is only bolded. I saw after set javascript to be deactivated in Safari, that burger menu is called by javascript, maybe handled too.

    Because of random of issues in burger menu, at using the general styles of Enfold 2017, can this be a javascript issue? If it were a css issue, it would be there all time, or am I wrong?

    in reply to: Icon Menu not working #821441

    Hi Nikko, that helps with the missing footer content. Thanks. But it doesn’t solve the issue with menu item stays black after mouseout. Beside I use as general styling the settings from Enfold 2017. I tested a bit more and found this:

    It seems, that if I am at top of page and then call menu, you see underneath first item in menu the breadcrumb. This seems to be the issue, because if I scroll a bit down on page and did a call of menu than, this issue went away. Maybe it is a kind of layer bug?

    in reply to: Mobile menu text colour (4.1 Update) #821438

    Hi victoria, your solution didn’t work. It seems, that if I am a top of page and call menu, then you find underneath first item in menu the breadcrumb. This seems to be the issue, because if I scroll a bit down on page and did a call of menu than, this issue went away. Maybe it is a kind of layer bug?

    The issue with the missing content / custom menu in footer is solved, as Nikko send me a quick fix: #821368

    in reply to: Icon Menu not working #821207
    in reply to: Mobile menu text colour (4.1 Update) #821169

    Hi @victoria, I am sorry, but I switched back to traditional menu on desktop on live site. This issue is not for visitors.

    I have setup a burger menu on my staging site at

    That what I see is only on Safari on desktop and only, if I have min. two top level items in menu. There seems to be wrong css for on mouse out. Means, if I move with mouse over items in menu, leave item one and move over to item two, then item goes black. Looks like a random, even how long I stay with mouse over item. If I have only one top level item followed by second level items then issue disappears.

    Beside this, I have a four column footer setup. If I have burger menu on desktop activated and in conjunction with issue above, the content in column three and four disappear. They are in source code but not visible. This issue is on Safari and Chrome on Mac.

    in reply to: Icon Menu not working #821017

    In case of setting menu to icon / burger menu on desktop too, the content of footer element three and four is empty. If I check source code, elements are there but unvisible and unusable.

    I have had in footer three and four a headline and a custom menu. Headline is shown, but no menu links.

    If I switch back to default menu in header all footer elements are visible. This issue is in Safari and Google Chrome.

    in reply to: Icon Menu not working #820854

    Hi Nikko, it was a settings fault by me – sorry. I had in main menu > burger/mobile menu set to Display submenu items on click. I changed it to always … and now it works fine.

    But I have still another css bug in Safari on Mac:
    If I open burger menu with mouse and move mouse down on menu items, they get highlighted. But after leaving item with mouse they get black instead of going back to default background menu color. Test is in menu black, so text can not be read anymore. I found the stage at were this happens:

    I tested on staging site some settings and no plugin was the case on issue, instead it is Enfold. I hadn’t this issue first on staging site, because I had in menu at top first level menu only one item and below few second level items.
    As I changed the main menu in the way, that on top first level three items were setup and below few second level items, then the bug is there.

    in reply to: Icon Menu not working #820830

    Hi Nikko, let me try this a bit more as I find some time for testing. I did a same setup on a staging site and there I did not see issue. So, maybe it is plugin related as there are not same plugin configuration. Maybe it is Jetpack related. But I will test and report.

    Thanks, Adrian

    in reply to: Mobile menu text colour (4.1 Update) #820747

    But its on mine with a black background after I went with mouse over items:

    in reply to: Menu Problem #820741

    I have a bug too with menu shown as icon:

    If menu is folded out and I go with mouse over menu items, each item I leave stays in black, but not at all.

    See here at:

    Browser is latest Safari on Mac. Google Chrome shows menu items fine.

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    in reply to: Navigation stuck left #820378
    in reply to: Enfold Version 4.1 Update troubles? #820186

    Hi Yiigit, the code you wrote about centering the menu if logo is centered works fine on desktop browser. But on small mobile screen like iPhone 4 or iPhone SE with only 480 width now icons for cart, burger menu and search now overlap with logo. This does not work.

    Update: Even if I use that css from Yigit or not, the mobile behavior is the same. Thanks. But it would be nice, if in case of very small screens the extra icons would be placed under logo instead of overlapping. Any idea in this case?

    in reply to: Navigation stuck left #820182

    Hi Victoria, I had same issue with Enfold 4.1. It did on desktop fine but on mobile items like burger menu, search icon and basket icon do now overlap with logo.

    ? – ?

    Hi Ismael, I provided a link in my post. This is actual. Well, I selected a top product category. Then I selected show titles as caption always.

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Beware: Site language is german

    If I did not select Show Title always but instead Hide Both, then Product Add-on did not show in Masonry!

    Hi Support, I asked plugin devs about this and they gave this answer:

    In WooCommerce, most of the things such as product, orders, and global add-ons are saved as a custom WordPress post type, in the same database table. The only way to tell a difference is by the post type itself. Products have a post type called product. Global Add-Ons are global_product_addon.

    If I had to guess, my hypothesis is that the masonry gallery code scans the database for posts of a type that includes the word product, rather than equals the word product. This is a common practice when writing database queries, but it may lead to false positives where global_product_addon is also counted as product.

    Please check code of Enfold or ask Kriesi about this. This way we may find a solution.

    Regards, Adrian

    Hi Basilis, I don’t think so, because the related url to a product is


    but to the global add-on is


    Both have different urls or am I wrong?

    Hi Basilis,
    I have a bug in Enfold in case of using a Masonry with WooCommerce product category and using the Woo Product Add-on plugin. I have setup a global product add-on on product category basis and if let this category show up in Masonry, the product add-on is listet as product too. This case is only f I set Masonry title or text display to true.

    Maybe this helps you understanding my request.

    I am using Woo 3.0.7, Enfold 4.0.7 and WordPress 4.7.5

    Regards, Adrian

    in reply to: WooCommerce 3.0.0/3.0.1 and the images issue #782296

    In der Tat eine tolle Leistung. Hochachtung vor Deiner Liebe zu Enfold und Deinem Sachverstand.

    Well, Ismael, that helped me. Thanks, Adrian

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