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    I have struggled to find a youtube solution for enfold that hides the title & info before playing, hides the suggested videos after playing, and remains responsive to the size of the browser. The standard YouTube widget in enfold is responsive, but doesn’t do the other items. Using the iframe code from youtube solves the hiding problem, but isn’t responsive.

    That being said I found a website running on Enfold that has solved all of these issues and I don’t know how they did it.

    I’ve seen a lot of questions like this on the forum.
    Can you please help?



    Hey Jon,

    They seem to be using a Easy Slider element (single Video slide) instead of a Video one.

    Best regards,



    Thanks a ton, that is a good option to have in my arsenal.
    The only issue I see is that when using the Easy Slider with a video you are not able to scrub across the timeline or skip ahead on the video.
    The youtube controls are there and mainly work, however, being able to fast forward and rewind is disabled.




    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .av-click-overlay {
        display: none;



    Nice! That worked great!
    I never would have made the connection that the overlay from built into the Easy Slider was causing the issue.

    Using it here on a new site I just started

    Thanks again


    on the negative side, it doesn’t work with mobile or tablet



    I checked your website on mobile and video is working as expected. Looks the same to me as on desktop. Can you highlight the issue using screenshots please?

    Best regards,


    When my page loads, the video begins automatically. Is there a way I can have it not start up unless prompted to do so?


    Hi laptophobo,

    What element are you using the video in?

    Best regards,


    Easy Slider.



    There is an autoplay function through youtoube or vimeo slider, which you can disable and will fix the problems

    Best regards,


    When I look at the page you want to emulate, I see suggested videos and the title on the Youtube video.

    If you use the Enfold video element and append ?rel=0 to the video url, it won’t show the related videos at the end. I’ve been unable to hide the video titles.
    Hope this helps.



    Basilis. Thanks, I’ll look into that. However, and I just noticed this, when I view on IE browser, each of the video audio is heard. (Please see Private content)

    Goldengate, I tried your solution, but that didn’t work.



    That is a strange re-action.
    After searching a little bit seems that it can be something related to the browser function.
    Have you tried a different browser other than those or even Private mode?

    Best regards,


    @goldengate415 using the ?rel=0 code doesn’t work when using Enfold’s AVIA Video Widgets, it breaks the link. You have to use the 3rd part plugin “Hide Related Videos” to do this but the downside is that it also strips out the new YouTube End Screen markups which took the place of Annotations earlier this year.

    This was the old solution, but the newest Enfold 4.12 automatically hides related videos and the ?rel=0 is not need as it would still break the link.

    You can also hide titles, ect when using YouTube’s embed code instead of Enfold Video Widget but the sizing wont be responsive as Enfold doesn’t handle the width 100% markup with keeping the aspect ratio. You would have to use the ?rel=0 if you use the YouTube embed code.

    Lastly you could use the ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder which lets you total hide the video element and replace it with a custom thumbnail image. This lets you hide anything you like and enable lazy load. Downside is you are relying on a 3rd party plugin and they charge you each year for updates. The poor man’s solution is to add an image to your page and link it to your YouTube video as WordPress automatically will open it in a lightbox when clicked, not ideal but it works.


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    Hi Jon, Here’s the format that works with ALB on my site… you can test by going to the home page at and clicking on the 215 Locust video down the page.

    Here’s a screen shot of the backend:

    Let me know if I’m missing something here please… cheers!


    I don’t see the screenshot in the post above… trying again

    View post on


    @goldengate415 went to your site and it pops up in a light box but does show related videos at the end so it’s not working.
    When I put in ?rel=0 at the end of a video url in AVIA’s video widget it breaks the link as it isn’t supported, see suggestions above

    It does also look like in some cases with my websites Enfold 4.1.2 automatically hides related videos now. So try dropping the ?rel=0, make sure your enfold is up to date, and test again


    Hey there, don’t click on the first video (with the drums in the light box)… click on the second video (215 Locust)…. that one works with no related videos.


    @goldengate415 I think it is because Enfold 4.1.2 restarts the video to pre play mode at the finish instead of allowing related videos to show.
    When you are using the lightbox it is bypassing Enfold’s markups inside AVIA and in that case you need to add ?rel=0.
    If you want to link it with the light box, add an image and link it to your video with ?rel=0 at the end.

    Also maybe add from desktop only padding columns to the huge videos as they are taller than the average screen. You want it to be big but also have the whole video fit in the field of view.


    Thanks… so on the ALB elements below the first video, so the second, third, etc video, if you hit pause it doesn’t show the related videos… if I remove rel=0 from the link in the ALB video element, if you hit pause then related videos show.

    Noted on the lightbox on the first video… thanks! Rob


    No worries. I decided against using the Easy Slider and went with a plugin instead.

    Thanks though,


    Would you mind sharing which plugin? Thanks much.


    Smart Slider 3 (by Nextend) is what I’m using. The interface is really good, and they make it easy to learn the features with video tutorials (launched from the Settings page), a forum and they reply to emails.


    @laptophobo Thanks Smart Slider 3 looks cool. I use Revolution Slider a lot but it seems that Smart Slider might load a bit faster.
    Do you have a link to your site we can see? Didn’t see it above


    by the way you are talking about widget – but you mean the alb element of video or sliders.
    Here is a slider :
    after the first film (you can skip it there is the youtube video and as it is said befor with ?rel=0 after the url.
    Works well and responsive. A fullwidth slider can’t be responsive in the real manner.

    but don’t take take this as link:

    not the embed and the short form.

    btw if you like to have more options – maybe as an image link goes to lightbox film you can use it with &

    etc. pp

    or on that page i used :

    look what happens to – click that image beneath the slider
    so you can even hide the player controls !

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    : Thank you for the info. :)

    Best regards,


    Wait… We’re using 4.1.2 and we’re still not seeing the rel=0 set. We’d like the ability to control showinfo, rel and controls, but cannot easily do that. Can it be updated to allow those options?



    You can edit those options manually, if you do read the post Guenni took the time to do it.

    Best regards,


    thank you so much it works like a charm!!!!!!

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