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  • in reply to: Trying to re-lodate the sidebar for single-product #1400697

    Unfortunately the editor removed my indentions, I hope this makes it clearer:

    <div id=“product-12345“>
    —<div class=“single-product-main-image“>
    ——<div class=“woocommerce-product-gallery“>
    —<div class=“single-product-summary“>
    <aside class=”sidebar”>

    in reply to: Deeplinking into Tab Section does not work #1360765

    Hi again,

    we had to remove the links in the table header on the site, because it has gone live today. But I still would love to get this working, so let’s continue this on a clone of the site, details are below.

    in reply to: Deeplinking into Tab Section does not work #1360747

    Hi Ismael,

    hmm, strange about the dashboard. Our Geolocation Blocking is off atm, so not sure why it doesn’t work.

    I have edited the code, but it still won’t scroll :-(

    The link should be entered as ‘#something’ not as ‘something’ in the Deep Link field, right?

    What else could I do?

    in reply to: Add Title to template-blank.php #1360600

    Hi Yigit,

    excellent! I would have added it directly to the file template-blank.php, but this also works.

    Thanks for your help


    in reply to: Deeplinking into Tab Section does not work #1360583

    Hi Ismael,

    as written in the first post, I did enter that link in the Tabs options in the Deeplink string, see here:

    No matter if I enter that link as #nebenbuehne1link or as nebenbuehne1link, it doesn’t work.



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    in reply to: Deeplinking into Tab Section does not work #1360481

    Hi Ismael,

    unfortunately it does not work yet. I did leave the login details already, so you may take a look yourself, if possible.

    Thanks a million in advance.


    in reply to: Deeplinking into Tab Section does not work #1360267

    Hi Ismael,

    thank you very much for your help. I entered your script via Code Snippets and can see that it is loading, but no scrolling :(
    The console gives me this error:

    Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .av-section-tab-title[href=]
        jQuery 7
        jQuery 8
        jQuery 13

    Do you see what is going wrong? Or what other info do you need?

    in reply to: Edit screen_options_visibility #1177970

    Hi Ismael,
    the new breakpoint that we added only works, if we add “av-desktopl-hide=” in /includes/helper-privacy.php line 1786:

    $sc_content .= “[av_heading tag='h3' padding='10' heading='{$heading}' color='' style='blockquote modern-quote' custom_font='' size='' subheading_active='' subheading_size='15' custom_class='' admin_preview_bg='' av-desktopl-hide='' av-desktop-hide='' av-medium-hide='' av-small-hide='' av-mini-hide='' av-medium-font-size-title='' av-small-font-size-title='' av-mini-font-size-title='' av-medium-font-size='' av-small-font-size='' av-mini-font-size='' margin='10px,0,0,0'][/av_heading]“;

    and add “av-desktopl-hide” to /includes/helper-privacy.php (line 1786)

    $displays = array( ‘av-desktopl-hide’, ‘av-desktop-hide’, ‘av-medium-hide’, ‘av-small-hide’, ‘av-mini-hide’ );

    You said “You may need to copy the whole av_privacy_class in your child theme.”
    I’ll see if can figure that out – unless you want to give me one last advice on how to accomplish that and then I am gone (and happy).

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    in reply to: Edit screen_options_visibility #1177599

    Hi Ismael,

    thank a lot. Yes, that new options is the reason we’re doing his. And your code works great now. From your first post I assumed we could just add that one bit, but I understand now that we have to replace the whole array.

    This only leaves the other two files, that would have to be edited: /includes/helper-privacy.php (line 1786) and /config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/generic-helper.class.php (line 928).

    Any chance you have an update safe way of editing those up your sleeve ;-)


    in reply to: Edit screen_options_visibility #1177149

    Hi Ismael,
    I seem to be slow-witted, sorry for that. I understand that the popup_elements registers everything in it and pulls e.g. the screen_options_visibility from the template file (/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/popup-templates.class.php). Before 4,7 the array was defined directly in the shortcode, now we would need to edit that template in popup-templates.class.php, which is out of our reach in a child theme, isn’t it.
    Or are we talking at cross purposes?

    in reply to: Edit screen_options_visibility #1176655

    Hi Ismael,
    thank you for that hint. If I understood you correctly, should it work like this in the shortcode:

    								'type'				=> 'template',
    								'template_id'		=> 'screen_options_toggle',
    								'templates_include'	=> array(
    															$this->popup_key( 'new_breakpoint' ),

    and then later in the same file

    protected function register_dynamic_templates()
    			global $avia_config;
    // existing code goes here.................................................
    			 * Advanced Tab
    			 * ===========
    			$c = array(
    									'desc'              => __( 'Hide on very large screens (wider than 1280px - eg: Large Desktop)', 'avia_framework' ),
    									'id'                => 'av-desktopl-hide',
    									'std'               => '',
    									'container_class'   => 'av-multi-checkbox',
    									'type'              => 'checkbox'
    			AviaPopupTemplates()->register_dynamic_template( $this->popup_key( 'new_breakpoint' ), $c );

