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  • in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114733

    The contact form builder gives very small possibilities.

    For example, I need a page here people can select a date to ask for an appointement. With the contact form builder, it’s impossible to achieve.

    You should add a “date” element. Two possibilities :

    – A text input which is valid only when people type DD/MM/YYY (or MM/DD/YYYY according to the locale) and a little calendar next to it so they can select the day and it fills the input

    – A two-chars number input, a dropdown list and another 4-char input.

    Right now, we can put only two elements in front of each other, but not 3, and thats kind of a problem to do that.

    in reply to: YouTube video problem #89997

    The gallery still doesn’t show up

    I tried to use the iframe, and tried to reupload the whole gallery, but still it won’t come up…

    I had to delete the product and re-create it from scratch. But thanks, now I have both ^^

    in reply to: Blog appears on home page #84634

    OK, I found the problem.

    I thought that the theme was bypassing the default WordPress settings, and as I was searching for something I saw that WordPress was set to display the latest posts on the home page instead of a static page.

    So I changed id, put a static page and set my pages in it and now it’s ok !

    in reply to: Display entire blog posts in feed #82926

    Same here, I don’t have the entire blog post on the Blog page (text + pictures)

    And also, I have set up a page as Home Page, which then shouldn’t show the blog posts, but it does. It displays the content of my page and the latest blog post, which I don’t want at all

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)