    The entry shows up in the shortcode popup but it isn’t applied. What am I missing? Naturally I have the correct CSS in place like this:

    @media only screen and (min-width: 1280px){
    .responsive.av-no-preview #top #wrap_all .av-desktopl-hide,
    .responsive.av-no-preview #top #wrap_all .av-desktopl-font-size-hidden,
    .responsive.av-no-preview #top #wrap_all .av-desktopl-font-size-title-hidden{display:none;}
    @media only screen and (min-width: 990px)  and (max-width: 1279px) {
    .responsive.av-no-preview #top #wrap_all .av-desktop-hide,
    .responsive.av-no-preview #top #wrap_all .av-desktop-font-size-hidden,
    .responsive.av-no-preview #top #wrap_all .av-desktop-font-size-title-hidden{display:none;}

    Thanks for your valuable input.
    Cheers, Michael

    +1 for Script deregister

    This would make a great addon and we wouldn’t have to use another GDPR/DSGVO solution as soon as we are using external services/scripts

    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1139999

    Hi Günter,

    awesome, all the upcoming features in 4.6.3 are exactly what has been missing and if the documentation and backend description reflect all that, Enfold is back on track.

    Are you saying that disabling [av_privacy_accept_essential_cookies] should have an influence on cookies set by Woocommerce and WPML? I would have to test that, I assumed it wouldn’t…

    Thanks for the heads up.


    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1139407

    Hi again, I have to take back my last comment. The second option of “Default Cookie and Services Option Settings” enables all shortcodes by default. Still not sure why [av_privacy_accept_essential_cookies] is enabled by default on the 3rd option though.

    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1139202

    Just tested a bit further to confirm the above about 3rd party cookie shortcodes and found some strange behaviour. Why is [av_privacy_accept_essential_cookies] enabled by default but third-party shortcodes like [av_privacy_video_embeds] are not? That’s completely illogical.

    A user accepting cookies, i.e. opting-in to have cookies saved would never expect that he has to go into the settings and enable each and every cookie separately.

    A website user either wants to enable all cookies (with one click), some cookies by en- or disabling some (takes a few clicks) or no cookies at all (with one click).

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    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1139169

    Hi Ismael,

    I know how to change the descriptions displayed for the shortcodes I am using. My suggestion was to change the descriptions of the shortcodes in the documentation and in the Enfold options, since they are plain wrong and thus will forever create confusion for your customers. But hey, up to you, at least I now know what I am doing.

    Just as an addendum, if you would follow the EuGH judgement as strictly as possible, [av_privacy_accept_essential_cookies] would have to be set to “disabled” by default. But there is some legal leeway and since the user has the possibility to disable it himself, it “should” be ok.

    I do have set “Default Cookie and Services Option Settings” to the 3rd option, in Europe this is the only viable option, all others are definitively illegal!

    Regarding the 3rd party cookies, I removed all shortcodes/toggles from the modal popup related to external stuff like Google Analytics and so on. Now the respective cookies are not saved anymore. So in order to really adapt this to our needs, we have to edit the custom content of the modal window and remove all unnecessary shortcodes. Can you confirm this behaviour? This might be another useful hint for your documentation, I just found this out by chance.


    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1138771

    Hi Ismael,

    thanks for clearing this up. I guess you might wanna update the documentation as well as the shortcode description in the backend to reflect that. I would even suggest to rename the shorcodes, as their names alone bear a lot of potential for confusion.

    To be honest, I would have preferred the other way around, i.e. the toggle saying “Enable to only allow essential cookies” – since this is what the GDPR and the latest judgement by the EuGH made mandatory. But from a legal standpoint it doesn’t matter if you allow or forbid with toggle on “on” – the only thing that matters is that the users has a – clearly described – choice. That’s why that description is so very important and why I kept nagging you for the definite explanation.

    One other thing: If we don’t use Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Fonts or Videos, those cookies are still set since they are enabled by default.
    Wouldn’t it make more sense, to make it possible to deactivate the shortcodes and also their respective Cookies, if we don’t need them?
    Our privacy policy explains that we don’t use any of these service but the cookies are still set to “allow”, if users accept the cookie message bar. That is not good and might even have some legal implications. I know that I can create my own modal popup texts and leave those shotcodes out, but they are still enabled by default.
    Thanks a lot for your continued help.


    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1138019

    Hi Ismael,

    1. so you are saying enabling [av_privacy_allow_cookies] only has an effect on the cookie message bar, but not on any cookies at all (except it’s own cookie of course) ?
    2. And enabling [av_privacy_accept_essential_cookies] will allow non-essential cookies, but when disabled only essential cookies are allowed?
    Is this not the opposite of what the description says?
    3. You completely misunderstood question 3. Naturally we know when the toggle is enabled and when not. My question was which toggle state corresponds with which cookie behaviour. But maybe this is more clear, when you confirm my question 1 and 2 above.

    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1136494

    Hi Ismael,

    thanks for taking the time to answer. You misunderstood me, I was talking about the button “Link to another page” in the modal popup. Linking to another page is not working!

    Also thanks for updating the documentation. Please believe me, I am not trying to be a pain in the ass, but some question are still unanswered resp. not yet clear. Could you shed some light on these?

    • 1. [av_privacy_allow_cookies] refuses ALL cookies or only non-essential ones?
    • 2. [av_privacy_accept_essential_cookies] refuses essential cookies additionally to the above? Why does the description say “and all other cookies”?
    • 3. The toggle logic is not clearly described in the documentation: When the toggle is set to “on”, what is happening, allow or forbid? Btw, the new wording “allow to refuse” only makes it worse ;-)
    • 4. Both toggles are set to “on” on the first visit. Clicking on “Accept” or clicking on “Decline” does not change that. So the logic behind it all is still not clear.

    I have updated the test page under Have a look at it and try to switch the toggle of either one shortcode and then click on “Accept” or “Deny” and see if the behaviour is as intended. For me the logic is botched, even considering that I still am misinterpreting some of your explanations the wrong way. Which would be a GDPR issue of its own:

    There is a very big danger here for all of us. The GDPR clearly states, that the user has to be informed in clear and concise natural language what his privacy options are. The current solution MIGHT be viable from a technical point of view (not sure yet, that it really is), but it is not clear at all and this opens up all kinds of problems, from unintended misconfigurations to written warnings (Abmahnungen) and other legal risks and issues.

    Please continue to work with us, so that we can find an easily working solution as well as an unambiguous documentation.

    Best regards

    in reply to: Update 4.6 makes cookie consent reload every time #1135875

    We have come to the same conclusion and have asked similar questions here:
    Let’s hope the Enfold team either explains how to set things up correctly or better yet, takes all this confusion as motivation to improve the UX and make it easier for all of us.

    in reply to: Please explain privacy settings logic #1134657

    I forgot one thing. The third button, that we can use in the Modal Popup Window does not work as intended. It should link to another page, right?
    It doesn’t, as you can test here: (Open modal and klick on “Ich will hier weg!”)
    Btw. that’s where I have been testing all the shortcodes, but the results where inconsistent, so I had to ask all those questions above.

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    in reply to: Update 4.6 makes cookie consent reload every time #1134491

    Yigit, I think I know what you are referring to with [av_privacy_allow_cookies]. The shortcode is placed in the Essential Website Cookies section of the Modal Window. But if a visitor accepts, i.e. opts in, shouldn’t this be set automatically?
    It would be great, if you can describe the logic a bit or maybe update the page for 4.6?

    We all need to make sure that Enfold is configured correctly in order not to submit our customers to legal issues, so some clarity would be great.
    EDIT: Looking at the shortcode discriptions, they say:
    [av_privacy_allow_cookies] – allows a user to refuse cookies and hides message bar (needs 2 cookies for that, others are removed)
    [av_privacy_accept_essential_cookies] – allows a user to opt out from essential theme and all other cookies (except 2 from av_privacy_allow_cookies)

    So the first one refuses ALL cookies or only non-essential ones?
    And the second one says “essential theme and all other cookies”, so in my understanding kinda contradicts the first one?

    Essentially we have these possibilities:
    User does nothing – no cookies are saved at all
    User denies cookies – 2 cookies are saved
    User allows essential cookies – some cookies are saved
    User allows all cookies – all cookies are saved

    How does this translate to the cookie message bar and why have those 2 selectors like this? I am really confused or to dumb to get this.

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    in reply to: Update 4.6 makes cookie consent reload every time #1134460

    Hi Yigit,

    great news. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “[av_privacy_allow_cookies] needed to be enabled for cookies to work correctly”?

    I thought [av_privacy_allow_cookies] is a shortcode that can be placed on a page, e.g. the privacy policy.
    I also thought that the Cookie Consent Message Bar already provides this functionality.



    in reply to: Update 4.6 makes cookie consent reload every time #1132915

    Same here

    Hi Ismael,

    yep, seems to work fine. Thank you very much for your help!


    Ah, now I undestand you. I’d prefer to give you real FTP access.

    Hi Ismael,
    you have the login details in the first post.
    Let me know, if I can help in any way.

    We got our hopes up too soon :(

    The products are now shown as sold out instead of the variable prices, e.g.

    Hi Ismael,

    perfect, it works. So this will go into the next update I assume?

    : There is no setting re minfying, or is there? Just interested…

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi Ismael,

    deactivating all plugins except for Woocommerce results in a very strange page. I’ll have to send you a screenshot, as the shop is live and can’t be offline for too long:
    So, the problem is less drastic, but it’s there. The same page, but without Button works fine, as before:


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